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Episode Studies
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In preparation for the Tron: Legacy movie which came out in December 2010, I re-watched the original Tron film and read the novel. I followed those with analyses of the Tron 2.0 video game and Tron comics published by Slave Labor Graphics in 2003 and Marvel in 2010, plus Legacy and its spinoff video games. Below are my studies relating to each, such as commentary on the science described, sound bits of memorable dialog, screen grabs, and my own musings. Following this are some other goodies. I'll be presenting them in my estimation of the chronological order each story takes place.


Although there are no television "episodes" in the Tron canon, I am continuing to use the term "episode" as I have elsewhere on PopApostle, as a separable piece in the continuous narrative of a larger story.

Tron Tron: The Gospel According to Dumont Tron: Betrayal (Part 1) Tron: Battle Grids Tron: Betrayal (Part 2)
Tron "The Gospel According
to Dumont"
"Betrayal" Part 1 Battle Grids "Betrayal" Part 2
Movie Tron: Betrayal GN (Disney) Tron: Betrayal #1 (Marvel) Video Game Tron: Betrayal #2 (Marvel)
A computer hacker finds himself trapped in a computerized landscape, his only hope of escape: activating a heroic computer program to stand against the malevolent Master Control Program. Dumont records "the story thus far" onto Flynn's identity disc. Flynn creates a new Electronic World and transfers Tron into it to act as its protector. He also creates a new Clu to guide the new world into becoming a perfect system. With hostility starting to brew between the Basic programs and the ISOs, Tron assists a particularly skilled ISO player to become an icon by becoming the first ISO champion of the Game Grid. While Flynn is torn between his two worlds, Clu uses the time to gain more power in his mission to create a perfect world.
Tron: Evolution Tron: Beck's Beginning Tron: The Renegade (Part 1) Tron: The Renegade (Part 2) Tron: Blackout
Evolution  "Beck's Beginning" "The Renegade"
Part 1
"The Renegade"
Part 2
Video Game Tron: Uprising TV episode 1 Tron: Uprising TV episode 2 Tron: Uprising TV episode 3 Tron: Uprising TV episode 4
When Clu betrays him and launches a war against the ISOs, Flynn creates a new system monitor program called Anon to help Tron protect the denizens of the system. A young program called Beck rebels against the tyranny of Clu by disguising himself as Tron and committing acts of sabotage against Clu's oppressive forces in Argon City. Tron begins training Beck, but Beck begins to have doubts about his own ability to live up to the challenges. The Renegade must rescue Cutler from execution at Tesler's hands; Zed and Mara set out to retrieve Able's stolen 786 from a criminal gang. Tron sends Beck to destroy an energy drill in use by General Tessler to drain power from Argon City.
Tron: Identity Tron: Isolated Tron: Price of Power Tron: The Reward Tron: Scars (Part 1)
"Identity" "Isolated" "Price of Power" "The Reward" "Scars"
Part 1
Tron: Uprising TV episode 5 Tron: Uprising TV episode 6 Tron: Uprising TV episode 7 Tron: Uprising TV episode 8 Tron: Uprising TV episode 9
Beck's identity disk is stolen and he begins to suffer glitches that will eventually lead to permanent memory loss. The story of how Paige became a soldier in Clu's army is told. Beck steals a new weapon from one of General Tesler's weapons designers, but its use has menacing side-effects on the wielder. General Tesler offers a reward to any citizen of Argon who turns in the Renegade. Tron's former lieutenant, Dyson, now working for Clu, arrives in Argon City to check on General Tessler's progress in stopping the Renegade.
Tron: Scars (Part 2) Tron: Grounded Tron: We Both Know How This Ends Tron: The Stranger Tron: Tagged
Part 2
"Grounded" "We Both Know How This Ends" "The Stranger" "Tagged"
Tron: Uprising TV episode 10 Tron: Uprising TV episode 11 Tron: Uprising TV episode 12 Tron: Uprising TV episode 13 Tron: Uprising TV episode 14
Tron tracks down Dyson for a showdown. General Tesler forces the Renegade into a public duel. Mara is left in charge of Able's garage when he heads to the Outlands on a mysterious errand. Beck learns he wasn't Tron's first Renegade. The Renegade recruits three new, anonymous resistors in Argon City and finds out one of them is Mara.
Tron: State of Mind Tron: Welcome Home Tron: Rendezvous Tron: No Bounds Tron: Terminal
"State of Mind" "Welcome Home" "Rendezvous" "No Bounds" "Terminal"
Tron: Uprising TV episode 15 Tron: Uprising TV episode 16 Tron: Uprising TV episode 17 Tron: Uprising TV episode 18 Tron: Uprising TV episode 19
General Tesler uses a pathogenic code on citizens of Argon to create an army of followers loyal to Clu. Keller, Beck, and Paige become trapped on a runaway "light rail" train and Beck must save the passengers without revealing himself as the Renegade. Beck and Paige go out on a date. Will he be able to turn her to the resistance? Cyrus impersonates the Renegade and kills an innocent citizen of Argon. Tron faces the death knell of his lingering injuries.
Tron: Solar Sailer Prisoners Tron: Legacy Tron: The Next Day    
"Solar Sailer Prisoners" Legacy "The Next Day"     
Comic strip Movie Short Film    
Bartik leads a resistance group to rescue some captured dissidents in Tron City. When Alan Bradley suddenly receives a page from Kevin Flynn, missing for the past 20 years, Flynn's son, Sam, is propelled into an adventure inside the TRON System. The anonymous leader of the Flynn Lives Organization realizes the time has come to leave the operation.    
Alternate Timeline
Tron Tron 2.0 Tron: Ghost in the Machine (Part 1) Tron: Ghost in the Machine (Part 2) Tron: Ghost in the Machine (Part 3)
Tron  Tron 2.0  "Ghost in the Machine" Part 1 "Ghost in the Machine" Part 2 "Ghost in the Machine" Part 3
Movie Video Game Tron #1 (SLG) Tron #2  (SLG) Tron #3  (SLG)
A computer hacker finds himself trapped in a computerized landscape, his only hope of escape: activating a heroic computer program to stand against the malevolent Master Control Program. 20 years after the events of Tron, Alan Bradley's son, Jet, enters the Electronic World to battle the evil machinations of fCon, the company that has bought out ENCOM. After his experiences in the Electronic World, Jet, like Flynn before him, has become troubled and quit ENCOM, leaving his former life behind in favor of seclusion from digital technology. Jet finds himself thrust into a renewed war with the MCP. Jet begins to hallucinate a white rabbit who keeps trying to tell him that his current mission in the Electronic World is a hoax.
Tron: Ghost in the Machine (Part 4) Tron: Ghost in the Machine (Part 5) Tron: Ghost in the Machine (Part 6)    
"Ghost in the Machine" Part 4 "Ghost in the Machine" Part 5 "Ghost in the Machine" Part 6    
Tron #4  (SLG) Tron #5 (SLG) Tron #6 (SLG)    
Jet launches his assault against the MCP. Jet-red tortures Jet-blue with virtual reality hallucinations. Clarence's identity is revealed and he and Jet have a showdown.    
Sidebar Studies
Cybernetrix Tron Holiday Special      
Cybernetrix Tron Holiday Special       
Novel Parody
In an alternate reality where '80s fads never went out of style, struggling comic book creator Wesley Allen Scott enters the virtual world of Cybernetrix, based on the classic film Tron...and his life will never be the same.
This is a parody commercial inspired by the atrocious Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978.