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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
Land of the Lost: Repairman "Repairman"
Written by Jon Kubichan
Directed by Joe Scanlan
Original airdate: October 2, 1976

A mysterious “repairman” arrives to stop the solar flares that have appeared over the Land.

Read the complete story summary by Nels Olsen

Didja Notice?

Again, we see that the Sleestak leader seeks to rid the Land of the human influence of the Marshalls.

It seems odd that the Skull of Wisdom would refer to the world as the Land of the Lost. Wouldn't it use Altrusia or some other name for their world? I'd always thought that "Land of the Lost" was the Marshalls' name for it; if not, wouldn't that imply that this is not the homeworld of the Altrusians/Sleestak?

At 2:18 on the DVD, Jack looks a little irritated about Cha-ka spitting seeds all over the place as he eats a melon.

Will and Holly are playing chess with a homemade chess set made of wood.

The floor entrance to the sun pylon doesn't look big enough to actually allow the Sleestak or humans to pass through!

The Sleestak leader appears to be using a blue crystal to open and close the pylon doorway in the floor.

Holly comments that she is within two moves of defeating Will at their chess game. Will says she's never beaten him before and Holly replies that's because he always finds a reason to interrupt their game before she can win. Here, Holly's game is once again interrupted, not by Will, but by the sudden solar flare-ups of the sun.

The heat of the solar flares seem to strike the Land instantly! The Marshalls have barely scampered inside the temple after the flares start when they are suddenly panting and poring sweat! Also, open bodies of water appear to be significantly evaporated (with fish skeletons at the bottom, no less!), we see a dead dinosaur, dried up vegetation...all in less than a day.

Holly discovers they have no water left in their supplies. How the heck did they let that happen? Apparently they were out of water before the solar flares had even begun!

It seems slightly unusual that Blandings' first name is William, given that there is already a Will on the show; usually writers will avoid using the same name as a regular character.

Blanding's first sentence (after saying "Ah, there you are") is "I've been waiting for you." This is the exact same thing as was said by "Mrs. Marshall" (who looks exactly like Rani) when the Sleestak induced hallucinations of her in Will and Holly in the first season episode "Album". Coincidence?

At 11:12 on the DVD, Cha-ka proclaims that he likes, and "is much good", the double-chocolate malt that Blandings gives him...before he has even tasted it!

Jack recognizes the Library of Skulls when Blandings leads him to it. When did Jack visit the Library previously? Perhaps on the same unseen occasion when he also met first met Enik (as mentioned in the notes for "Survival Kit")?

Blandings acts as if the red crystal taken from the sun pylon was a special one, the "key". Is that true? It seemed earlier as if the Sleestak took one crystal off the matrix table at random.

Jack mentions that the Marshalls' water bags are animal bladders, which makes sense. But those bladders are pretty large, they must be dinosaur bladders! The Marshalls must have cut open a large number of dinosaur carcasses. Did they kill the dinosaurs themselves or find bodies already dead?

Is Blandings the original Homer Simpson? He's bald, overweight and uses Homer's trademark exclamation. Listen: d'oh!

When lighting a torch to take into the Lost City, Will comments "I sure hate to see these matches go." Did he use up the last one of the pack Jack brought into the Land? It doesn't seem so, because he is seen lighting another match later in "Flying Dutchman".

When Jack and Will return to the Lost City to look for Blandings, Jack yells out for him and Blandings answers "Jack! Will! Here! In the pit!" But how did Blandings know that Will was there too? Will hadn't said anything.

Blandings' blue crystal "pylon key" is able to open and close not only the doorway in the floor, but the main door leading outside as well.

Unanswered Questions

Why is the sun pylon black instead of gold like the others?

Why does the sun pylon have a secret entrance in the floor via the tunnels of the Lost City? Do all pylons have such secondary entrances?

Why does the matrix table of the sun pylon contain only red crystals?

What's to prevent the Sleestak from trying the same stunt with the sun pylon again?

Where did Blandings come from? Who does he answer to? Is his position related to Rani's?

Memorable Dialog

destroy all forms of life.wav
rest and relaxation.wav
Cha-ka no like solar flares.wav
you may call me Blandings.wav
don't tarry.wav
6 hours.wav
oh, boy.wav
is much good.wav
good questions.wav
who do you answer to.wav
a visit to the Sleestak.wav
the Lost City's just ahead.wav
expeditious action.wav
a bad bounce.wav
do be quiet.wav
I'm sort of a repairman.wav
that certainly sounds like Blandings.wav

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