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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep "Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep"
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
TV episode
Written by Natalie Chaidez & Denise Thé
Directed by Scott Lautanen
Original air date: February 27, 2009


Unable to sleep for two weeks, Sarah checks herself into a sleep clinic to find out what is wrong.


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Didja Know?


The title of this episode is borrowed from a line in Shakespeare's play Hamlet. It is also the title of a 1974 book by Dr. William C. Dement, a pioneering American sleep researcher.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Sarah Connor

John Connor (in dream only)

Skynet (mentioned only)

Ed Winston (dies in this episode)

Nurse Hobson (in dream only)

Dana (in dream only)

Cameron (in dream only)

Hector (in dream only)

Alan Park (mentioned only, deceased)

Barbara Morris (mentioned only, deceased)

Diana Winston (mentioned only)

Frank (Winston's neighbor, mentioned only, deceased) 


Didja Notice?


At 1:09 on the Blu-ray, Sarah drives past a bus bench with a Coca-Cola ad on it. She crosses Ivar Avenue at about this time. From the building designs seen here, she appears to be driving down Hollywood Boulevard, crossing Ivar Avenue in Los Angeles.


At 1:12 on the Blu-ray, Sarah drives past Milano Jewelry and Abe's Imports. There are a few names similar to "Milano Jewelry" in the greater L.A. area. Abe's Imports does not seem to exist now, but was probably a real business at the time.


In Sarah's narrative monologue at the beginning of the episode, she describes "dark spirits of the shadowlands" who may visit us at the witching hour, midnight, mentioning the incubus and succubus and the old hag. An incubus and succubus, respectively, are the folkloric male and female forms of demons that fall upon men and women while they sleep at night for purposes of illicit sexual intercourse. The "old hag" is a type of succubus who is old and ugly (other succubi are said to be seductively beautiful). Sarah goes on to say how these visitors "lay on us, press on us, suffocate us, take from us what is most precious. Our lives, our love, our sanity. Our sleep." She is specifically referring to her own problem with being unable to sleep in recent weeks. Modern science generally considers reports of these kinds of "visitations" as examples of sleep paralysis, occurring when a person is just falling asleep or awakening and are aware of their surroundings but cannot move their bodies and may be in a semi-dream state where they also hallucinate things that are not there.


At 1:41 on the Blu-ray, Sarah is seen turning off of Jefferson onto another street. This may indicate she was on Jefferson Boulevard in Culver City at this time.


At 1:50 on the Blu-ray, Sarah is driving a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban with CA license plate 3Q49953, even though that plate was previously seen on a Jeep Cherokee in "Samson and Delilah"! The same plate later turns up on Derek's Dodge Ram in "Today is the Day" Part 1 and "To the Lighthouse"!


Sarah investigates the Western Iron & Metal Trading Company for connections to the former drone factory in Charm Acres. Western Iron & Metal is, of course, a fictitious business.


Sarah pulls out her Glock 17 pistol when she hears something during her attempt to break into Western Iron & Metal.


John remarks that his mother has not slept in two weeks.


This episode reveals that Ed Winston survived being shot by Sarah in "Earthlings Welcome Here". She shoots him again here, at the end of the episode, killing him this time.


The van Winston holds Sarah captive in appears to be a Dodge Ram Promaster cargo van.


    Ed Winston asks if Sarah was talking to her boyfriend on the phone and whether they are a "Bonnie and Clyde" type operation. "Bonnie and Clyde" refers to Bonnie Parker (1910-1934) and Clyde Barrow (1909-1934), an infamous girlfriend-boyfriend couple who (along with a larger gang) robbed stores, gas stations, and banks during the Great Depression.

    Later, after finding out about Sarah's son, Winston says she's not Bonnie, she's Ma Barker. Ma Barker (real name Kate Barker, 1873-1935) was the mother of four sons who were a crime family, involved in various degrees of criminal activity from 1900-1939.


    Sarah tells Winston she quit smoking years ago. This is the first indication that she ever was a smoker. 


Nurse Hobson's smock has a breast patch indicating the sleep clinic Sarah is at is called the Los Caminos Sleep Clinic. This appears to be fictitious. Los Caminos is Spanish for "the roads"; possibly it is meant to be the name of a town the clinic is in, though there is no such town in Southern California.


Nurse Hobson suggests Diazepam for Sarah's sleep problem, but Sarah responds she doesn't like drugs. Diazepam (also known as Valium), is a drug that generally produces a calming effect.


Hector makes dream catchers for the patients at the sleep clinic. A dream catcher is a small, webbed, willow-wood hoop decorated with feathers and other sacred items, believed by a number of Native American peoples to trap bad dreams and allow only the good ones to pass through to the owner.


Dana tells Sarah that Nurse Ratched gave her some sleeping pills. Nurse Ratched is the cold, tyrannical head nurse at the psychiatric hospital in which the 1962 novel and 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is set. The role was made famous by Louise Fletcher's Academy Award winning portrayal in the film.


Dana asks Sarah if her dreams have to do with drowning, being chased, or her teeth falling out. These are all relatively common dream scenarios that psychologists have applied various interpretations to. Dana's own declared recurring dream of burning alive is also known.


Sarah responds to Dana that if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. This is a suggestion about dreaming that some believe is true, but how could anyone know? If a person died in their sleep as the result of doing so in a dream, they can't report on it! Presumably, there have been individuals who reported dying in their dreams, but woke up to speak of it, disproving this as a universal truism.


The pistol carried by Winston may be a Colt M1911A1.


Winston comments on all of Sarah's scars...bullet wounds, stabbings, and an emergency C-section. "C-section" is short for Caesarean section, delivering a mother's baby through surgery rather than a vaginal birth. Winston's comment implies that John was born through an emergency C-section. The unanswered question is, what was the emergency she was under at the time? In "Allison from Palmdale", Sarah claimed to Kacy Cotton that John was born while she was hiking in the South American jungle.


Sarah tells Winston that his bosses at Kaliba will likely kill him like they killed everyone else who worked at the factory. Kaliba was said to be the company that owned Desert Canyon Heat and Air in "Earthlings Welcome Here".


Cameron looks at a Salvador Dalí painting reproduction at the sleep center and remarks that Dali often explored the subconscious and the dream world in his work. Dalí (1904-1989) was a Spanish artist known particularly for his surrealist paintings. I've not been able to identify the painting seen here.

Dali painting


At 20:43 on the Blu-ray, the vending machine John makes a purchase from contains Gourmet Apple Rings, Fruity Bears, Fruity Fish, Sour Mini Worms candy, Cookie Dough Bites, Worldwide Potato Chips, Henry's Chocolate Bars and John purchases Let's Potato Chips. The Gourmet brand gummy candies and Cookie Dough Bites are real world items. Henry's Chocolate Bar and Let's Potato Chips are prop packaging. Let's Potato Chips appeared previously in "Brothers of Nablus" and "Self-Made Man". The Henry's Chocolate Bar prop package is designed to look like a Hershey bar wrapper.


During John's cell phone call with Sarah, Cameron suddenly walks by wearing only bra and panties, distracting him. She did something similar while John and Sarah were talking in their house in "The Turk". Since this scene, at the end of the episode, turns out to be part of Sarah's dream it's her memory of that incident resurfacing (though Cameron is wearing different colors/styles in the dream). The scene informs us of Sarah's continuing fear that John is becoming too close to Cameron. In the series, Cameron seems to be intentionally trying to be sexually appealing to John in various ways throughout the series, but it's not explained exactly why. Possibly she wants him to have feelings for her so that he won't someday decide she needs to be destroyed. Maybe older John in the future even programmed/instructed her to do this with his younger self.


When John sneaks into the sleep clinic to rescue his mother, she asks him if he can hack the electronic combination of a locked door she's seen Nurse Hobson using. Ironically, he answers, "In my sleep."


    At 36:47 on the Blu-ray, the computer file on Sarah at the sleep clinic gives her date of birth as 2/4/1974. Of course, this is the file of her alias as Sarah Baum and the birthdate helps to cover up the 7-year time jump the Connors made back in "No One is Ever Safe". Sarah Connor's date of birth is actually 1965, extrapolated from her age as given in various sources concerning the events of The Terminator and Judgment Day.

   The file also gives her height as 5'6", which is a little more problematic considering Ellison's FBI file on her in "No One is Ever Safe" states she is 5'4".

   The paragraphs in Sarah's file on the right side of the screen don't actually say anything about her...they are a description of various types of insomnia largely lifted from the insomnia entry on Wikipedia!


John shoots Nurse Hobson (revealed to be a Terminator) with a Glock 17.


At the end of the episode, all of the sleep clinic scenes turn out to be Sarah's dream while she's asleep and being held by Winston in the back of the cargo van.


Sarah sees a coyote at the beginning and end of the episode and sees the coyote tattoo on Hector in her dream. In many Native American mythologies, the coyote is a trickster character who plays mischievous pranks on humans and may appear in or manipulate their dreams.


Memorable Dialog


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