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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Brothers of Nablus "Brothers of Nablus"
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
TV episode
Written by Ian Goldberg
Directed by Milan Cheylov
Original air date: November 3, 2008


Important material is stolen from the Connor home and Sarah and Cameron embark on a mission to find the perpetrators.


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Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


James Ellison

Ellison-Terminator (first and only appearance, destroyed in this episode)


Sarah Connor

John Connor


Jesse Flores

Derek Reese

Kacy Cotton

Trevor (mentioned only)



Officer Silva (name seen on uniform badge)

Peter Meyers (mentioned only, deceased)

Moishe (dies in this episode)


Dr. Walter Ostrowski

Riley Dawson

Detective Kaplan (T-1001 in disguise)

Tristan Dewitt

Phil Dewitt

Donna Dewitt

Catherine Weaver

Dan (credit card customer service on phone)



Lila Ellison

Paul (Lila's boyfriend) 


Didja Notice?


The revolver the Ellison-Terminator carries at the beginning of the episode looks a lot like the Smith & Wesson Model 66 seen in the Dixon home in "Automatic for the People". Possibly a reuse of the same prop.


At 1:16 on the Blu-ray, something is moving in the open doorway behind Cromartie. It might be a shade or reflecting panel being moved by a stagehand.


After finding their home has been broken into, Sarah pulls her Glock 17 pistol and searches the house. She also threatens Moishe with it later in the episode.


At 2:14 on the Blu-ray, a container of OxiClean household cleaner is seen on top of the washing machine in the Connor home. At 2:18, a bottle of what may be Wisk liquid laundry detergent is seen from a mostly side view.


At 5:33 on the Blu-ray, the whiteboard at the youth shelter has a "quote of the day" on it, "I'll never remember the things they won't let me forget." I've been unable to trace this quote to anyone in particular. There is a also a "quote of the day greatest hits", "I used to be a hopeless dope fiend, today I'm a dopeless hope fiend." This is a quote used in various drug rehabilitation programs.


At 6:03 on the Blu-ray, Cameron and Sarah drive past a 76 gas station.


Rita sarcastically tells Cromartie she's Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie is a popular American actress, cited by some media publications as one of the most beautiful women in the world.


Trying to confirm the police officers at his door are actually human, Ellison asks through the door if they know who won last night's game and one of the officers answers, "Steelers". This refers to the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team.


Moishe relates some quotes from the Torah. The Torah is the primary holy book of Judaism. The quotes he makes are essentially accurate. He begins to speak of the brothers of Nablus before he is cut off by Sarah, who just wants to get down to business. I'm unsure what Moishe was getting at in mentioning "brothers of Nablus", though it does factor into the story later in a sense when Cameron kills the perpetrators of the break-in. Cameron's later telling of the brothers of Nablus story from the Book of Genesis to Sarah is roughly accurate. Nablus itself is an ancient city existing in what is currently called the West Bank, a territory jointly controlled by Israel and the Palestinian Authority.


Moishe tells Sarah that Walter Ostrowski works out of Toluca Lake. Toluca Lake is a neighborhood of Los Angeles.


Moishe says that HaShem has a plan for us all. HaShem is a term used by the Jewish faithful to refer to God in a casual context since it is considered improper to use the names of God outside of ritual. HaShem is Hebrew for "the Name".


During their visit to the pawn shop, Moishe mentions Jesse to Derek. After they leave, Sarah asks Derek who Jesse is. Derek lies and says that Jesse was a man who came back in time with him and handled the diamonds before being killed.


At the supermarket at 12:27 on the Blu-ray, a Wescom Credit Union ATM, Coinstar machine, and a California Lottery machine are seen against one wall. Products seen in the market throughout this scene are Coca-Cola, Reese's peanut butter cups, Slim Jim meat sticks, Hot Tamales, Pemmican beef jerky, Fujifilm and Kodak disposable cameras, Energizer batteries, Let's Potato Chips, Anagram balloons, Trolli candy, York peppermint patties, Orbit sugar free gum, Extra sugar free gum, Trident sugar free gum, Campbell's soup, Progresso soup, Bush's baked beans, Swanson broth, Maruchan ramen, Nissin ramen, Spam, Hormel Chili, Dinty Moore beef stew, Stagg Chili, 7-Up, Hidden Valley salad dressing, and Solo almond cake filling. These are all real world brands except for Let's Potato Chips, a prop brand used in numerous TV shows.


At 13:10 on the Blu-ray, the name of the market John and Riley are shopping at can be seen on the shopping cart John pushes. It is Hows Market, a small grocery chain in Southern California at the time (closed in 2014).


At 13:39 on the Blu-ray, Jody accidentally knocks down a stacked display of canned food, causing Cromartie to look back at her and missing John and Riley as they walk by in front of him. But John and Riley don't look in the direction of the spilled cans at was surely loud enough for them to have heard it!


Ostrowski is seen to drive a 2002 SAAB SportWagon. The car parked near it at 16:47 on the Blu-ray is a 1963 AMC Rambler Classic (CA license plate 3PCI228).


Moishe tells Sarah that Tristan Dewitt lives in Reseda. Reseda is a neighborhood in Los Angeles.


At 18:32 on the Blu-ray, Liko is seen to be wearing Nike sneakers.


Cromartie drives a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS Convertible in this episode and next. The license plate, CA 2WQI332, also appeared on different cars in the 2003 film The Italian Job and was the plate on Hurley's car in an episode of the 2004-2010 TV series Lost.


Jody accuses Cromartie of being a stalker and of being "Silence of the Lambs". Silence of the Lambs is a 1991 thriller/horror film featuring two serial killers. Jody is probably referencing the killer in the film called Buffalo Bill, who stalks women so he can skin them to make a female body suit for himself.


When Cromartie violently shoves Jody through the passenger door of his car onto the street, the door falls open without damage! Most likely his shove would simply have slammed her against the door, causing serious injury to her (or, perhaps, caused her to flip over the top of the convertible's door and land on the street).


    At 22:50 on the Blu-ray, a box of Nutty Nuggets cereal with the brand name blanked out is seen on the Connors' kitchen table as John unpacks the groceries. Several store brands of cereal called Nutty Nuggets are available in stores. They are a generic version of Post Grape Nuts.

    20 seconds later, Top Shelf Complete Pancake Mix is seen. Top Shelf appears to be a fictitious brand. 


When Cromartie shows up at the door of the Connor home, John pulls a Remington 870 shotgun from underneath the kitchen sink. This same shotgun was seen in some previous episodes.


At 25:18 on the Blu-ray, we see that Tristan Dewitt won 2nd Place at the Sandusky Film Festival, 1993, for his film "The Lightning in my Wires". Both the film and the film festival appear to be fictitious.


Tristan Dewitt's mother says he currently works at Saturn Video on La Brea. Saturn Video appears to have been a fictitious business. "La Brea" refers to La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles.


When John tries to warn Riley about how dangerous Cromartie is and that she just got lucky in getting rid of him at the house, she retorts, "Oh, ease up, squinchie. Lucky is my middle name." The slang term "squinchie" is sometimes used in the U.S. for someone who has peed or crapped their pants.


The perpetrators of the break-in at the Connor house try to use one of the stolen credit cards at a bowling alley in Van Nuys called Alien Lanes. This appears to be a fictitious establishment. Van Nuys is a neighborhood in L.A.


At 29:51 on the Blu-ray, Cromartie drives past a billboard for Disney Radio, AM 1110. Disney Radio is a real radio network in the U.S. aimed at children. The L.A. affiliate is KRDC at AM 1110.


At 30:23 on the Blu-ray, the screen on the video camera during the interview with the witness to the Peter Meyer murder is mirrored instead of displaying in the same direction as the live figure.


A couple of time in the episode, Cameron seems concerned about getting her leather jacket back, stolen with the other items from the Connor house. Perhaps she has taken a liking to leather jackets the way the Model 101 Terminators (Arnold Schwarzenegger) seemed to be attached to dark sunglasses.


At 33:46 on the Blu-ray, one of the pairs of sneakers the bowler-perps removed is a Converse brand.


Cameron remorselessly shoots and kills the three young men at the bowling alley, explaining to Sarah, "They knew where we live." Notice that Sarah does not seem very upset even though she allows the fourth perp, hiding in the restroom to live, without Cameron's knowledge.


At 34:34 on the Blu-ray, a Jewel Chest arcade game is seen in the background at the bowling alley.


Jesse pulls a Ruger P90 on Derek when she finds him at Moishe's pawn shop. Derek pulls his familiar Beretta 92FS.


When Cameron tells John that Riley is a security risk, John retorts, "Really? She's never tried to kill me." In "Samson and Delilah", a malfunctioning Cameron tried to kill him.


The end of this episode reveals that John has been suffering guilt for killing a human for the first time when he killed Sarkissian in "Samson and Delilah".


Ellison seems to think he's being tested by God like Job was. Catherine Weaver's description of Job from the Bible is accurate. At the end of Ellison and Weaver's conversation, she asks him, "So who spared you?" He thinks God spared him from his recent predicament of being accused of murder by the LAPD, but Weaver may believe it was her, since she freed him in her guise as Detective Kaplan.


Unanswered Questions


Apparently Skynet attempted to replace Ellison with a duplicate Terminator. Why? Is it due to his work with Catherine Weaver? There are strong suggestions throughout the second season that Weaver is not necessarily on the side of Skynet.


What did Cromartie do with the Ellison-Terminator after disabling it? We never find out.


What happened to the real Detective Kaplan? It seems that the real one is the one who interrogated Ellison the first time at the station house. Then he was replaced by the T-1001 Weaver so she could set Ellison free. It seems likely that Kaplan was killed in order to replace him.


Won't Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt suspect that Sarah and Cameron killed their son considering he and his friends are going to be found dead in the bowling alley the day after the two women came to ask them about him? 


Memorable Dialog


no one likes a nag.mp3

would it kill you to try to make a little conversation?.mp3

it's a long list.mp3

more than you'll ever know.mp3

you killed Liko.mp3

not really into food.mp3

another boy wonder.mp3

brave, spooky ninja.mp3

my kind of story.mp3

a normal life.mp3

protect me.mp3 


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