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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: The Spectrum War (Part 5) "The Spectrum War" Part 5
Star Trek/Green Lantern #5
Written by: Mike Johnson
Art by: Angel Hernandez
Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters by: Neil Uyetake
Cover B by: Tess Fowler, colors by Tamra Bonvillian
November 2015


Nekron restores the planet Vulcan back to undead life.


Didja Know?


The Spectrum War is a 6-part Star Trek story set in the Kelvin Timeline created by the Romulan Nero's incursion into the past in the 2009 Star Trek movie (starting with "Rebirth" in the PopApostle ST chronology). It was published by IDW as the 6-part mini-series Star Trek/Green Lantern (2015) a cross-over of the characters of Star Trek and those of the various Lantern Corps from the DC Universe of comic books published by DC Comics.


This mini-series takes place in an alternate timeline than the one followed in the main PopApostle Star Trek chronology of the Kelvin Timeline.


Characters appearing in this issue




Hal Jordan


Praetor Decius


Lt. Uhura

Carol Ferris

General Chang

Captain Kirk

Lt. Chekov

Lt. Sulu


Dr. McCoy

Saint Walker

Guy Gardner

John Stewart


Ganthet (deceased, mentioned only)


Science Officer 0718




Didja Notice?


On page 1, Starfleet Command reports to all ships that Starbase Savitskaya has come under attack by Klingon, Gorn, and Romulan forces. This seems to be referring to the same starbase called Starbase 12 in "The Spectrum War" Part 4; presumably it goes by both designations. The Savitskaya name is probably in honor of Russian cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya, the first woman to walk in space.


On page 10, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Kilowog arrive to aid Hal Jordan in his battle against the Red, Orange, and Yellow Lanterns. Gardner, Stewart, and Kilowog are all well-known Green Lanterns in the DC Universe.


On page 11, Starfleet Command orders all ships to rendezvous at Starbase Scobee. This is the first mention of this starbase. It is probably named in honor of U.S. astronaut Dick Scobee who died aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger with six others when the shuttle exploded shortly after lift off on January 28, 1986.


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