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    During the night however a lone anthropomorphic figure made its way back to the Marshall residence silently as a ghost, undetected or sensed for the moment.  Using the magic within the figure passed through the closed-locked front door and proceeded through the darkened rooms before stopping in front of the beds where Holly and Will lay sleeping peacefully.
SALLY: I feel sorry for them losing their mother so long ago, wish I could do something to help ease the pain.
    As she thought this tears formed in her eyes then started running down her cheeks causing her to wipe them away constantly as she fought hard to prevent herself from crying.  She walked over to Will's bed since the kids were using a bunk bed with Will on the lower bunk and Holly on the upper bunk that is.  Sitting on the side close to the teenaged man she again struggled against her emotions that threatened to overwhelm her.
SALLY: I swear I will be their guardian, special friend forever while I'm here on this world.  It is my destiny...
    Then she leaned down and stroked Will's hair smiling through her tears as she leaned down and kissed him on the forehead then on the lips before leaning back to see how he would respond.  Will began to stir then opened his eyes, looked about then gasped at a shadowy figure sitting on his bed but before he could cry out, a hand gently covered his mouth stifling any screams and a gentle voice whispered.
SALLY: It's me, Will.  Don't be scared, I didn't mean to startle you. <illuminates her face> See, it's only me. <smiles at him>
WILL: Oh, what are you doing back here? <regains control of himself>
SALLY: <still smiling> I want to be your new companion while I'm stranded on this Earth.  After what your father told about losing his wife to cancer and how much you and your sister miss her, well...I will be honored to do the part of being a step-mother to you.
WILL: Really? <she nods>
    She kissed him again on the lips this time holding it long enough while running her fingers through his hair at the same time.  All at once Will felt a strange sensation or feeling pass through himself and unable to stop himself he began kissing Sally back pulling her into his arms as she lay atop him still kissing him.  When they paused to catch their breath and grin at each other...
WILL: Wow, what a neat experience.
SALLY: Uh-huh, yes. <winks at him> I wish to share my powers with you since we are now companions, you and I. <winks again>
WILL: Cool...<winks back - she giggles>
    They kissed again with Sally again sharing her magic with the terran young man.  Then she was massaging his back-neck-shoulders for him as he succumbed under her willpower unable to resist then did the same to his feet as well causing Will to moan quietly so as not to disturb his sleeping sister.  Suddenly he was atop her kissing her fully as she clung lovingly to him, both with her legs wrapped around his waist and arms clinging to the back of his neck.  Once again they stopped to slow down their heart rates and giggle again.
SALLY: How was that?
WILL: Awesome, totally cool.  I feel like a new person all of a sudden.
SALLY: <nods> That you are my friend.  Together we shall be forever bonded by the magic and let nothing separate us, take us away from each other. <pulls him against her shoulder - rests her head on his> I love you Will Marshall. <whispers into his ear>
    Then they were asleep once again through the rest of the night.  The next morning at breakfast everybody discussed about tracking down StarWolf's whereabouts before Wolf and his horde commenced stealing resources of energy from Earth.  Also taking part in the conversation was Fox's hologram image courtesy of Nicole.
FOX: I'll send out my best warriors to scout the area to see if they can locate Wolf's hideout so to speak.
SALLY: Good idea, then once we know where they are we stop them cold.
RICK: Sounds like a plan to me.
ENIK: Agreed, we cannot let them get away with stealing since it's wrong.
JACK: Good luck in finding the enemy McCloud.
FOX: <nods> Thank you sir, see you later. <his image vanishes>
SALLY: Guess I'd be heading back to home base, catch you later. <high five slaps and fist bumps with everyone> Bye!
SLATCH: Farewell magic user of Corneria.
BLUE: I can give you a free ride to home base. <offers>
CHAKA: Cool! <looks excited>
SALLY: <leers> Okay, if you insist on doing that then I accept.
BLUE: Aye-aye! <snaps off quick salute then barks>
    And moments later the Velociraptor was running top speed with Sally hanging onto her neck and shoulders whooping it up as she felt the wind blowing back her hair in fun.  In no time the raptor reached the fortress then Sally dismounted or slid down off her strong back careful not to step on her tail then thanked Blue for the ride as she nuzzled then licked her face like a cat or dog does to its owner making them both laugh then Blue spun about and took off running again until gone from sight then Sally entered home base to be greeted by McCloud.
FOX: Was that Blue I saw running away?
SALLY: Yes, she offered to give me a ride to base in style.
FOX: She did?!! <looks surprised as she nods> Oh, then I guess it was okay with her to help you.
    Together they waited for the others to join them outside then the entire gang was assembled with their leader facing them like a drill sergeant at boot camp.
FOX: So we know this Earth is rich with sources of energy as the Marshall family said it was.  However StarWolf may have discovered this already if I'm not mistaken of course.  So we must find and stop them.
LUPE: Turn me loose and I'll sniff them out.
FIONA: I'm going too, I want to boot those bullies right where it hurts. <leers>
FOX: Easy there, saboteur expert.  Just find them then we'll deal with them afterwards...good luck.
    In the next instant both Lupe and Fiona transformed into vehicle forms of Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Charger G/T then sped away in clouds of dust to begin looking for the opposition forces.  At the same time not far away were the forces of evil hard at work building their headquarters with help from the Putties (Mighty Morphing Power Rangers 1993-94 Seasons 1-2) as Wolf supervised the work in progress with his wife at his side.
WOLF: I will plunder this planet to steal its precious resources.
BELLADONNA: Of course, dear. <evil grin> Together nothing will stand in our way of conquest of the universe.
WOLF: The dark arts will help fulfill our destiny. <they kiss each other>
    Then the whippet sorceress thought of something as a so-called light bulb went off inside her brain so to speak.  Immediately she conjured forth strange looking containers then as Wolf looked curious she explained.
BELLADONNA: We can concentrate the stolen energy into these Energon cubes and store them in our starship once it's finished with repairs.
WOLF: <evil laugh> How ironic, by leading us to this unknown planet Team StarFox have sealed their own doom.
    By that time of course Lupe and Fiona came upon the hideout of Team StarWolf in a matter of speaking when the bounty hunter sensed evil presence within the magic and now they were watching their rivals hard at work building their base of operations oblivious to their presence at the moment.
LUPE: So they're working on their fortress and not yet into the act of stealing resources.
FIONA: Yeah, wait a minute. <surprised look> Belladonna's showing her husband hologram images, looks like containers of some kind.
LUPE: I see them. <scowls> I wonder what they plan on using them for?
    That's when both StarFox warriors overheard the chilling words spoken by the so-called StarWolf couple and froze in shock momentarily.  That's when the vixen in black decided to take out O'Donnoll on the spot as she set up her scope rifle like the one used in ALIENS VS PREDATOR 3 video game peering through the sights when the she-wolf saw what she was about to do and panicked.
LUPE: Fiona!  What are you doing?
FIONA: I got Wolf and Belladonna dead center in my viewfinder. <squeezes trigger>
    Laser bolts shot from the barrel of the gun to explode against the superstructure of the fortress being constructed by the Putties and StarWolf warriors causing everyone to panic!
WOLF: Who could be shooting at us!
BELLADONNA: Good heavens, who even knows we're here?
ALICIA: Team StarFox...I sense their presence in the dark arts.
WOLF: <refuses to believe> Impossible...
ALICIA: Who else would attempt an assassination attempt against our great leader.
BELLADONNA: <glares> Ooooooooh!  If it is our rivals trying to stop us from ruling the universe...<teeth bared snarl expression on her face>
    O'Donnoll ordered his wife to send out Laserbeak and destroy the opposition and in no time a macaw parrot flew away to begin looking for the enemy.
LUPE: <gets mad> Now you done it!
FIONA: Quick, let's burn rubber!
    They changed back into vehicles and sped away when Laserbeak spotted them and gave chase trying to shoot them with laser beams from his eyes.
FIONA: <Charger form> Is that who I think it is!
LUPE: <Wrangler form> Yes, it's Laserbeak who works for Belladonna!
FIONA: Let's split up so he can't follow both of us!
LUPE: You got it, that way one of us can get back to Fox, accelerators down!
    They veered off in different directions from each other hoping to confuse their pursuer and it appeared to work for the moment as Laserbeak became confused as to whom he should continue chasing then made up his mind and went after the Jeep shooting away crazily as Lupe taunted the parrot.
LUPE: Eat my dust birdbrain!
    Fiona by that time made it back to the crashed Great Fox where her friends reacted in surprise as she quickly blurted out that she and Lupe found Team StarWolf but were chased away by Laserbeak in the process so Fox had her go back to help Lupe return to home base taking Ari Ram the medical officer so he could save the she-wolf's life and seconds later they came upon Lupe's unconscious form sprawled in the dust but no sign of the macaw to be found.  Immediately Ari went to work healing Lupe's injuries as she opened her eyes.
LUPE: Where is that stupid bird, I'll pluck his wings! <angry look>
ARI: Take it easy, you were hurt so I healed you. <helps her stand>
LUPE: Thanks, Doc.  I owe you big time.
ARI: No sweat...
FIONA: <feels guilty> I'm sorry, it's my fault.  I should not have shot at O'Donnoll.
LUPE: Ah-ha-ha, you should not have missed, yes? <teases her>
FIONA: Yeah, right. <leers with hands on hips>
ARI: <scowls> Ha-ha, hilarious.  Let's get out of here before anything else happens.
    Once they returned to home base the bounty hunter revealed everything to her boss about Wolf and Belladonna using some kind of cubes to convert the stolen resources within then haul it back to Corneria.
FOX: Not if I can stop him first, it is my destiny to save this planet from his evil intentions.
ENIK: And we will help you all the way sir.
SLATCH: Affirmative!
FOX: Honey, organize the troops.  We're going after them. <the blue vixen nods>
JACK: Oh this is going to be fun. <quotes Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 2>
RICK: You said it brother.
HOLLY & WILL: Hell-yeah! <say together>
CHAKA: Who-ho! <whoops it up>
BLUE: <hisses and barks>
    Moments later the telepathic mind reader with her husband at her side called out each StarFox warrior by name who in turn transformed into vehicle forms as the following...
KRYSTAL: Sally! (Camaro), Lupe! (Jeep), Ari! (Hummer), Cooper! (Corvette), Fiona! (Charger), Sonia! (C7 Corvette), Tigress! (AMG-GTR), Falco! (TopKick) Start your engines...ready dear.
FOX: Let's roll. <then he and his wife transform too>
    The Marshall family wished them good luck as they watched Team StarFox race away to intercept Team StarWolf.  Unfortunately the enemy had by that time launched their first strike on Adventure Team Headquarters a series of Quonset buildings combined together run by GIJoe (Power Records GIJoe) the founder of AT headquarters with his best friend Mike the chief engineer radio operator (Power Records GIJoe) and Duke Nukem the alien-buster and ladies man (Duke Nukem Forever Video Game) who were startled when these strange creatures showed up unexpectedly and out of nowhere.  Before either GIJoe and Duke could repel these invaders both were stunned or incapacitated by the dark magic wielded by the evil mutants then StarWolf went to work helping themselves by stealing energy from Adventure Team Headquarters as Mike watched helplessly inside the Command Center unable to help his friends at the moment.
MIKE: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> Who or what are those creatures, what are they doing to headquarters?
    He continued watching the shocking footage on the video monitors as Wolf, Belladonna, Ninjara, Anti-Sally, Bergamo, Basil, Lavender, Panther, Drago, Thaddeus began filling containers then pressing down so they glowed and hummed with sparkling colors inside.
MIKE: What on earth are those?!! <can't believe his eyes>
    By that time GIJoe and Duke regained consciousness only to discover the evil mutants now standing around glowing-humming cubes at their feet ignoring them for the moment.
DUKE: Huh, what are they doing now? <frowns behind dark glasses>
JOE: Yeah, where did they get those glowing containers?
MIKE: <voice whispers on walkie-talkie> Joe, come in...are you okay?
JOE: <whispers back> Yeah, I think so.  I haven't a clue as to what's happening here.
MIKE: Me too buddy, wait a minute...vehicles approaching this way. <then gasps over speaker> Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>
JOE: What is it Mike? <looks alarmed>
DUKE: What the h***?!! <sees something taking place before his eyes>
JOE: Huuuuuuh! <gasps like Doc Brown with wide eyes>
    What they saw before their eyes was what at first looked like cars and trucks fast approaching only to begin changing right before their very eyes!  At the same time Anti-Sally thinking the mission was a success got excited!
ALICIA: We did it, we did it!  The energy is ours, we can go back to Corneria!
WOLF: You idiot, Alicia.  This is but a small fraction of the energy we need.  We must suck this planet dry.
FOX: Hold it, not so fast Wolf! <yells from behind him>
ALICIA: <spins around and gasps> It's Team StarFox!
WOLF: <also whirls around> No! <glares> StarWolf, destroy them. <levels his fusion cannon>
FOX: Take them down StarFox, don't let them conquer or destroy this Earth!
JOE & DUKE: Good grief! <both quote Charlie Brown>
MIKE: <watching from HQ> Holy smokes!  Where did they come from?
    As the AT soldiers watched in stun disbelief the StarFox and StarWolf warriors began brawling with each other trading blows back and forth against each other.  Wolf and Fox squared off as always.
WOLF: Don't interfere in my quest McCloud.
FOX: Give it up O'Donnoll.
WOLF: The universe is mine.
FOX: I don't think so...
    Finally after brawling for awhile with neither side gaining the advantage over the other so to speak it was Wolf and his horde vanishing-disappearing like ghosts taking with them the Energon cubes leaving Fox and company recovering from the fight as GIJoe and Duke approached them to thank the newcomers for saving their lives then gave them a tour of AT headquarters as Mike showed them around the Quonset buildings explaining how he would send Joe and Duke on missions around the globe while monitoring everything from home base until his friends returned safely each and every time.  Then McCloud told about his home world Corneria and how he and StarFox were trying to destroy Wolf and StarWolf to save Corneria and the universe from the forces of evil...even demonstrating their magic talents of transformation into vehicles for the first time that is.  Afterwards StarFox returned to the Marshall residence to tell the family what went down in a matter of speaking...while StarWolf made it back to their fortress to stockpile the Energon cubes then take it easy for now as Wolf and Belladonna made contact with their boss Gargamel via hologram transmission like in Star Wars.
                                                                                                                    TO BE CONTINUED...END OF PART 2