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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Tron: Ghost in the Machine (Part 4) "Ghost in the Machine" Part 4
Slave Labor Graphics
Data Entry: Landry Walker and Eric Jones
Pixels: Michael Shoyket and Guru-eFX
Cover by Michael Shoyket and Guru-eFX

Jet launches his assault against the MCP.


Story Summary


The battle against the MCP's citadel has begun. In Jet's pyramid ship, the white rabbit continues to try to talk him out of the attack. Using his troops as a distraction, Jet pilots the ship past the guarding Recognizers and penetrates the MCP's surrounding firewall, drawing on the firewall's power to disguise the previously blue pyramid ship as part of the red forces.


He lands the ship within the perimeter and then he, Mercury, and other soldiers burst out of the ship in armed Light Cycles, blasting their way to the foot of the MCP itself. Jet begins to think this has all been too easy, but then the MCP's guards attack and Mercury and the others battle them in an attempt to give Jet the time he needs to release the Tron Legacy Code on his identity disk and destroy the MCP.


The rabbit intercedes once again, but Jet forces him away in a mental blast of anger. While he was distracted by the rabbit, Jet's team has fallen and Mercury derezzes in his arms. He grabs his disk and hurls it into a gap in the MCP's shielding, just as Tron did decades earlier.


The disk bounces off the MCP's spindle harmlessly. Jet is shocked and suddenly feels very tired. Then a red warrior approaches and introduces himself as Jet Bradley. He beats the sparks out of Jet-blue, then wipes his brow saying, "Whew...end of line!"




Didja Know?


The issue credits indicate the cover was produced by Louie De Matinis, but the signature on the cover clearly says "Shoyket and Guru-eFX". I have gone with the cover signature in my issue credits at the top of the page.


Didja Notice?


As the menagerie of cartoon characters derezzes from Jet's mind on page 4, one of them holds up a sign that says "BYE", an homage to many classic cartoons.

On page 7, part of the red army's forces look like giant mechanical spiders.

On page 10, panel 2, Jet smashes the white rabbit's face into the ship's console to shut him up. On page 12, panel 1, we see that the rabbit has an adhesive bandage applied to his forehead!

On page 19, Jet uses a mental blast of anger to drive off the white rabbit. Afterwards, Jet mumbles, "Silly rabbit..." This is probably a reference to the catch phrase "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!" used in advertisements for General Mills' Trix breakfast cereal (which features a white cartoon rabbit spokesperson).

Throughout the story, Jet's sash is worn on his right side. But on page 22, panel 4; page 23, panel 4; and page 24, panel 2 it's shown on his left.

On page 23, panel 3, the MCP's face is seen sticking it's tongue out at Jet in mockery.

When Jet is beaten by his red double on page 24, he seems to be bleeding glowing blue blood from his nose and mouth.


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