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    Unfortunately during the night as StarFox slept a sudden thunderstorm or squall line moved in without warning.  Thunder boomed and crashed like bombs exploding on-air and lightning flashes lit up the interior of StarFox headquarters startling the magic mutants awake as Nicole sounded an alarm.
NICOLE: Warning!  We are under attack by unknown hostile forces at this time.  Defense systems online.
FOX: Everybody repel the invaders whoever they are!
    One by one his minions rushed to battle stations and prepared to meet the assault head on as they thought it was their rivals launching a sneak attack while at the same time inside the fortress of StarWolf the forces of evil were experiencing the same squall line assaults of thunder, lightning and rain coming down in torrents.
WOLF: StarWolf, defend home base from intruders assaulting us!
    His warriors hurried to prepare for battle.  But as quickly as it came the thunderstorm moved away to other parts of the planet.  Wolf and horde were stunned-confused for the moment.
PANTHER: Odd, we didn't see anybody attacking us.
DRAGO: Except for those bright flashes in the sky again and again.
BERGAMO: Aye, and loud booms that really shook us up.
ALICIA: What kind of magic are we experiencing?!!
BASIL: That's what I want to know too.
LAVENDER: Hell-yeah...
WOLF: I do not know who or what tried surprising us with this attack against us.
BELLADONNA: What a strange planet this is.
NINJARA: Yeah, I agree madame witch.
    And at StarFox home base...
FALCO: Whew, that was close.
TIGRESS: Too close for comfort if you ask me.
COOPER: Whoa, what were all those bright flashes?
FIONA: Yeah, lit up the inside of our base.
SALLY: That's what I want to know too.
LUPE: <frowns> Maybe our human friends can help us out.
KRYSTAL: But not now since it's too late and we better get back to bed again.
ARI: You're the boss-lady.
SONIA: Yes ma'am.
KRYSTAL: Very funny...<grins or smirks>
FOX: Okay, back to bed everyone.  We'll discuss this in the morning.
NICOLE: Goodnight my friends, sorry about everything. <apologizes> See you in the morning.
    Once again StarFox and StarWolf went back to sleep and this time nothing woke them up again until dawn came the following day.  That is when GIJoe the Adventure Team founder, Duke the alien-buster decided to pay a friendly social call to McCloud and gang and were on their way to StarFox HQ aboard the Adventure Team Vehicle with the Marshall kids tagging along too since they wanted to find out how their magic friends weathered out the storm the night before.
JOE: Wow, I bet it really shook them up good. <drives the ATV>
WILL: Yeah, I'll say it did shake them up.
DUKE: I wonder if they have the same storm disasters on Corneria?
HOLLY: I've been thinking of that too, it must be a strange world with anthropomorphic people living and working like humans.
    Then the voice of Mike the radio operator came over the ATV's speakers.
MIKE: Joe, have you found StarFox base yet?
JOE: Not yet Mike.  Still heading that way. <answers back>
MIKE: Roger, Joe.  I have you on the main monitors here at HQ.  Oh, that must be it up ahead. <sees something on the screen>
DUKE: Whoa, check it out. <lifts up dark glasses briefly> That must be their spaceship they crashed onto our world.
WILL: That's the Great Fox starship from Fox's home world Corneria.
DUKE: Cool...
HOLLY: There's Fox now, come to greet us. <sees McCloud exit his base>
JOE: We're at StarFox headquarters, have to shut off the radio now.
MIKE: Okay, see you when you get back buddy. <signs off>
    GIJoe, Duke, Holly and Will exited the Adventure Team Vehicle as Fox approached and welcomed his terran friends warmly.
FOX: Hello there my friends. <shakes hands - high five slaps - fist bumps> Nice of you to drop in.
JOE: We were in the neighborhood and decided to drop in for a visit. <Fox nods>
DUKE: So that's your spaceship? <gestures at the Great Fox>
FOX: That's it. <nods> My spaceship that brought me and my gang to your world on a quest to search for energy resources.
DUKE: Holy cow...<then whistles>
FOX: This is a strange planet, this Earth of yours.
WILL: What makes you say that? <looks curious>
HOLLY: <laughs> I was thinking of something like that about Corneria.
FOX: You were? <curious look on his face as Holly nods>
JOE: <looks the other way and whistles to himself>
    Then the other StarFox warriors emerged from home base looking about curiously as though expecting another sneak attack from StarWolf or other hostile forces when Lupe the bounty hunter happened to notice something in the distance as she pointed to a rock face and exclaimed out loud.
LUPE: Look at that mountain! <everyone turns to stare> It did not look like that the day before.
COOPER: Holy smokes! <eyes wide> What happened to it?
SONIA: It looks as if half of it's gone, cut cleanly as though with a sharp knife.
TIGRESS: How-how? <confused look on her face>
JOE: Simple, it was struck by lightning from the storm last night, probably the one that gave you quite a scare.
    When GIJoe said that the StarFox warriors looked shocked-surprised.
ARI: You're referring to those bright flashes that lit up our base?
FALCO: That made us mistake for a sneak attack by StarWolf.
DUKE: Oh, is that what happened to you guys and gals? <curious frown behind dark glasses>
FIONA: <leers> Something along that line, dude. <hands on hips posture>
MIRIAM: I can't believe lightning can do that. <stunned look on her face>
WILL: Oh it can, lightning is powerful and dangerous.  It can damage or destroy anything on contact, start wildfires in the blink of an eye.
HOLLY: A tiny bolt can pack a hefty punch.
    McCloud looked thoughtful as he pondered this mystery.  He, his wife Krystal and Team StarFox were seeking energy resources to restore their home planet Corneria back to its glory again.
FOX: <to himself> Can the answer lie in lightning?  Hmmm...I wonder.
JOE: A penny for your thoughts, Fox?
FOX: Huh, what?!! <startled at first then recovers> Oh, I was thinking about lightning.  How much do you know about it?
JOE: Lightning is actually electricity that can be found within the upper atmosphere of our planet. <draws diagrams in the dirt>
FOX: We have electricity on our world.  But it does not fall from the sky to damage or destroy things.  We generate its power creating magic.
DUKE-HOLLY-WILL: What?!! <say together in shock>
SALLY: Uh, yup. <leers> Bet you didn't know that, he?
HOLLY: There's no way to control something dangerous as lightning.  A single flash is about a million megawatts.
MIRIAM: Then perhaps technology of your world cannot handle such powers like we can.
KRYSTAL: Yes, on Corneria we learn to deal with forces not even you can begin to imagine.
JOE: I don't believe what I'm hearing at the moment.
DUKE: You said it dude.
FOX: This is a chance we cannot afford to miss or pass up, we must be ready for the next storm.
    Then it was Aleu the she-wolf chief engineer (Balto 2 Wolf's Quest) who spoke up.
ALEU: I believe I can build or create a machine that I guarantee will capture lightning during another storm.
    When she said this everyone gave shocked-surprised looks at her but she nodded.
ALEU: Besides, my inventions have never failed me yet and I doubt this one will either. <beams proudly>
FOX: Then good luck by all means.  Make sure it is ready before the next storm. <Aleu nods>
WILL: Father and uncle are not going to believe this when we tell them.
HOLLY: No, I don't think so.
DUKE: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>
JOE: Don't any of them know or realize it's dangerous to control something powerful as lightning?
    Instead however GIJoe and Duke returned to their HQ base after dropping off the Marshall kids at their home first where Holly and Will told their father and uncle everything about Aleu planning on building a machine to capture lightning during a thunderstorm.  To their amazement or surprise...
RICK: If she says she can do it then I believe she can.
ENIK: Yes indeed, as long as she's careful too.
JACK: We ought to check it out when it's done being built.
SLATCH: Aye...<looks excited>
WILL: Oh...sounds like a plan.
HOLLY: I guess...<shrugs>
CHAKA: Wow, a machine that captures lightning.
BLUE: Interesting...
    Then it was Sally stopping by to visit the family for a spell and spend time with the children keeping them company that is.
SALLY: I'm sorry you were shocked to hear Aleu planning on capturing lightning for the first time, even I have to admit I was shocked too.
HOLLY: It's never been tried or done before.
WILL: Who knows what the outcome will be if it works or not.
SALLY: We can only wait and see my friends.  Meanwhile why don't we have some fun, yes? <leers> Take our minds off capturing lightning for now, no?
    The kids agreed and soon all three were playing video games on the Wii, Xbox and Playstation consoles with ChaKa also playing too with the kids and Acorn.  That left Rick, Jack, Slatch, Enik and Blue on their own so to speak in doing yard work around the house of the future.  Moments later the female raptor took a nap in the shade like a cat or dog curled up on herself dreaming happy thoughts.  Lunch was served as Acorn joined the family for eats and drinks of course then took a catnap with her boyfriend as Will lay asleep with Sally snuggled close to him while Holly slept alone in her bed as usual.  Meanwhile back at StarFox home base it was Aleu reporting to her boss that she completed her project.
ALEU: I suppose you want to see it?
FOX: Great, let's see what you built.
ALEU: Follow me, great leader. <giggles then walks off>
    They were soon joined by the Marshall brothers and Enik who also wanted to see the project themselves.  The she-wolf engineer led them to a lonely spot in a matter of speaking then stopped.
ENIK: So, where is it?  I don't see anything.
JACK: Must be top secret because it's hidden.
ALEU: And here it comes, at-tah! <performs a magic task>
RICK: Huh?
FOX: What-the?
    Suddenly into view there rose a slender lattice of steel-metal resembling a large mast of sorts that continued rising until stopping at full extension with its top hidden in drifting clouds.  Aleu explained...
ALEU: According to what I learned about lightning striking tall objects on high points this is my lightning rod collector.
ENIK: Very interesting...
FOX: How do we extract the power from lightning? <wants to know>
ALEU: Inside that cave there <points it out to her friends> is where I built my lightning energy convertor, I'll show you it. <leads the way into the cave>
    Soon she was gesturing to her invention as Rick, Enik, Jack, and Fox stared in surprise at what appeared to be a machine-like device with four smooth silver columns forming a square pattern around the convertor which was connected-hooked up by a series of wires-cables covered in plastic sheet insulation.
RICK: Holy cow...never seen anything like it before.
JACK: Me too, brother.  How does it work?
ALEU: When the next storm comes around so to speak the lightning will strike the mast then travel down its length into the convertor like so, then these globe spheres <points them out> light up to indicate how much electricity is being generated at the moment as the lightning charges are being converted to energy inside the machine.
FOX: <grim look> Let's hope Team StarWolf does not find out.