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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: The Burning Earth (Part 1) "The Burning Earth" Part 1
Terminator: The Burning Earth #1
NOW Comics
Writer: Ron Fortier
Illustrator: Alexander Ross
Letterer: Patrick Williams
Cover: Alexander Ross
March 1990


In 2041, the war continues, with John Connor contemplating suicide.


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Notes from the Terminator chronology


This story takes place in 2041, 10 years after the events of the regular NOW Comics Terminator comic book series.


Didja Know?


The illustrator of this mini-series, Alexander Ross, went on to become possibly the most popular comic book cover artist in history (more frequently known these days as Alex Ross).


The Terminators and Hunter-Killers in this mini-series bear a much closer resemblance to those in its inspiration film The Terminator than those in the regular Terminator series from NOW Comics that preceded it.


The characters of Patch and Gerry appearing here previously appeared in "From the Journals of Timothy Reese, Mexico, 2067".


The characters of Maude and Sue appearing here previously appeared in "See Cuba and Die!".


The characters of Sasha and Lafe appearing here previously appeared in "Escape to Silver Dollar".


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


John Connor (aka Bear)

Tim Reese



Patch (aka Miguel De Verona)

Gerry Gagnon


Maude (dies in this issue)





Didja Notice?


The caterpillar seen climbing on a reed on page 1 is probably a larva of Danaus plexippus, the Monarch butterfly.
caterpillar Monarch caterpillar
Caterpillar in this issue Monarch caterpillar


On page 2, John Connor's narration states that no one remembers what year it is supposed to be, but the war is about 40 years old.


On page 3, one of Connor's men uses the word amigos. This is Spanish for "friends".


The pick-up trucks used by the Resistance on pages 4 and 5 appear to be Chevrolet models.


On page 8, Sue tells Tim to grab a C-4 bag and follow her and Maude. C-4 is a type of plastic explosive, Composition C-4.


John Connor has something of a nickname, Bear, as he was called the Golden Bear (due to his blonde hair and beard!) in the regular NOW comic book series. Notice he is wearing the bear emblem on his uniform, seen in issues of the regular NOW Comics series.


On page 14, one of Connor's men shouts, "Dios!" as an HK tank rolls towards them. This is Spanish for "God!"


On page 19, John Connor presents himself as something of a Jesus Christ figure, with his arms raised (almost cruciform) and cross symbols in the rubble behind him as he shouts his defiance to Skynet.

Messiah John Connor


Page 21 introduces what seems to be a previously unseen type of Terminator which goes unnamed. It has a bit of a Cylon look to it.

Cylon Terminator


John refers to the new Terminator as a steel-plated Frankenstein copy of man, an obvious reference to the Frankenstein monster of the classic horror novel and numerous films.


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