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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Escape to Silver Dollar "Escape to Silver Dollar"
Terminator #17
NOW Comics
Script: Ron Fortier
Pencils: Robin Ator
Inks: Brian Thomas
Colors: Holly M. Sanfelippo
Letters: Dan Nakrosis
Cover: Scott Childers
February 1990


A resistance member tells the tale of her escape from a Terminator death camp.


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Didja Know?


The names of the major characters in this story (Jean Starr, Charley Bell, Lafe McWilliams, Cleve Andrews) are borrowed from the 1945 Errol Flynn Western film San Antonio.


The surviving characters from this story appear again in The Burning Earth mini-series.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


Jean Starr

Charley Bell

Lafe McWilliams

Captain Cleve Andrews


Sasha Bovic


Didja Notice?


The Terminator endoskeletons that appear in this issue have a look not much different than that of a metallic human skeleton.
human-looking endoskeleton


Jean Starr tells how she and others escaped from a Terminator death camp in Darwin, California. Darwin is a tiny town with a population of well under 100 in the Mojave Desert of California.


The Terminators at the death camp have what appears to be a flaming skull emblem on the left side of their metal chests.

Terminator with flaming skull emblem


The camp escapees run to the ruins of a much bigger city than Darwin actually is. Darwin is practically a ghost town.


A business that appears to be called Fred's is seen on page 9.


After they secure a hot-wired pick-up and load up on some supplies from an old hardware store, Captain Andrews says they'll have to flee east through Death Valley into Nevada. Death Valley does, in fact, lie east of Darwin.


On page 13, Sasha accuses Andrews of being a boy scout. She is referring to the Boy Scouts of America, whose motto is "Be prepared."


As the escapees drive east in flight, Jean falls asleep on Charley's shoulder and as she awakens on page 14, sees the desert as if for the first time since her captivity. But the town of Darwin is also in the desert!


The tall-growing desert plants seen on page 14 appear to be century plants (Agave americana), and saguaro cactus. However, saguaro are not typically found in the upper desert region of California.


Jean's narrative states that she later learned that the Indians' name for Death Valley was Tomesha, which means "ground afire". Tomesha is an actual Paiute word for the region.


The escapees make it to the desert ghost town of Silver Dollar. This appears to be a fictitious town, but may be a vague reference to the Silver Dollar Mine that lies less than 10 miles from Darwin. 


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