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Star Trek (Rebooted)
Sidebar Studies
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This page is dedicated to studies of sidebar tie-ins to the rebooted Star Trek movie series. "Sidebar" tie-ins are those that do not conform to the established ST universe in that they cross over with other, non-ST licensed properties (such as other sci-fi film and TV series, super-heroes, etc.). I do not consider these sidebar stories to be canon within the ST universe.

Sidebar Studies
Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War (Part 1) Star Trek: The Spectrum War (Part 2) Star Trek: The Spectrum War (Part 3) Star Trek: The Spectrum War (Part 4) Star Trek: The Spectrum War (Part 5)
"The Spectrum War"
Part 1
The Spectrum War
Part 2
"The Spectrum War"
Part 3
"The Spectrum War"
Part 4
"The Spectrum War"
Part 5
Star Trek/Green Lantern #1 Star Trek/Green Lantern #2 Star Trek/Green Lantern #3 Star Trek/Green Lantern #4 Star Trek/Green Lantern #5
The Enterprise discovers a strange skeleton and six colored rings on a dead planet. Hal Jordan forms a cautious alliance with the crew of the Enterprise. The new Red and Orange Lanterns strike! The spectrum of Lanterns converge for battle in Federation space. Nekron restores the planet Vulcan back to undead life.
Star Trek: The Spectrum War (Part 6)        
"The Spectrum War"
Part 6
Star Trek/Green Lantern #6        
The final showdown against Nekron.