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    Story begins with Will and Holly Marshall coming upon a crashed spaceship not far from their home together with ChaKa the pakuni primate whom they trained to talk and sign language like real apes.
CHAKA: I wonder where that ship came from?
HOLLY: Yeah, that's what I want to know too.  Must've fallen out of the sky and crashed into the ground.
CHAKA: Uh-huh, looks pretty banged up too, damaged I mean from the looks of it.
WILL: Who knows what life-forms we'll find inside that vessel, if we can get inside it.
    Then a familiar voice made them turn to see Slatch the SleeStak apprentice to Enik his master the Altrusian shuffling towards them and stopped to stare in surprise.
SLATCH: Well I'll be, an alien spaceship from the stars?  Are we being visited or invaded?
HOLLY: We won't know for certain until we get inside and investigate.
CHAKA: There, that hatch is the way inside. <points it out to his friends>
WILL: Way to go ChaKa for finding it. <the Pakuni nods>
SLATCH: Allow me to open it.
    He shuffled towards the hatch, gripped it in his pincer-hands and using his strength got it open for the teenagers and pakuni to climb inside and start looking around then he too climbed into the vessel when another friend joined in the investigation, alias Blue the female Velociraptor "Jurassic World-Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom" as she too jumped into the spaceship then sniffed the air curiously blinking her eyes several times to adjust to the darkness within then growled softly.
BLUE: I sense strange beings inside, do not know if they are dead or alive.
SLATCH: That must be them. <points to sprawled forms at his feet>
CHAKA: Whoa! <eyes go wide>
HOLLY: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>
WILL: No way...
    What they saw were unconscious forms of anthropomorphic figures resembling animal people sprawled face-up or face-down in various postures at their feet.  For a moment the friends stared in stun disbelief without saying anything as Slatch spoke through his mind to his master letting Enik know what he and his friends discovered.
SLATCH: Master, I've discovered strange creatures inside the crashed ship you sent me to investigate.  They appear to be unconscious but not dead.
ENIK: <voice speaks in his mind> What kind of beings are they?
SLATCH: They look like anthropomorphic people.
ENIK: I'll be there with Rick and Jack Marshall, don't do anything till we arrive.
    Then, seconds later the two park rangers and Altrusian guardian arrived at the crash-site and climbed into the ship as they too stared in amazement at the unconscious figures.
RICK: Holy cow, I wonder who they are?
BLUE: That's what I want to know too.
JACK: Let's get them to the house and revive one of them so he-she can explain, tell us everything.
ENIK: <nods> Wait, maybe I can awaken this one here.
    The brown colored Altrusian kneeled beside a figure resembling a male fox with orange fur and streak of white atop his forehead wearing a green long sleeve turtleneck shirt with white flight vest, red shoulder pads, white gloves, green pants, red-black boots and placing his left or right hand on one side of the fox's head touched the pendant amulet about his neck with his other hand then concentrated, focused his willpower into awakening the mutant figure as his friends looked on watching and waiting.  Just then the fox stirred, groaned as he moved his head side to side then opened his eyes and looked up in confusion at first then wide-eyed shock at seeing a frightening being looking down at him.
FOX: Aaaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown>
ENIK: Do not be afraid, whoever you are. <raises hand in greeting>
FOX: Huh, what-the? <slowly sits up> Who are you?
SLATCH: Hello, I come in peace. <raises his hand in greeting>
BLUE: <bobs head> Hello...I will not hurt you.
FOX: How did you get inside my ship? <now frowns>
HOLLY: We found your ship after it crashed into the ground.
WILL: Do you come from another galaxy?
FOX: Yes, I come from a planet called Corneria in the Lylat system.
CHAKA: Wow! <curious look>
BLUE: Really?
RICK: What brings you to Earth?
    At first Fox McCloud seemed confused since he never heard of a planet by that name.  Slowly he stood up with help from Rick and Jack supporting him.
FOX: Does this planet contain energy resources that we need to save my world?
JACK: Yes it is rich with sources of energy.
ENIK: I presume you do not know what caused your ship to crash, yes?
FOX: <nods> Affirmative, I'm afraid I can't remember anything at first.
RICK: Let's get you to our home so you can recover then tell us everything when you feel up to it.
    McCloud nodded and allowed the Marshall family, Enik, Slatch, ChaKa and Blue to escort him out of the crashed Great Fox starship back to the Marshall residence resembling the Monsanto House of the Future (1957 Disneyland TomorrowLand attraction) where he rested for awhile then minutes later told the entire story about Corneria a world populated by intelligent anthropomorphic people like himself who live and work in peace and harmony and mastering the magic arts too.  He demonstrated by performing several illusions like levitating himself into the air, disappear and reappear like ghosts, move objects with hand gesture or thought control, and so forth that amazed Rick, Jack, ChaKa, Enik, Slatch, Holly, Will and Blue.
HOLLY: Incredible, that's amazing.
CHAKA: Yeah, totally cool.
FOX: <grins> Thank you.  But that's not all, our teacher Najarin instructed me, Sally, Krystal, Falco, Cooper, Lupe, Ari, Tigress, Sonia, Fiona how to change ourselves or transform ourselves into disguise forms.
WILL: No way, really?
BLUE: You can transform into disguises, like what? <curious look on her face>
FOX: Like this...
    All of a sudden he began to shimmer or glow with a halo surrounding his body then began changing form in the blink of an eye and within seconds there now stood before the shocked family and friends a long nose semi truck minus trailer attachment.
JACK: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>
RICK: What the h***?!!
ENIK: <too shocked to say anything>
SLATCH: <also with same expression>
FOX: At-tah!  This is what I transform into, ahem. <then transforms back to normal form again> Neat, huh? <grins>
RICK: I don't know what to say or think.  How did you do that?
    McCloud explained that while he and his comrades were unconscious after their spaceship crashed the onboard computer known as Nicole began searching for disguise forms to allow her friends to transform into harmless looking machines on wheels so as to blend in with their surroundings so to speak.
FOX: I apologize for scaring-frightening you when I changed into vehicle form.
HOLLY: No, it's okay.  I never seen anything like that before.
BLUE: Me too...<blinks her eyes several times> that's amazing. <then barks>
FOX: You're welcome. <half bows> Now I must return to my vessel to revive the other members of my gang.
    The park rangers offered to do that for him and seconds later Sally, Cooper, Krystal, Falco, Fiona, Lupe, Ari, Sonia, Tigress were all inside the family room and after the combined magic of Enik and Fox awakening them one by one introductions were made of Team StarFox to the Marshall family.  Then Sally Acorn the 2nd in Command to McCloud instructed Nicole her handheld computer to tell the story about a war-games on Corneria between StarFox and a terrorist gang Team StarWolf led by Wolf O'Donnoll.
NICOLE: Wolf the leader of his dark arts gang together with his wife Belladonna were determined to rule over ZooTopia the capital city forcing its citizens to obey their will forever.  When Fox and his warriors rose to the challenge to stop this threat to Cornerian society it precipitated the war-games between both gangs.
WILL: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>
CHAKA: Uh-oh...
NICOLE: The continuing battles nearly destroyed ZooTopia and almost drained away its energy resources in the process thus prompting Mayor LionHeart and King Acorn to instruct Team StarFox of traveling into space and bring back another source of energy to restore Corneria back to its glory once again and end the war-games once and for all.
SLATCH: And so you magic warriors left your world in search of energy.
SALLY: That is correct.  However we did not know or realize that Wolf and Belladonna had learned or found out about the mission we were undertaking and pursued us into space to get their hands on the golden prize.
HOLLY: Oh no...the dark arts were following you through space?
NICOLE: Yes ma'am.  Without warning Team StarWolf ambushed us with their starship then O'Donnoll and horde boarded the Great Fox to engage everybody in martial arts fighting.
SALLY: Suddenly powerful G-forces shook the starship causing all of us to lose consciousness, black out that is.
WILL: So that explains the streak of light we saw in the sky followed by a crash-tremor that shook our house.
FOX: Yes, that was my starship crashing into the ground while we were unconscious.
JACK: But what happened to Team StarWolf, did they perish onboard your vessel?
NICOLE: Unfortunately I do not know what became of our enemy.
SALLY: They probably escaped our crashed vessel without us knowing anything.
RICK: Then that means they are somewhere on the loose on Earth.
ENIK: That's not good. <worried look>
FOX: Wolf's intention is to get his hands on all the energy he can find then take it back with him to reign supreme over Corneria.
BLUE: <snarls> No way! <barks angrily> Let me at them.
SALLY: Whoa, chill out! <puts up her hands> You would not be able to withstand against the dark arts of evil magic StarWolf possess.
BLUE: Oh! <calms down again>
HOLLY: How can we help?  Besides, you do not know anything about Earth.
WILL: Yes, we can be of assistance.
    Fox and Sally thought about that idea then both agreed to have the terran people, raptor, pakuni, altrusian, and sleestak to help Team StarFox destroy Team StarWolf to defend and protect the Earth and in return promised to keep the family safe under the magic of light and kindness.
LUPE: So this is where you live?  What a beautiful home.
RICK: Yes it is beautiful, and it's built entirely out of plastics.
LUPE: It is? <surprised look>
ARI: A house built out of plastic? <also surprised>
JACK: Didn't know that, did you?
ARI: No, can't say that I have. <shrugs>
KRYSTAL: It's huge...<extends her arms outward>
    The brothers laughed then showed Team StarFox around the home explaining not only that the house was built from plastic materials but was lightweight and study to support its own weight including that of people living inside it too.  The four connecting wings consisted of kitchen-dining room, family room, bathroom, bedrooms and outdoor patio deck.  Soon after the family shared dinner with Team StarFox and to their surprise Sally, Krystal, Lupe, Sonia, Fiona, Tigress, Ari, Cooper, Falco, Fox enjoyed terran food for the first time.  While eating the brothers, son-nephew, daughter-niece told about amusement theme parks they like visiting such as Disneyland, Knots Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain, etc.
HOLLY: We never get tired visiting the same parks every time something new debuts.
WILL: It's sort of like a hobby.
FIONA: Sounds like fun, wish we could do that too yet we don't have theme parks on Corneria, or at least I don't think we do.
SONIA: While we're here on your world we'll make sure Team StarWolf do not conquer or destroy this planet to steal its resources.
TIGRESS: Affirmative!
RICK: Sounds like a plan to me.
JACK: But first we need to find those dark magic terrorists.
ENIK: Yes, they could be anywhere on Earth and who knows where to start looking.
FOX: Leave that to me, no need to worry about that.
KRYSTAL: But of course you can help as our new recruits or allies.
CHAKA: Yes sir! <salutes>
SLATCH: Me too...
BLUE: <hisses and barks>
    After dinner and the dishes washed-put away the family entertained Fox and company via Karaoke sing-along fun as McCloud and gang had a ball singing lyrics of Oldies-Pop songs of the 1950s-60s decades then listening to their recorded voices on playback too.  When it was time for StarFox to return to their crashed ship they thanked their human friends for the hospitality then transformed into cars and trucks driving away into the night until gone from sight.
                                                                                                            TO BE CONTINUED...END OF PART 1, PART 2