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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Tron: The Renegade (Part 2) Tron
"The Renegade" Part 2
TV episode of Tron: Uprising
Story by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Written by: Kamran Pasha, Adam Nussdorf & Bill Wolkoff
Directed by: Charlie Bean
Original air date: June 14, 2012

The Renegade must rescue Cutler from execution at Tesler's hands; Zed and Mara set out to retrieve Able's stolen 786 from a criminal gang.


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Characters appearing in this episode




General Tesler










Didja Notice?


Tron has a healing chamber that is helping to keep his horrific wounds in check.


When Beck attaches Tron's disk to his own, it transforms his regular black armor into the white armor of Tron, with the "T" symbol on the chest.


Perl tells her gang boss, Gage, that the ENCOM 786 (stolen from Able) she brought him is one of a kind. But she then says that Flynn rode one just like it...which means it's not exactly one of a kind!


Tron seems to have his own cool light boat capable of operating underwater in this episode.


Memorable Dialog


bit by excruciating bit.wav

Flynn rode one just like it.wav

Tron lives.wav 


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