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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
Land of the Lost: Split Personality "Split Personality"
Written by Dick Morgan
Directed by Gordon Wiles
Original airdate: November
22, 1975

The Marshalls must help alternate universe versions of themselves to escape from the Land of the Lost.

Read the complete story summary by Nels Olsen

Didja Notice?

AT 2:11 on the DVD it first appears that Grumpy plummets to his death as the ground opens up beneath him, but he is later shown emerging from the crack in the earth.

Will is wearing a blue shirt instead of the tan one he has worn the rest of season two. This one does not appear to be the same one he wore during season one however; this one is a darker blue.

I've noticed throughout both first and second seasons that no matter what shirt Will's wearing, in close-ups it can be seen that it is dirty and stained. But the clothing of Rick and Holly always appears clean (other than the occasional dust that may get on them in the course of the story). Did Wesley Eure make a conscious effort to "grubby-up" his stage clothing to add a look of frontier realism?

When the ghostly image of the mirror-Holly appears at High Bluff, Will thinks it is a Sleestak trick, " the time they made us see Mother." This is a reference to the first season episode "Album".

Holly looks wasted when she is hosting the spirit-Holly in her body! Maybe that's why she makes this nonsensical statement, where she seems to essentially say "she didn't mean help Will and Daddy, she meant help Will and Daddy."
her Will and her Daddy
Holly Marshall

At 14:26 on the DVD, Will and Holly's dialog sounds a bit off. I think one of them must have messed up a line slightly. Holly is trying to describe the situation of the mirror-Marshalls, trapped in the rock wall. She says "But don't try to move them. You'll kill them." To which Will responds, "Will? Kill me?" Either Will is awfully self-centered or someone's dialog was flubbed. Listen: you'll kill them.

Are there multiple bridges across the crevasse? In this episode, the Marshalls take another, broken, natural stone bridge over the (or a) crevasse. Or is this a new crack in the ground caused by the quake?
broken bridge

At 17:30 on the DVD, Will brushes past a boulder as he enters the cave. It's obviously just a Styrofoam boulder, as it is jostled by the bump.

Holly mentions that, at one time, they used to live in a town called Harrisville. Is this when they lived in Wyoming as mentioned in "Babysitter"? As far as I can find, there is no town by that name in Wyoming.

Unanswered Questions

Who is the black Sleestak mentioned by mirror-Holly?

Rick speculates that the mirror-Marshalls may be from an anti-matter universe and therefore composed of anti-matter themselves. If that were true, wouldn't exposure to even the air (and rock) in the mainstream Land of the Lost cause them to explode? Perhaps the crystals, being fourth-dimensional nodes (as explained by Enik in "The Stranger"), provide some measure of protection.
Mirror Marshalls

Did the mirror-Marshalls make it home after the mainstream Marshalls repaired the matrix table? Or are they still trapped in their own Land of the Lost?

Why was mirror-Holly the only one who could apparently astral-project and inhabit her counterpart's body? Why is she not stuck in the wall with her father and brother? She mentions being surrounded by rock and when the mainstream Marshall family finds the cave in the mountainside, Holly suddenly becomes too afraid to go in; did the mirror-Holly get stuck entirely in the rock...and was, in fact, dead? Was it her dying soul that allowed her to contact the mainstream Marshalls?

Memorable Dialog

help me.wav
Sleestak trick.wav
help Will and Daddy.wav
the black Sleestak.wav
Sleestak aren't black.wav
look at their clothes.wav
they could be made of anti-matter.wav
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