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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: See Cuba and Die! "See Cuba and Die!"
Terminator #15
NOW Comics
Script: Ron Fortier
Pencils: Thomas Tenney
Inks: Brian Thomas
Colors: Staff
Letters: Dan Nakrosis
Cover by Cory Kammer
December 1989


Sarah's Slammers head to the battle for Cuba aboard the Soviet research sub Sea-Wind.


Story Summary


In Detroit, Skynet is churning out Terminators in former automobile factories. It is also gearing up for producing a new Goliath model Terminator, the 107.


Aboard the Sea-Wind, Captain Rostof tells the Sarah's Slammers group how his ship and crew survived the nuclear holocaust 30 years ago. Then, a mutinous crewmember threatens the captain and Slager takes a bullet to save him. Slager is taken to the sub's sickbay for emergency surgery.


Meanwhile, Skynet launches an all-out assault on Cuba in an attempt to find and destroy Habitat, the home base of Sea-Wind. A resistance force in Havana is on the ropes when help arrives in the form of the Metal Warrior, a near-legendary armored soldier of numerous past battles.


The Sea-Wind arrives at the island nation of Cuba but, to Commander Leahy's surprise, does not enter Havana harbor, but approaches an undersea base nearby...Habitat.




Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue



Ian Sloane



Max Coogan


Captain Nicolai Rostof

Sarah's Slammers


Tom Slager

Commander Leahy

Essie Dorian

K.C. Berwanger

Chi Gow

Captain Iskonovich

Seaman Skorbivitch

Lt. Maria Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez



Metal Warrior



Didja Notice?


This issue reveals that Skynet is churning out Terminators in the old factories of Motor City, the Automotive Capital of the World, including a new Goliath model, the 107. Both "Motor City" and "Automotive Capital of the World" are nicknames for Detroit, Michigan, a hub of the American automobile industry (though the industry has declined there in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries). In TIMELINE S-1, Skynet is also said to have taken over an automobile plant in Detroit in order to churn out T-600s in "Sand in the Gears" Part 2. The single known Goliath 103 model Terminator was introduced in "Factories" and destroyed in "Night Convoy".


The circle-A anarchy symbol seems to be popular in this version of the Terminator apocalypse. Another one is seen painted on a wall on page 3, panel 3.


On page 6, Captain Rostof says da. This is Russian for "yes".


On page 7, Captain Rostof says that the Sea-Wind was commissioned for deep sea research as part of a United Nations operation called Sea-Aid, along with sister ships Black Salmon and Spirivo, launched from the ship building port of Liepaja on the Baltic. The United Nations is an organization established to facilitate cooperation and peace among the world's many countries; Sea-Aid is a fictitious operation as far as I can tell. Black Salmon is named for a species of fish found in the northern Pacific Ocean; I've not been able to find what "Spirivo" represents. Liepāja is an actual port city on the Baltic Sea, in the nation of Latvia.


In telling the story of the Sea-Wind's survival of the nuclear holocaust launched by Skynet, Captain Rostof relates that they found Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and every other South American port in flames. Havana, the capital of Cuba, was a graveyard.


On page 11, Seaman Skorbivitch says "Dasveedahnyah, Captain Rostof." Dasveedahnyah seems to be a misspelling of dasvidaniya, Russian for "goodbye".


In panel 3 of page 11, notice that the coffee mug held by Captain Rostof has "Sea Wind" printed on it.


On page 12, Maria calls Skorbivitch asesino. This is Spanish for "assassin".


On page 13, various crewmembers of the Sea-Wind say soldado, mi capitán, señor, and prisa. These are Spanish for "soldier", "my captain", "sir", and "hurry", respectively.


On page 15, Juan says pronto and Miguel says . These are Spanish for "quickly" and "yes", respectively.


On pages 16-17, Cuban fighters shout "Terminars!" and "Dios, no!" These are Spanish for "Terminators!" and "God, no!"


This issue introduces a human fighter who wears powered metal armor covering his entire body. He is known as the Metal Warrior or the Metal One.


On page 18, a Cuban resistance fighter mutters, "Gracias, Holy Maria." Gracias is Spanish for "thank you". "Holy Maria" is a reference to the holy Virgin Mary.


On page 20, a Cuban soldier says to the Metal Warrior, "You were fantastico!" Fantastico is Spanish for "fantastic".


On page 21, Captain Rostof says nyet. This is Russian for "no".


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