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Welcome to! Here, geeks (forthwith known as "adherents") of pop culture can bask in the minutiae of their (well, my) favorite TV shows, movies, comic books, music, statuary, tapestries and cosmic tripping. Well maybe not those last few, but who knows?

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The Fly The Fly (short story) The Fly (1958) Return of the Fly Curse of the Fly
"The Fly"
Short story
The Fly
1958 film
Return of the Fly Curse of the Fly

Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica: Gods & Monsters (Part 2) Battlestar Galactica: Gods & Monsters (Part 3) Battlestar Galactica: Gods & Monsters (Part 4) Battlestar Galactica: Gods & Monsters (Part 5)
  "Gods and Monsters"
Part 2
"Gods and Monsters"
Part 3
"Gods and Monsters"
Part 4
"Gods and Monsters"
Part 5

Firefly/Serenity Firefly: War Criminals Firefly: The Spilling of Blood Firefly: The Deal of Your Life Firelfy: Birth of a Unificator
"War Criminals" "The Spilling of Blood" "The Deal of Your Life" "Birth of a Unificator"

Scorpion King The Scorpion King: Quest for Power The Scorpion King: Book of Souls
Sword of Osiris Battle for Redemption Quest for Power Book of Souls

Terminator: Adam Raised a Cain Terminator: Born to Run Terminator: Sector War (Part 1) Terminator: Sector War (Part 2)
"Adam Raised a Cain" "Born to Run" "Sector War"
Part 1
"Sector War"
Part 2

Twin Peaks Twin Peaks: There's Some Fear in Letting Go Twin Peaks: No Knock, No Doorbell Twin Peaks: The Past Dictates the Future Twin Peaks: What is Your Name?
"There's Some Fear in Letting Go" "No Knock, No Doorbell" "The Past Dictates the Future" "What is Your Name?"

Snake Plissken Chronicles Snake Plissken Chronicles: Up and Running Snake Plissken Chronicles: Get the Hell Off My Lawn Snake Plissken Chronicles: Draw Snake Plissken Chronicles: The Cleveland Revolution
"Up and Running" "Get the Hell Off My Lawn" "Draw" "The Cleveland Revolution"

Adventures of Jack Burton Jack Burton/Snake Plissken: No One Here But Us Snakes Jack Burton/Snake Plissken: Standing at the Crossroad Jack Burton/Snake Plissken: The Greatest Snake Plissken in the Multiverse Jack Burton/Snake Plissken: I Don't Even Know Myself
"No One Here But Us Snakes" "Standing at the Crossroad" "The Greatest Snake Plissken in the Multiverse" "I Don't Even Know Myself"