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RICK: Thank goodness you were able to save more lives from danger even though the enemy got away.
FOX: Yeah, well...there's always next time.
JACK: That's the spirit.  So you made friends with the Adventure Team gang.
KRYSTAL: Yes we were shown around their headquarters then put on a free magic show.
HOLLY: Awesome, bet Joe, Duke and Mike were impressed.
SALLY: Oh yeah they were all right.  Never seen anything like it before they said.
WILL: No kidding...
FIONA: <leers> You said it partner. <fist bumps him>
COOPER: I think I'm going to like this Earth-planet for now, sort of reminds me of home.
SONIA: Oh yeah? <leers> Unfortunately this world does not have our species living on it of course.
COOPER: I know that! <smirks back>
SLATCH: Huh, pardon? <looks confused>
SONIA & COOPER: Never mind...<say together then laugh>
SLATCH: Oh, I get it...good joke. <then he laughs too>
ENIK: <shakes his head> Whatever...
CHAKA: These anthropomorphic magic users are sure funny.
BLUE: <nods in agreement>
    Soon after McCloud and both park rangers went to examine the Great Fox starship to see what kind of repairs would be needed in fixing up the spaceship so it would fly again one day soon.  That left the other StarFox warriors alone with the children, Sleestak apprentice and Altrusian master, pakuni servant and raptor pet to hangout until the adults returned.  While waiting it was Holly and Will talking about amusement theme parks they always visited with their father and uncle to play and have fun together like Disney and Universal for example.
WILL: Thus we never get tired of going back whenever something new debuts.
LUPE: Wow, sounds like fun.  Makes me want to go there too.
ARI: So audio animatronics brings robot characters to life so they look and sound like real people or animals.
HOLLY: Exactly.  No one knows they are machines in disguise but instead believe they are real actors.
TIGRESS: <laughs> No kidding...I wouldn't know the difference myself. <shrugs>
FALCO: Or me either.
CHAKA: Wow!  What a tragedy that Walt died.
FIONA: How did that happen? <wants to know>
HOLLY: Walt was suffering from lung cancer due to smoking habits and despite medical treatment the disease was quick and brutal.
KRYSTAL: Oh dear...<worried look>
SALLY: So who took over the company after his death?
WILL: His older brother Roy Disney assumed leadership after his brother's passing into the afterlife and continued work on other projects.
ENIK: What other projects, may I ask?
    The kids described how Roy began work on building another Disney theme park in Orlando Florida then when it opened in 1971 he dedicated the Magic Kingdom in honor of his sibling's achievements by naming the theme park Walt Disney World.
SLATCH: Amazing!  Have a theme park named in your honor.
BLUE: Wow! <excited look on her face> What an honor indeed.
    Just then Rick, Fox and Jack came back from their inspection of the Great Fox...
RICK: The spaceship will need lots of work done to it in order to make it fly again.
JACK: Aye, but I'm sure we can get it finished in no time.
FOX: With help from our terran friends of course. <beams proudly>
EVERYBODY: Aye-aye, yes sir! <shout together and salute as one>
    Thus...the family and Team StarFox got to work repairing the StarFox vessel first starting on the outside hull fuselage fixing the dents and warped sections, repainting sanded-off portions until it was shiny again, blah-blah-blah.  Then proceeded to work on the inside hull fuselage rewiring and reprogramming the onboard computers, and so forth.  In no time the Great Fox was finished.
ENIK: Look at that, a masterpiece.
BLUE: Yeah, a beautiful work of art too.
SLATCH: So Team StarFox will be able to return home.
CHAKA: But who knows when that will happen.
    While that was going on...inside the StarWolf fortress the dark wizard listened to his apprentice and wife's report.
GARGAMEL: Well done my friends, good job so far in stealing resources.
WOLF: Thank you master.  I will continue adding more resources to our collection.
GARGAMEL: Good, very good. <nods> The dark arts be with you my friend.
BELLADONNA: Yes sir, we will not fail or let you down master.
GARGAMEL: I believe you my dear.  I look forward to hearing from you again next time we communicate, cherrio! <vanishes from sight>
    Next the StarWolf leader and wife went to gaze upon the Energon cubes in storage to marvel at the shimmering-sparkling colors within the containers.
BELLADONNA: Look at that, all that power just waiting for us to reign supreme.
WOLF: Yes, rule over all of ZooTopia forcing its citizens to obey our will forever.
BELLADONNA: I'm glad I married you when we first met as apprentices in training with Gargamel.
WOLF: I remember that moment in time as if or though it happened today or the day before.  Both of us studying and learning the magic arts.
    They daydreamed visions in their minds of training with Gargamel as he instructed them how to use the dark arts in ruling the universe.  One final lesson was light-saber fighting as Wolf and Belladonna engaged in a mock duel against each other as both tried disarming one another with Gargamel looking on and coaching them not to act reckless or foolishly but allow the magic to guide their every moves in combat.  Both snapped out of the trance, looked at each other and grinned evilly then nodded before facing off and removing hilts from their belts then igniting red crimson energy blades that hummed to life, raised them in salute gestures to each other then prepared to fight.
WOLF: Let's see who can beat each other, you or I.
BELLADONNA: May the best warrior win, let's do it!
    They rushed each other swinging their blades together then glared nose to nose before pulling free their blades and commenced dueling trading high and low thrusts and parries back and forth.  Husband and wife attacked and defended against each other's death blows as they chased one another around the room so to speak before coming together in a clinch with sabers locked together again glaring nose to nose.
BELLADONNA: Had enough, dear?  Or think you can go the distance, yes?
WOLF: I doubt you have what it takes to destroy me, honey.
    They pushed against each other grunting-snarling with bared teeth and narrowed eyes as they tried forcing each other's sabers down then land a killing blow but were evenly matched at the moment.  Once again they jumped back freeing their sabers from the clinch and circled warily waving their laser swords like swaying cobras.
WOLF: Maybe you will destroy me in the end, I guarantee it.
BELLADONNA: Oh, careful what you say or wish or else it may happen, he? <winks at her husband>
    Again they commenced dueling as they thrust and parry against each other.  Suddenly it was the witch whippet scoring the victory so to speak by disarming the StarWolf leader then executing a force shove that dropped O'Donnoll onto his backside knocking the wind out of his sails that is before leveling her red blade mere inches in his face sneering down at him.
BELLADONNA: Oops, uh-oh...looks like your prediction came true, honey.  I destroyed you like you said I would. <again winks and blows a kiss>
WOLF: Yes, you beat me fair and square. <levitates back to his boots> Well done my dear. <salutes her - she does the same>
    They hugged and laughed in relief then enjoyed a long loving kiss with Belladonna jumping into Wolf's strong arms wrapping her legs around his waist as he supported her buttocks as they continued kissing each other then paused to laugh again as Belladonna rested her head lovingly against O'Donnoll's shoulder a smile on her face as he carried his wife into their chamber where they performed the ritual of making love again and again sharing the dark arts between them then slept comfortably for a long time.
    Meanwhile the Marshall family took Fox and company to the home of Dr Emmett Brown (portrayed by Christopher Lloyd) the genius who discovered time travel and built a time machine using a sleek gull-wing door DeLorean time vehicle that he claimed could transport anybody-anyone across the space-time continuum to relive events of the past or witness events yet to come of the future.  Emmett showed Team StarFox around his home resembling the Gamble house pointing out the many gadgets-gizmos installed inside his residence and explaining how they worked or functioned that is.  Next he showed off the time vehicle as the magic mutants stared in wonder and awe.
EMMETT: It's this baby that will send you across the space-time continuum into the future or backwards into the past.
SONIA: Wow, does it really work?
FIONA: Yes, does it?
EMMETT: Indeed it does work ladies, allow me to demonstrate.
    He opened the driver side door cautioning the mutants to watch their heads so they would avoid banging into the upraised gull wing door that is.  He explained the mechanics or controls inside the DeLorean.
EMMETT: This is the time circuit box which when activated <throws a switch or lever> the dashboard comes alive so to speak.
SALLY: What's that box? <points it out>
RICK: The flux capacitor that operates like a mini generator to propel the time vehicle through time itself.
LUPE: Oh...<looks at it>
EMMETT: This is your time display console <points it out to his guests>
KRYSTAL: What do each of the screens mean?
JACK: The Destination Time screen tells where you are going through time to visit a certain event that already happened long ago or will happen soon enough.
HOLLY: The Present Time screen tells where you are right now so to speak.
TIGRESS: I see, I don't see. <looks confused>
EMMETT: That's all right, time travel can be confusing for newcomers.
WILL: The Time Last Departed screen tells where you were hours-seconds ago.
    Unfortunately the mutants looked more confused than ever so Dr Brown explained everything in full detail for his guests until they understood in the end.  For a demonstration he and everyone went outside the house into the alleyway behind the building while using a remote control box to steer the time vehicle into position.  With Fox, Krystal, Sally, Ari, Lupe, Fiona, Sonia, Tigress, Falco, Cooper in position and ready...the time traveler engaged the levers on the remote unit and with a squeal of spinning tires the DeLorean shot forward like being fired from a cannon so to speak.  Everybody looked on as the time vehicle raced down the alley going faster and faster then suddenly it began to glow with a blue-white halo surrounding the entire car.  In the next second there was a bright flash and loud boom!  Team StarFox gasped with mouths open and eyes wide as the time vehicle seemed to vanish right before their eyes leaving a flaming trail of burning rubber streaks in the gravel where the DeLorean had once been.
COOPER: Holy BLEEP! <curses> It disappeared.
FALCO: Where did it go?
BLUE: Where else, into the future. <shrugs>
ARI: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>
RICK: Now it's going to return to the exact spot where it vanished from.
FOX: It is? <confused frown>
EMMETT: Yes sir, better get out of the way so you do not get run down, everybody get clear. <gestures urgently>
    Confused the magic mutants did as ordered.  At that same moment there came sonic booms like something penetrating the sound barrier then a bright flash like a strobe effect and out of nowhere the time vehicle appeared like magic skidding to a stop then powering down all systems as steam condensation billowed off its surfaces like water vapors into the air.
SALLY: Whoa...
TIGRESS: No came back?
JACK: It returned from whatever time period Doc Brown sent it to return to its present time again.
FIONA-FALCO-ARI-LUPE-COOPER-KRYSTAL-FOX: Good grief! <all quote Charlie Brown>
WILL & HOLLY: <laugh>
CHAKA: <laughs too>
ENIK: <tries not to laugh> We Altrusians are not known to express emotions or feelings of humor.
SLATCH: That is true, master.
BLUE: <nods>
RICK: Well, what did you think?
FOX: I don't know what to think for the moment.
EMMETT: Not to worry, everything will be explained in no time.  Now then, let's go inside and relax.
    Back inside Emmett's home the time traveler shared stories of traveling through time with his friend Marty McFly (portrayed by Michael J Fox) into the year 1955 Hill Valley, 2015 Hill Valley, 1885 Hill Valley to name a few of course.  Next he served dinner for Team StarFox as McCloud and gang enjoyed terran food once again.  Afterwards entertainment was in the form of Karaoke sing-along fun where Doc Brown and Marshall family and the magic mutants had fun singing lyrics to Oldies-Pop music of the 50s-60s decades.  Then time to go home again.
FOX: Thanks for everything, it was fun.  Especially showing off the time vehicle and how it works.
EMMETT: You're welcome.  Feel free to drop in anytime for a spell.
SALLY: We'll do that.  Bye! <waves farewell>
EMMETT: Goodbye Team StarFox and remember the future is what you make it so make it a good one. <then closes front door>
    Once everyone returned to the Marshall residence alias the Monsanto House of the Future of course the magic mutants said goodnight to the family then headed back to their headquarters in the woods where they climbed into bed so to speak and prepare themselves for the days to come in waging war against Team StarWolf to save the universe.
                                                                                                     THE END OF CHAPTER 1