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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Earthlings Welcome Here "Earthlings Welcome Here"
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
TV episode
Written by Natalie Chaidez
Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcalá
Original air date: December 15, 2008


Sarah attends a UFO convention to track down a blogger with potential information about the three dot symbol.


Read the story summary at the Terminator Wiki


Didja Know?


In this episode, actress Dinah Lenney plays a man pretending to be a woman.


The Terminator Wiki points out that the UFOs/drones that appear in this episode were also seen in the UFO Hunters episode "Reverse Engineering", which first aired in March of 2008. It's not clear whether the UFO images were first created for UFO Hunters or Sarah Connor Chronicles, but probably for UFO Hunters.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Sarah Connor

Alan Park/Eileen/Abraham (dies in this episode)

Dr. Barbara Morris (Experiencer therapist, dies in this episode)

John Connor

Riley Dawson


Jesse Flores

John Henry

James Ellison

Catherine Weaver

Pastor Jonas

Lila Ellison (mentioned only)

Kay (Riley's foster mother, mentioned only)

Ed Winston (shot by Sarah in this episode, but doesn't die) 


Didja Notice?


Sarah is again driving her Jeep Liberty in this episode. The headrests on the front seats are missing, just as they were in the other Connormobile, the Dodge Ram in "Self-Made Man".


Sarah's description of the life of Cabeza de Vaca (Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca) is roughly accurate, but he did not land on the shores of the New World in 1490 as she states here...he was born around 1490 in Spain! Not to mention 1490 is before Columbus "discovered" America!


At 1:20 on the Blu-ray, notice that a Terminator is seen in the mirror behind Sarah, though it's just her imagination.


At the beginning of the episode, Sarah attends the Desert Canyon UFO Conference, investigating reports of sightings of sky ships with three dots on them. The Desert Canyon UFO Conference appears to be a fictitious UFO convention.


In the future war scene with Riley, Jesse and other resistance soldiers are seen carrying Westinghouse M95A1 Phased Plasma Rifles.


In the future war scene, notice that Riley is stealing something shiny from the resistance bunker. In "Self-Made Man", she admitted to John that she stole Mike's lighter because she likes shiny things.


Eileen is seen to drive a 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback, CA license plate 5N418J4.


Eileen's trailer is an unidentified model made by Airstream.


Eileen apologizes to Sarah that she can only offer her tea, while she seems more like the coffee type, and Sarah responds, "So I've been told."


Riley is seen to arrive in the present from the future still covered with dirt, as she was in the future. But dirt is largely inorganic, so it should have been removed from her body during the temporal transit!


At 15:28 on the Blu-ray, Sarah and Eileen are eating at a restaurant called Cooper's Pies, which uses pie tins as a "flying saucer" motif. This appears to be a fictitious establishment. The name may have been inspired by the TV series Twin Peaks, which features some UFO themes and a character named Agent Dale Cooper who loves pie.


At Cooper's Pies, Sarah observes a waitress at a nearby booth. The waitress is wearing a pink uniform very similar to the one Sarah wore in her waitress job in The Terminator.


At 16:29 on the Blu-ray, Sarah hallucinates seeing herself at a nearby booth, with the words "NO FATE" carved into the tabletop. Sarah carved these words into a picnic table at Enrique's compound in Judgment Day. This may be her subconscious telling her that she is close to having psychological episode like she did in that film after carving those words.


Ellison tells his pastor that his wife became pregnant just before the September 11th attacks in 2001. This refers to the terrorist attacks against the U.S. of September 11, 2001 which brought down New York's World Trade Center and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that resulted. 


The motorcycle ridden by the attacker at the storage unit is a 2008 BMW F 800 GS.


Sarah wields her Glock 17 pistol in this episode. Ed Winston at the "Air and Heating" place also wields what appears to be the same model pistol.


Eileen's description of being driven to her place of work on the black project in a van with blacked out windows sounds similar to reports by people who claim to have worked at the top secret Area 51 U.S. military research base in Nevada.


The flyer that Sarah picked up at the UFO convention mentions guests scheduled to be in attendance, Dr. Marek R--, Marina Defiere, and Dr. Theodore Buckw--. These all appear to be fictitious figures, though the production designer on the episode is named Marek (Dobrowolski). Also, the books listed for Marina Defiere appear to actually be those of real world author and experiencer Whitley Strieber! Additionally, the name "Marina" is traditionally female, but the author is described with the pronoun "he" in the guest description, possibly indicating the guest description is largely borrowed from one used for Whitley Strieber at a similar event.


In a flashback sequence to recent events (in "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"), Riley reveals to Jesse that she got kicked out of her foster home for hitting her foster mother and wants to stay with Jesse in an apartment. Jesse rejects her, telling her simply to keep on her assignment of keeping Cameron away from John. But, it's not revealed what Riley does for a place to live after this. She doesn't have a job to get her own place. Does she have money from Jesse or some other source? Does she get taken into a new foster home? It seems pretty short-sighted for the rather bitchy Jesse to reject her out of hand considering she is depending on Riley to deliver on the "mission".


At 33:27 on the Blu-ray, Dr. Morris' office has pictures similar to the Rorschach inkblot test on the wall, though the inkblots seen do not conform to any of the traditional inkblots of the official Rorschach test.


At 33:58 on the Blu-ray, the model and brand names of the digital recorder/receiver used by Sarah to listen in on Eileen's hypnosis session have been scratched off by the production to prevent identification/free advertising!


At 36:07 on the Blu-ray, Sarah sits on a bench at a bus stop across the street from a Bullwinkle's restaurant.


The black project van Sarah spies through binoculars at 38:08 on the Blu-ray is a 2007 Chevrolet Express.


Unanswered Questions


Who killed Eileen and Dr. Morris? Most likely it was Ed Winston, but we never learn outright.  


Memorable Dialog


enjoy the rest of the freak show.mp3

the flying saucer convention.mp3

the farmer with the rifle.mp3

what made you so hard?.mp3 


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