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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Tron: Tagged Tron
TV episode of Tron: Uprising
Written by: Adam Nussdorf & Bill Wolkoff
Directed by: Charlie Bean
Original air date: December 24, 2012

The Renegade recruits three new, anonymous resistors in Argon City and finds out one of them is Mara.


Read the episode synopsis at the Tron Wiki


Characters appearing in this episode


Beck (aka the Renegade)






Cyrus (unnamed, mentioned only)

General Tesler

Zed (mentioned only)



Didja Notice?


The "Tron Lives" graffiti left by Mara's group is similar to the logo of the Flynn Lives organization in the normal world as seen in "The Next Day".
Tron Lives Flynn Lives


The character called Moog was probably named for Robert Moog (1934-2005), inventor of the Moog synthesizer, an electronic musical instrument used in the creation of much of the music heard in the Tron series.


Moog refers to the resistance team led by Mara as the Jolly Tricksters.


Memorable Dialog


hey, you made a joke!.wav

nice to see you again.wav

security alert.wav

where's the fun in that?.wav

it's a good thing Tron lives.wav 


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