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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: Album Land of the Lost
Written by Dick Morgan
Directed by Bob Lally
Original airdate: October
19, 1974

Will and Holly believe the time doorway has allowed them to reach into the past to communicate with their dead mother.

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Notes from the Marshall Timeline

Having not seen Enik in the Lost City, the Marshalls begin to think he has, perhaps, managed to return to his own time; they think it is time to attempt to open the time-doorway themselves soon. (I wanted the Enikless "Album" episode to take place just before "The Hole" so that there would seem to be a reason that the Marshalls chose to return to the time-doorway chamber when they do in "The Hole".)

Didja Notice?

The Marshalls have a garden outside of their High Bluff cave home.

At 6:57 on the DVD, notice that the Sleestak have set up a fake matrix table with colored rocks to trick the Marshalls into thinking they are viewing a time-doorway to when Mrs. Marshall was still alive. I supposed they couldn't use actual power crystals on the table because they would react in adverse manners in contact with each other.

The actress playing Will and Holly's mother, Erica Hagen, is the same one who later plays the adult Holly in the episode "Elsewhen".

In the Lost City, the Marshalls hold a blue crystal which causes them to see the hallucination of Mrs. Marshall. In "Downstream", Collie says the blue crystals will make you sick; is this what he meant?

At 13:34 on the DVD, the vision of Mrs. Marshall tells Will and Holly it's "too late, come tomorrow". Why is it too late? Too late for what? To join her? Again, why is the present moment too late? Is it just that the Sleestak want to get Rick in with them as well?

Holly asks Will why their mother appears so "wavery" and he responds he thinks it's because they can't remember her that well. Yet, the image we see of Mrs. Marshall is not wavery, merely partially-obscured by mist.

At 16:44 on the DVD, Holly states to Will that their mom is dead, confirming the viewer's assumption.

At 17:29 on the DVD, a stage light can be seen in the upper left of the jungle set. Also, you can see that one of the "tree trunk" set pieces has no top.

When Rick throws a blue crystal down to the ground at 20:40 on the DVD, it causes an explosive flash. Why did this happen? In "The Search" it was seen that red and yellow crystals produce an explosive effect. Does any power crystal produce an explosive flash effect when thrown violently to the ground?

The tabletop of the matrix table set piece breaks in two when Rick throws it to the side. The colored rocks on the tabletop set piece must be glued on because they don't scatter when he throws it.

In the mirage of their father that guides Will and Holly through the Sleestak tunnels, their father is wearing turtleneck shirt and sport coat. Was this an actual ensemble he was known to wear back on Earth?

Back at their cave home, Rick tells his children he believes they were under a form of hypnosis that prevented them from telling him what they had seen.

Memorable Dialog

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