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Land of the Lost 1970s
Episode Studies
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This is the home page of Pop Apostle's studies of the 1970s TV series Land of the Lost (LOTL70) featuring studies related to each episode such as translations of Pakuni words used, sound bits of memorable dialog, screen grabs and interesting notes gleaned from the audio commentaries from the DVD set. Please note, I have listed the episodes as presented in my re-interpretation of the chronology, not in airdate order (see my Marshall Timeline.)


(For the 1990s Land of the Lost TV series (LOTL90) go to Episode Studies - LOTL90 and for the Land of the Lost movie go to LOTL Movie Study)

Click on the image to access notes on the episode.

Season One  Season Two  Season Three
    Season One    
Land of the Lost: Arrival Land of the Lost: Cha-ka Land of the Lost: The Sleestak God Land of the Lost: Dopey Land of the Lost: Downstream
"Arrival" "Cha-Ka" "The Sleestak God" "Dopey" "Downstream"
Opening titles Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4
Rick Marshall and his children, Will and Holly, on a routine expedition, meet the greatest adventure ever known. Finding themselves trapped in a strange, pre-historic world, Rick Marshall and his children Will and Holly encounter the Pakuni, a race of ape men.  The Marshalls discover the ruins of a lost city and encounter dangerous lizard-men known as Sleestak.  Holly tries to adopt a baby brontosaurus. The Marshalls meet a confederate soldier from the U.S. civil war who is mining crystals which have unusual properties.
Land of the Lost: The Stranger Land of the Lost: The Search Land of the Lost: Tag-Team Land of the Lost: Skylons Land of the Lost: Album
"The Stranger" "The Search" "Tag Team" "Skylons" "Album"
Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9
The Marshalls meet a time traveling being related to the Sleestak. Rick receives an enormous electrical shock from some power crystals. The Pakuni learn a lesson in cooperation. Will and Holly accidentally wreak havoc with the weather by messing with one of the pylons. Will and Holly believe the time doorway has allowed them to reach into the past to communicate with their dead mother.
Land of the Lost: The Hole Land of the Lost: The Paku Who Came to Dinner Land of the Lost: The Surprise Guests Land of the Lost: Circle Land of the Lost: The Possession
"The Hole" "The Paku Who Came to Dinner" The Surprise Guests "Circle" "The Possesion:
Episode 10 Episode 11 Golden Little Book Episode 12 Episode 13
The Marshalls meet a Sleestak who was born with the knowledge of the Altrusians. The Pakuni are attracted to Holly’s perfume. Cha-ka brings a dozen Pakuni to breakfast at High Bluff; a baby tyrannosaur and it's mother interrupt the day. Enik discovers a time-loop in the time doorway caused by the Marshalls presence in the Land of the Lost. Holly becomes possessed by an unknown force.
Land of the Lost: Follow the Dinosaur Land of the Lost: Stone Soup Land of the Lost: Hurricane Land of the Lost: The Dinosaur Adventure Land of the Lost: Elsewhen
"Follow That Dinosaur" "Stone Soup" "Hurricane" The Dinosaur Adventure "Elsewhen"
Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16 Tell-A-Tale Book Episode 17
The Marshalls discover the journal of a human who was once trapped in the Land of the Lost. A tremendous heat wave and draught ensue when the power crystals are stolen from the weather pylon. Will inadvertently opens a time portal, admitting a hypersonic glider from Earth’s future. A flying saucer arrives in the Land of the Lost. In the time doorway chamber of the Lost City, Holly encounters a strange woman.
Season Two
Land of the Lost: Tar Pit Land of the Lost: The Zarn Land of the Lost: Nice Day Land of the Lost: One of Our Pylons is Missing Land of the Lost: The Test
"Tar Pit" "The Zarn" "Nice Day" "One of Our Pylons is Missing" "The Test"
Episode 18 Episode 19 Episode 20 Episode 21 Episode 22
Dopey gets stuck in a tar pit near the swamp. The Marshalls encounter a being from another world. Holly gets “bitten” by a poisonous plant.  Continuing their mapping survey, the Marshalls discover a previously unknown anomaly in the Land of the Lost. Cha-ka must undergo the Pakuni rite-of-manhood ritual.
Land of the Lost: The Musician Land of the Lost: Gravity Storm Land of the Lost: The Longest Day Land of the Lost: Fair Trade Land of the Lost: The Pylon Express
"The Musician" "Gravity Storm" "The Longest Day" "Fair Trade" "The Pylon Express"
Episode 23 Episode 24 Episode 25 Episode 26 Episode 27
The Marshalls and Cha-ka investigate the newly discovered old temple. The Land of the Lost suffers severe gravity fluctuations. The clock pylon malfunctions, causing an “endless day”. The Sleestak capture Rick as a food source for their hatching young. A conjunction of the triple moons opens a pylon with a doorway to Earth.
Land of the Lost: Baby Sitter Land of the Lost: Split Personality Land of the Lost: Blackout Land of the Lost: A Questionable Day  
"Baby Sitter" "Split Personality" "Blackout" "A Questionable Day"  
Episode 28 Episode 29 Episode 30 Give-A-Show Projector slides  
The Zarn conducts “research” on Holly and Cha-ka. The Marshalls must help alternate universe versions of themselves to escape from the Land of the Lost. The Sleestak use a clock pylon to bring endless night. A questionable day for the Marshalls.  
Season Three
Land of the Lost: After-Shock Land of the Lost: Survival Kit Land of the Lost: The Orb Land of the Lost: Repairman Land of the Lost: Medusa
"After-Shock" "Survival Kit" "The Orb" "Repairman" "Medusa"
Episode 31 Episode 32 Episode 33 Episode 34 Episode 35
Rick falls through a time doorway back to Earth, leaving Will and Holly stranded in the Land of the Lost.

A self-proclaimed god demands tribute from the Sleestak or he will flood the tunnels of the Lost City.

The Sleestak attempt once again to bring endless night to the Land of the Lost.

A mysterious “repairman” arrives to stop the solar flares that have appeared over the Land.

Holly discovers a garden and its mysterious owner in the jungle.

Land of the Lost: Cornered Land of the Lost: Flying Dutchman Land of the Lost: Hot-Air Artist Land of the Lost: Abominable Snowman Land of the Lost: Timestop
"Cornered" "Flying Dutchman" "Hot-Air Artist" "Abominable Snowman" "Timestop"
Episode 36 Episode 37 Episode 37 Episode 38 Episode 39

A new dinosaur arrives on the scene, breathing fire and terrorizing the valley.

Cha-ka’s discovery of nautical instruments leads the Marshall’s to a galleon marooned in Mist Marsh.

An adventurer from the 1920’s crash lands in a hot air balloon.

The Marshalls encounter a unicorn and a terrifying snow beast.

An earthquake opens a previously sealed chamber in the old temple where the Marshalls discover an Altrusian temporal regulator key.
Land of the Lost: Ancient Guardian Land of the Lost: Scarab Land of the Lost: Medicine Man    
"Ancient Guardian" "Scarab" "Medicine Man"    
Episode 40 Episode 41 Episode 42    

The Marshalls foolishly remove an ancient Sleestak statue which the Sleestak believe protects the valley from a beast in the mountains.

The bite of an insect unleashes evil within Cha-ka.

The Marshalls attempt to befriend an American Indian and the U.S. cavalry captain who has chased him into the Land of the Lost.