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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Tron: Grounded Tron
TV episode of Tron: Uprising
Written by: Adam Nussdorf
Directed by: Charlie Bean
Original air date: December 3, 2012

General Tesler forces the Renegade into a public duel.


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Characters appearing in this episode


Beck (aka the Renegade)

General Tesler







Bodhi (mentioned only, deceased)




Didja Notice?


Zed says about the Renegade, "...if he were my friend, I'd still be the first person to turn him in." Shouldn't that be "the first program to turn him in"?


Able mentions to Beck that what happened to Bodhi has been hard on everyone. Bodhi was an employee at Able's garage and friend to Beck who was derezzed by one of Tesler's guards in "Beck's Beginning".


Memorable Dialog


the curfew is for your protection.wav

Tron lives, General.wav

your voraciousness.wav

I'd still be the first person to turn him in.wav

your pep talks could use some improvement.wav

what's gotten you in such a good mood?.wav

small, feminine hands.wav

I'm no renegade.wav 


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