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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: Skylons Land of the Lost
Written by Dick Morgan
Directed by Bob Lally
Original airdate: October
26, 1974

Will and Holly accidentally wreak havoc with the weather by messing with one of the pylons.

Read the complete story summary by Nels Olsen

Notes from the Marshall Timeline

I moved "Skylons" up one position in the episode order because I felt that "Album" should immediately precede "The Hole". (See the notes for "Album" for further explanation.)

Didja know?

The original script was called "Sky Snakes", in which the companion objects to the pylons were described as long, writhing shapes in the sky. The "sky snakes" also appear in the Tell-A-Tale Book "The Dinosaur Adventure".

Didja Notice?

The Land of the Lost has red, white, and blue chickens!

At 2:32 on the DVD, the chicken on the right side of the screen is pooping!

At 2:51 on the DVD, the laughter of a stagehand can be heard as Will chases the chickens.

This is the first time we've seen a pylon since the "Downstream". It is shinier than the one we saw then (and in "Cha-Ka") and there are seams visible around the diamond-shaped door and elsewhere. Looks like a set piece wrapped in gold foil.

Grumpy kills Spot in this episode. After this episode the Marshalls seem to refer to any Coelophysis they see as Spot, in honor of the original, I suppose.

When Will flashes his signal mirror at the pylon, the key above the door seems to signal back. Later, when Will shines the light of the mirror on it from close range, the key falls off the pylon for some reason. These attributes of the keys are never seen again in later episodes.

The key seems to have a magnetic attraction/repulsion to the pylon.

Like Doctor Who's TARDIS, the pylon is larger on the inside than the outside.

When Will and Holly see a crystal matrix table inside the pylon, Will says, "I wonder what that thing is?" Yet, they have already seen a very similar such table in "The Stranger", though not inside a pylon.

The pylon seems to have an electrical self-defense mechanism as evidenced by the shock delivered to Grumpy when he tries to bite it.

At 13:35 on the DVD, the lightning flash reveals that there is black fabric or paper covering the open doorway of the pylon set piece.

After the Marshalls fix the weather problem they created, they exit the pylon and Will turns the "key" to close the pylon door. But how does he know to do that? It wasn't turning the key that opened it in the first place!

Rick remarks that Enik's people built the Land of the Lost so that it was in perfect balance. What makes him say that that Enik's people built it? Enik states he is from the Land's past and that the Lost City is the ruins of the civilization that spawned him, but he never claims his people built the Land.

The Marshalls considered "sky pylons", "twirling tops" and "golden streaks" before settling on "skylons" as the name for the companion objects to the pylons (and Will once refers to them as "the three musketeers").

At the very end of the episode, back at High Bluff, Rick puts a rock on the fire instead of wood!

Unanswered Questions

Why are the skylons present at the beginning of the episode? They seem to be present later in order to tell the Marshalls how to fix the weather they messed up by touching the crystals of the matrix table; but why would they be seen before anything had even happened?
Pakuni translations
Time on DVD Pakuni English
11:48 Cha-ka says "Oje!" "Thunder!"
12:39 Cha-ka says "Yeni ku." "You go." It doesn't really make sense why Cha-ka would says this in this scene.

Memorable Dialog

I had a dream.wav
more than he could chew.wav
eats when he gets nervous.wav
the hard way.wav
into the pylon.wav
no idea of knowing.wav
perfect balance.wav

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