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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)


01:40 Will wakes up in a blue long sleeved shirt, and a gold
necklace. It looks like the same brown corduroy pants and belt knife
and big brass belt buckle we've seen before.

02:25 Rick puts on a brown belt over his usually khaki pants and

02:53 Double Fat-Rats! Holly has a large gourd bowl and a brown
burlap sack that she is apparently trying to catch whatever is
stealing their food stuffs.

04:43 Will is creating a broom out of straw and bamboo. Rick has a
steel camping plate over a fire pit and a large plastic water jug.

04:57 Will is pulling purple weeds out of the Marshals garden area.

05:33 The music Will hears leads him over the rock bridge and
crevasse that we've seen before.

05:54 The music takes will to the Beware of Sleestak pillar that
we've seen outside the Lost City. This is apparently near the stone
archway outside the entrance to the Lost City.

06:45 Will has apparently come into the room in the Lost City where
the crystals grow on the walls and there is a crystal control

07:24 Will picks up a blue glowing crystal and looks into what
appears to be the mist-filled time doorway that Enik was trying to
get home through. There he sees a vision of his mother.

08:52 Holly is cooking carrots (again) for dinner.

09:09 Rick is carrying logs he's using to make a fire.

10:21 Holly is building a larger trap scaffolding off the floor with
pieces of bamboo when she hears the music that Will hears, but only
for a second.

11:41 The crystal control pedestal does not glow in this episode.

11:59 Will picks up a glowing green crystal off the floor around the
pedestal to see the vision of his mother. When Holly comes into the
cave, she apparently cannot see the vision because she is not
touching the crystal. Will doesn't seem to be able to hear Holly
while he is looking at the vision.

13:00 When Holly picks up the crystal she sees the vision as well,
though she doesn't seem to immediately recognize her mother.

13:38 The vision of the Marshals mother tells them that it is too
late if they don't come immediately and that they should not only
come back tomorrow, but also to not tell anyone. The vision is blurry
and not very clear. Will thinks they can't see her clearly because
their memories of her are fading. He also says that he can't seem to
be able to tell their father. He tries but cannot seem to speak out.

14:41 Rick has both his camp shovel and coil of yellow nylon rope. He
mentions that he uses Sun Signals to send messages to the children.

15:13 Holly is moping at the bamboo table where they eat dinner.

15:45 There are three burlap sacks hanging from bamboo scaffolding.
Next to two gourd bowls. Apparently this is where they keep their
food in storage off the ground.

16:21 Rick mentions that they tend to get edgy around here.

16:36 Will has four smaller wooden bowls with plants in them.

16:42 Holly wonders why they can see their mom when they know she is
dead. Will speculates that the time doorway may be showing a time
when she is alive. Will mentions that he doesn't want to go back to
the Cave of Visions as well, implying that he is compelled to.

17:19 Rick has a long shallow wicker basket he is going to use for
his chores.

17:36 Holly can't seem to be able to tell her father about the Album
as well.

17:44 Here we clearly see a very large moon and two very small moons
in the night sky (or perhaps these are suns?).

17:50 After apparently working the garden all day to plant, when
night falls Holly and Will hear the music of the Album and go back to
the Cave of Visions. Rick follows them.

18:35 Holly is crying even before she sees the visions.

18:51 Rick Marshal (in a suit) is added to the vision of their mother
beckoning Holly and Will to follow them into the misty cave. Which
they do.

19:27 The vision of Rick, in a blue turtleneck and black and white
checkered sports jacket leads them further into the cave.

19:24 Will and Holly are apparently compelled to lie to Rick or are
re-enacting earlier memories. Holly says she got an A in
English "today" and Will says that he pitched a no-hitter "today" (so
apparently he used to play baseball). It is here that we see the
vision of Rick is really a Sleestak.

20:00 There is a very large blue glowing crystal on the floor against
the wall of the Album Cave.

20:13 When Rick picks up the red crystal from the pedestal it is not
glowing and apparently has no affect but when he picks up the
blinking blue crystal he sees a vision of his children and
immediately realizes that they are not real. He throws the crystal
hard on the ground and it explodes in a shower of sparks. The vision
immediately goes away and he sees a single Sleestak behind the mist.

20:51 Rick apparently wore dark pants with his styling sports jacket.

20:58 In a deeper cave in the lost city there are three Sleestaks
over a pit full of mist with a rock bridge over it. This might be the
original pit of the Sleestak God.

21:04 Rick slaps the crystals out of Holly and Will's hands,
immediately breaking the spell it has on them. Then in a testosterone
filled rage jumps on the Sleestak that appeared as him. Another
Sleestak comes up behind him. Rick picks up the crystals that he
slapped out of Will's hand and slams it against the Sleestak attacking
him from the back. It explodes in a flash of light and the Marshalls
run out.

21:32 Rick speculates that the crystals made them see what they
wanted most loved and that they must have been under some form of
hypnosis. Rick thinks that they wanted to capture all three of the
Marshals in their trap and so did not immediately take Will when he
first came to the Cave of the Album. What were the Sleestaks plans
for when they captured all of the Marshalls. Could these crystals be
used for other reasons?

22:09 Holly decides she doesn't like traps and abandons her plans to
trap the night visitor.