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One Sleestak's Family

Sara CH

(This is a story of the 1990's version of Land of the Lost)

Long, long ago, the Sleestaks lived in a large city on the surface, ruled by the good king and queen who maintained harmony for all of their subjects. One fateful day, the power-hungry advisor usurped the throne with the help of a powerful crystal dagger and equally powerful crown, enslaving the people and imprisoning those who tried to rebel. As time went on, one heroic Sleestak stepped forward and freed the king and queen and many other rebels. Stealing the crystal crown, the king and advisor engaged in a great struggle, ending when both fell to their deaths down a cliff. The queen, in her grief, hid the crystal crown in the mountain, and threw the dagger into the river, hoping neither will ever fall into evil hands again. The land was so greatly damaged and polluted in the advisor’s reign that the entire Sleestak race was forced to move underground…

Noog: And built a new city where harmony was restored for all the Sleestaks for generations since.

Noog sits in an armchair telling a story to his young twin offspring, Degbar (boy) and Gaba (girl) who are on him as his mate, Princess Sita watches from a doorway.

Noog: All right, you two, time for bed.

Gaba: Aw, do we have to?

Degbar: Yeah Da, we’re not… (yawns) one bit sleepy.

Noog: (Chuckles) Nice try, Degbar.

Sita takes Gaba in her arms while Noog takes Degbar in his, bringing them to their bedroom right when the twins fall asleep. Then their parents lay them in bed, tucking them in.

Twins: (Snoring)

Sita: Good night, my darlings.

She kisses both good night as she and Noog go out the door, into the hallway.

Noog: Sita, my love.

Sita: Noog.

They embrace then kiss. Suddenly, Noog awakens as he opens his eyes.

Noog: (Moans)

Looking around, he remembers he is in the Porters’ treehouse and his being together with his family was a dream. He believes it came to him for he misses them. He also remembers his broken arm and sprained ankle.

Noog: (Sighs)

He lies back down, realizing his family is out in the jungle somewhere, the thought of them being alone with predators out and about has him depressed with worry. He eventually falls back asleep.


Fades to black, then the theme song.


Our vacation began, mapping out a plan

but the map never showed

the danger down the road

We felt our camper shaking

as the earth was quaking

There's nowhere to hide

It's the ride of our lives


Now we've crossed the line,

Fallen through time

Livin' in the Land Of The Lost

What a world we've found, deep underground

Livin' in the Land Of The Lost


This world is strange and new

see the triple moons,

but don't you turn your back or

you'll become a snack

Cuz some Tyrannosaurus

could be hungry for us

We'll need to make some friends

The wonder never ends


Now we've crossed the line

Fallen through time

Livin' in the Land Of The Lost

We open a door and find dinosaurs

Livin' in The Land Of The Lost

Livin' in The Land Of The Lost...

Land Of The Lost!


Noog and his family come to the palace and into the main hall.

Sita: Now, if you need me, I’ll just be in the study.

Noog: And I’ll be at my station. (to twins) And you two will be with Goota.

Gaba: Aw! Does it have to be Goota?
Noog: Gaba, you know she’s very nice.

Degbar: But Da…

He kneels down to his children’s height.

Noog: Now, you two know that we all have our duties, mine is to serve as captain of the guard, your mother’s is to help rule as princess, and you two have duties too, which is to be tutored and watched over by Goota. Understand?

Degbar: Yeah, I guess.

Gaba: Sure, Da.

Noog: All right, Goota will be in the courtyard. Now, run along.

The two young ones head off towards the courtyard while Noog stands back up. As Noog said, Goota the royal nursemaid is very nice and well-meaning, yet is really overbearing which is why Degbar is not fond of her.

Noog: And mind your manners!

Sita: Don’t forget, Noog, you weren’t fond of Goota either when you were young.

Noog: That’s because she used to chase me out of the courtyard whenever I came over to play.

Both: (Chuckle)

Noog: Well, I’ll see you later.

Sita: You too.

They kiss then go in their separate directions, Noog meeting up with other guards. Suddenly, Noog wakes up the next morning right when the Porters are also waking up and getting breakfast together.

Kevin to Noog: Morning, sleepyhead.

Tom: How are you feeling?
Noog: Better than yesterday.

He sits on the edge of the bed, then after a moment, he gets up and joins the Porters at the table.

Tom: Did you sleep all right, Noog?

Noog: Yes, not great, but all right. I woke up in the middle of the night for a brief moment.

Tom hands him three pills (ibuprofen).

Tom: Here, if you’re feeling any pain, take three of these every four hours.

Noog: Thanks.

He takes the pills from Tom, pops them in his mouth and washes it down with water.

Noog: (Sighs)

Kevin: So, what’s everyone doing today?
Tom: Well, most of us have work to do, we need more firewood and we should have a guest bed. And Kevin, it’s your day to do laundry.
Kevin: Oh yeah, right.

Annie: I should check on the garden, see if anything needs picking.

Noog: I can help with your tasks.

Tom: Thanks Noog, but you should rest so your wounds can heal. When we’re done, we’ll look for your family.

Noog: I hope I did not drag you all into my personal mission of finding my family.

Tom: Of course not, it’s our pleasure to help you. Christa is already searching from the east, we’ll search in the west.

As soon as everyone is done, Noog is about to take the dishes and clear the table but Tom steps up.

Tom: Oh, here Noog, allow us to handle the dishes, you should rest.

Noog: (Sighs) Very well, Tom Porter, if you insist.

He goes over to a bunk and lies down as Annie clears the table, taking the dishes to the sink. Tasha goes over to Noog.

Tasha: (Chattering)

Noog: Hello Tasha. (scratches Tasha under chin)

Tasha: (Purring)

Even though he does like petting Tasha, he is a bit tired. Annie turns to see.

Annie: Tasha, leave Noog alone, he has to rest.

Tasha: (Chattering)

Annie: C’mon, you can help me in the garden.

She takes Tasha by the hand as they go outside. Noog feels his eyelids getting droopier, falling asleep in a minute. In his dream, he is commanding other guards and as they leave, Noog goes into a corridor looking at the tapestries on the wall showing certain events, one is his marriage to Sita. A female Sleestak sees him and goes to him.

Female Sleestak: Noog?
He turns to her, recognizing his second-in-command and sister-in-law.

Noog: Oh, Luko. Greetings.

Luko: Are you all right?
Noog: I’m fine, I was just thinking about how it seemed like yesterday that I lived in my brother’s shadow and I didn’t think I’d amount to anything.

Luko: It does. However, you are now the someone you didn’t think you were, you also turned out better than anything your brother wanted.

Noog: You’re right. Though, I do still miss him sometimes.

Luko: I understand, but look at how things are now. You really are a great captain, not only that, but a lovely husband and father.

Noog: Aww, thanks Luko. I’m awfully glad to have Sita as a mate.

Luko: And I know Sita is more than glad to have you as hers.

The two exit the corridor then return to their respected stations. Noog wakes up again, he sits up on the bed then sees Stink come in through the window carrying a bag.

Stink: Akuba-ne, Noog.

Noog: Akuba-ne, Stink.

Stink goes to Noog and takes out of his bag an orange fruit about the size of a grapefruit with black stripes.

Stink: Pick jojiwanga, good for owies.

Noog: Thanks.

He takes the fruit and has a bite or two, Stink sits next to him.

Stink: Noog feel better?

Noog: A little. By the way, you haven’t seen my family yet, have you?
Stink: Anu. Not find.

Noog: (Sighs) I do greatly worry for them, they have been missing for the past three days. They are out there, all alone with thunder-lizards and other dangers.

Stink: (Rubs Noog’s back comfortingly) Stink understand. But Noog not worry, Porters and Christa find Noog family very soon.

Noog: Think so?
Stink: Know so.

Noog: (Nods) Thank you, Stink.

Stink: You’re welcome, Noog.

The Sleestak gets up and limps outside, looking down to see the Porters tending to their work, Tom just finishing chopping wood, Kevin hanging up the laundry after washing it and Annie in the garden with Tasha. He makes his way down the stairs and down the ladder to the ground. The Porters see him.

Tom: Hey Noog. Doing all right?
Noog: I am. Do you Porters need any help with anything?
Kevin: No thanks.

Annie: I’m good.

Tom notices that Noog would like to help, also believing he needs to do something to take his mind off his worries. So, he goes to him.

Tom: Here, you can help put the new bed together.

They go over to where Tom is putting together the guest bed, for now it is just the frame.

Tom: All that’s left is to put the legs and bedding material in.

Noog: Allow me to tie the legs together on the frame.

Tom: Are you sure you can with your bad arm?
Noog: If I can open the lid for your water container, I believe I can tie these together.

With a nod, Tom goes over to the bamboo poles then cuts one for the first leg. Noog takes it and kneels down to tie the leg onto the frame, but the weight on his bad ankle causes pain, making it hard to focus.

Noog: (Seethes)

Just when he finishes the first knot, he loses his balance and falls over sideways, landing on the frame and breaking it.

Noog: Whoa! Oof!

Tom: Noog!

He goes over and helps the Sleestak up on his feet.

Tom: Are you all right?
Noog: (Groans) I think so. I am so sorry, Tom Porter, about breaking the frame.

Tom: That’s OK, Noog, I can put together a new one.

Noog feels bad for wrecking the frame as he goes over to Kevin hanging the laundry on the line.

Noog: Do you need help, Kevin Porter?
Kevin: Y’know, I think…

Before he can finish, he notices his father giving a Look of insistence causing Kevin to give in.

Kevin: I can use an extra hand. Thanks Noog-meister.

Noog: Sure thing.

He bends down and tries taking the clean laundry basket in his good arm. However, he bumps it on his bad arm causing pain.

Noog: (Yells)

In his surprise, he drops the basket and all the laundry spills on the ground, getting dirty again. Noog cradling his bad arm.

Kevin: Aw man!

Noog: (Sighs) I am so sorry, Kevin Porter, I…

Kevin softening: It’s all right, Noog, accidents happen. Is your arm all right?

Noog: I believe so.

Kevin: I think Annie can use some help in the garden.

As Kevin picks up the laundry, Noog goes over to Annie in the garden, she picks ripe produce and plants new seeds. Tasha stands to watch. The girls see the shadow loom over them then turn to see Noog.

Annie: Hey Noog.

Tasha: (Chatters)

Annie: Here, you can separate the good and bad stuff. Good stuff goes in the bowl and bad stuff goes in the compost.

With a nod, Noog looks over some plants, when finding a good vegetable, he puts it in the bowl and when finding one with mold and bugs, puts it in the compost heap. When the bowl is full…

Noog: Does the full bowl go inside?
Annie: Yup.

Noog takes the bowl in his good hand and heads for the treehouse. However, Tasha sees a butterfly.

Tasha: (Chattering)

She chases after it, and ends up getting underfoot of Noog who tips the bowl sideways and it lands on the ground, most of the vegetables getting smashed on the impact. Noog tries to catch them, but it is not easy with just one hand. Annie saw what happened as Tasha continues to chase the butterfly.

Annie: Tasha!

Tasha: (Chatters)

Noog: I am greatly sorry, Annie Porter.

Annie: Oh no, it’s not your fault, Noog. Tasha, you need to be more careful!
Tasha: (Squawks)

Annie: Honk yourself!

Noog: (Chuckling)

Annie: Here Noog, you ought to take a break. Tasha, you look after him!
Tasha: (Grumbling)

Noog goes over to a lawn chair and has a seat while Annie cleans up the mess, Tasha brings an end table for Noog’s foot to be put up on.

Tasha: (Chattering)

Noog: Of course I am not angry, Tasha. You remind me a bit of my son, Degbar, he tries to help and means well but ends up making a mess.

Within a few minutes, the Porters finish their work and come together.

Tom: Whew! I’d say we’re done for now.

Kevin: ‘Bout time.

Tom: You two go ahead to the truck, I’ll meet up with you in a minute.

Annie and Kevin: Right Dad.

The two siblings go to the truck as Tom goes to Noog in the lawn chair.

Tom: Noog, we’re going to look for your family.

Noog: I would be more than obliged to accompany you, Tom Porter.

Tom: ‘Fraid not, you’re still badly hurt, Stink and Tasha will be here if you need anything. We’ll be back before sundown.

Noog: (Sighs, nods) Good luck, Porters.

With a nod and wave of thanks, Tom gets into the truck then he and his kids drive off. Annie looks back at Noog.

Annie: Poor Noog, he really wanted to help us.

Kevin: Yeah, he was just so bummed out.

Tom: Well, sometimes injuries like that cause depression. Plus, he misses his family which is really putting him down. And when you’re super depressed, it makes it hard to think strait. I know I’d be the same way if I couldn’t find you guys and had no idea if you were OK or not.

Stink comes down to the ground from the treehouse.

Stink: Akuba-ne, Noog.

Noog just raises his good arm in greetings to Stink as his eyelids get heavier by the minute. He falls asleep in barely any time, having another flashback dream. Everyone is minding their own business, when suddenly as evening grows closer, an earthquake starts.

All: Whoa! (various questions)

Noog: Everyone! Do not panic!

Everyone braces themselves to the walls until the quake stops, Noog straitens himself back up.

Noog: All right, some of you will check for damage, others will check to make sure everyone is all right.

Guards: Right away, sir!

Three to four guards each go in a separate direction. Noog goes to the study where Sita is, she comes out from under a desk and to him.

Noog: Sita! Are you all right?
Sita: I’m fine, Noog.

Relieved, they wrap their arms around each other. That’s when a guard comes to them.

Guard: Captain, princess, the Queen has requested your presence.

Noog: We will see her immediately.

Sita: You’re right. But first…

Within a little while, they bring Degbar and Gaba home and to their bed chambers then lay them in bed.

Gaba: Ma, Da, why are we going to bed early?
Sita: The queen would like to talk with us.

Degbar: Can’t we come with you?
Noog: I’m afraid not, Degbar. It’s important royal business so you two have to stay here.

Degbar: Then how ‘bout a story?
Gaba: Yeah, like the one where the Sleestak didn’t think he’d be worthy of anything but ended up marrying the princess and becoming captain of the guard?
Noog: Not tonight, Gaba.

Both disappointed: Aww!

Sita then uses the surefire way to get the twins to sleep.

Sita: (Humming lullaby)

Degbar drowsily: That’s… not… going… to… work… this… time.

He falls fast asleep within a second, as does Gaba with her mother rubbing her back gently. Both parents go out the door, closing it behind. Sita looking slightly worried, but Noog wraps his arm around her comfortingly.

Noog: Don’t worry, they’ll be fine.

With a sigh, Sita and Noog go off back to the palace. However, the twins open their eyes and get back up, turning to each other. Revealing they pretended to sleep.

Degbar: No way I’m missing what’s so important that Ma and Da have to put us to bed early.

Gaba: Same here.

After putting their pillows under the blanket, they sneak out through the window then climb down to the back, following their parents to the palace, then enter through a hole in the wall which leads to a secret tunnel. In the throne room, Noog and Sita come before the queen on her throne.

Noog: Queen Myzi, we came as quickly as we could.

Myzi: The quake that just happened was not like any ordinary quake. When it occurred, the fountain’s crystal turned blue.

Sita: Mother, does that mean what I think it does?

Myzi: It does, Sita. The ancient prophecy has revealed that when the fountain crystal turns blue, the surface might be safe to return to. However, it is not one-hundred percent certain. That is why someone must volunteer to go up to the surface and investigate.

Sita and Noog turn to each other and determinedly nod, then face the queen.

Noog: We accept the responsibility of exploring the surface and seeing if it is safe to return. In the meantime, I leave my second-in-command Princess Luko in charge. And until we return, I leave my offspring in the care of the royal nursemaid, Goota.

Watching and listening from inside a secret passage in the wall are Degbar and Gaba. The male twin grimaces at the mention of being taken care of by Goota. Myzi rises from her throne and goes to Noog and Sita.

Myzi: I wish you both the best of luck, and may you both be safe.

Noog: Thank you, my queen. We shall leave immediately.

Sita: We will return in a few days.

The two hug the queen before returning home to stock on supplies, the twins turn back and head out of the tunnel.

Degbar: Wow, a trip to the surface. I always wondered what it’s like up there.

Gaba: I don’t know, Degbar, didn’t Da say to stay home?

Degbar: Think about it, seeing the surface. Or spending a few days with Goota.
Gaba: Good point. Besides, what if Ma and Da don’t come back?

Degbar: Exactly. Someone has to keep an eye on them.

The two siblings exit out of the secret tunnel then hide out until their parents leave their home. Within a half hour, Noog and Sita exit their house with days’ worth of supplies then head off, their children following behind. The adults come to a stone door then Noog punches in a code by pressing the hieroglyphics on the wall. It opens in a moment. After they enter, the young ones rush towards the door before it closes, just barely making it, Gaba almost losing her tail.

Gaba: (Whimpers)

Degbar: You all right, Gaba?
Gaba slightly frightened: Yeah, yeah, I think so. I almost got my tail stuck in the door.

Degbar: Don’t worry, it can’t be too far now.

They sit there, leaning against the door for a few minutes, then get back up to follow their parents. Going up a giant staircase, taking hours to climb, Noog and Sita come to the top.

Both: (Panting)

Sita: Whew! I thought we’d never make it to the top.

Noog: Me neither, here.

He hands her the leather sack full of water, she has a sip. Handing it back to Noog, he also has a sip. They continue onward towards a cave. That is when Degbar and Gaba make it to the top, more exhausted than their parents as they collapse.

Both: (Breathing heavily)

Degbar: We made it.

While getting back up, Gaba accidentally presses her hand on a sharp pebble.

Gaba groaning: Ow!

Degbar covers his sister’s mouth as she holds her hand in pain, but the two adults heard her as they turn around and come back a few feet to find their offspring.

Degbar: Too late.

Gaba: Eh, (nervous chuckle) hi Ma, hi Da.

Sita surprised: Gaba, Degbar, what are you doing here?

Noog: (Sighs) It’s obvious they followed us.

As the twins get back on their feet, they can tell their father is clearly upset as he lectures them.

Noog: This is not a family outing, it is a dangerous mission!

Degbar: But Da…

Noog: I believe when we left, I requested you both stay home! You disobeyed!

Degbar and Gaba sadly: We’re sorry, Da.

The twins go to their parents as their father crosses his arms against his chest as Sita speaks gently with them.

Sita: Sweeties, we would return in a few days.

Degbar: Sure, you say it but it is not a guarantee. We were afraid we would never see you again for as you say, the surface is dangerous.

Gaba: You are the only parents we have, you can never be replaced. Ma, Da, you worry us.

Noog: (Sighs) Well, considering it is too far for you to go back. Very well, you can accompany us, so long as you remember to take orders, stay close and out of trouble.

Degbar: (Saluting) Aye-aye, sir!

Gaba: (Saluting) Me too!

The four of them go forward towards the cave. Noog awakens from his nap just in time for the Porters to return. He goes to them as they exit the truck.

Noog: Greetings Porters.

Tom: Hi, Noog. Doing all right?

Noog: I am, though I’ve been so tired today. Did you find my family?

Kevin: ‘Fraid not.

Tom: We’ll search again in the morning. For now, we’ll have dinner. Coming Noog?
Noog: You go ahead, I will catch up.

The Porters go up to the treehouse as Noog turns to Tasha and Stink for a private conversation.

Noog: I have to talk with someone. I would like to be of help to the Porters in gratitude for their hospitality, and I know I can do more for them. But I just feel so useless with these wounds, also considering what happened today.

Stink: Noog not useless.

Tasha: (Chattering in agreement)

Noog: You really mean that?
Tasha: (Nods) Uh-huh.

Stink: Noog tell Porters how feel.

Noog: You think I should?
Tasha: (Nods) Uh-huh.

Stink: Ayo. Tell Porters.

Noog: All right, I will. Thank you, Stink and Tasha, for listening.

He heads over to the ladder, hesitant at first, but when turning his head back to Tasha and Stink, they gesture him to go. With a nod, Noog goes up. At that time, the Porters are preparing dinner.

Kevin: Man, the search was a bit of a bust.

Annie: Yeah, but it could have been worse.

Tom: How?
Annie: We could’ve run into Shung and his lackeys.

Kevin: I’m with the Anne-ster.

Noog comes to the top and before coming inside, hears the Porters talking.

Kevin: I’d hate to run into him, he would not help at all.

Annie: Yeah, that scum-bag does nothing but get in our way and be a nuisance.

Tom: I agree, he really is an annoying menace.

Noog misunderstands that the Porters are referring to him, so he turns away and goes back down, feeling hurt, disappointed and angry. Tasha and Stink watch him go off into the jungle.

Stink: What wrong with him?

Tasha: (Chatters “I don’t know”)

They go up to the treehouse and come to the Porters whom have just gotten dinner started.

Tom: Hey guys, where’s Noog? We’ve gotten dinner started.

Stink: Noog not talk with Porters?

Annie: No, we haven’t seen him.

Tasha: Uh-oh.

Kevin: What? What’s the matter?

Stink: (Chatters) Noog go into jungle.

Tom surprised: What?! We gotta find him!

The Porters grab the flashlights then go off to look for Noog while Tasha and Stink stay behind. At that time, Noog is limping around the jungle right when it gets dark.

Noog: (Sighs)

He sits on a tree stump and massages his aching foot. He then hears a strange sound causing Noog to jump to his feet.

Noog: (Gasps, grunts) Who’s there?

He notices the bushes moving around.

Noog: Is that you, Degbar? I’m thrilled to find you again, but this is not funny.

(Bushes continue to rustle)

Noog: Degbar, you show yourself this minute!

Jumping out of the bushes he finds it to be not his son, but a young Dilophosaurus looking at him curiously.

Dilophosaur: (Squeaking)

Noog: (Gasps) You’re not my son.

Dilophosaur: (Squeaking, trilling)

Noog: Go on, get out of here. Scram!

The small creature just stubbornly stands there even when Noog tries to shoo it away, so the Sleestak just backs away slowly. After taking a few steps, he comes across a full-grown Dilophosaur standing behind him.

Mother Dilophosaur: (Growling)

Noog turns around, startled to see towering over him what he figures to be the mother dinosaur eying him hungrily.

Noog: (Breathing heavily)

He picks up a stick from the ground and tries to fend himself against her, also tries throwing rocks at her. At that time, the Porters follow Noog’s footprints into the jungle.

Annie: Where could he be?
Noog: (Yelling)

Mother Dilophosaur: (Screeching)

The Porters rush towards the sound and see from several feet away Noog being harassed by the mother Dilophosaur as she spits a black gooey venom at him, missing his eyes as he shields his face with his arm.

Mother Dilophosaur: (Screeching)

As the mother dinosaur closes in, but before she can pounce, bright lights flash at them and loud noises start up.

Mother Dilophosaur: (Whimpering)

That is enough to scare off both dinosaurs as they both run off deeper into the jungle. Noog sees the Porters coming to him.

Tom: Noog, are you all right?

Noog: Yes, yes, I’m fine. That was you that scared off the thunder-lizards?

Annie: Yeah, it was Kevin’s idea to use the flashlights and make a racket.

Kevin: You already saved my life, and now I save yours.

Noog: I greatly thank you Porters for the rescue. However, I thought you no longer wanted me around.

Annie: Why would you think that?

Tom: Let’s talk about it back at the treehouse.

All: (Various agreements)

They all head back to the treehouse, returning in a few minutes. Everyone at the table having dinner, Annie trying to clean the venom off of Noog’s sleeve.

Noog: I overheard your conversation earlier on how I am an annoyance menace and a scum-bag nuisance who does nothing but get in the way.

Tom: Oh, no-no-no, we weren’t talking about you.

Kevin: No way, we were talking about Shung.

Noog: Ohh, I suppose I just misunderstood. I am truly sorry for assuming you meant me, and I do agree about all you say about Shung. I wanted to say that I would like to be of more help to you, Porters, but I just feel useless with these wounds, and when I tried to assist you with your work today, I only made things worse.

Tom: Noog, just because you’re unable to help us does not make you useless, also your wounds need time to heal.

Annie: Being hurt does not make you a bad friend and we’re more than happy to have you around.

Noog: You really mean that?

Kevin: Sure do, Noog-meister.

Stink: Uh-huh. High-five.

He holds his hand up as Noog looks confused.

Annie: Here, like this.

She high-fives Stink to demonstrate, Noog tries it with the Paku and gains a liking to it.

Noog: Fascinating.

Tom: I know you’ve been feeling kind of down, but maybe it would help if you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from.

Noog: Yes, you are right, Tom Porter, I would like that a lot.

He tells the Porters, Stink and Tasha stories about his family, his city and his people, how he is captain of the guard as well as Sleestak traditions and customs. He explains that Sleestaks mate for life, lay eggs internally and the young are born live, Sleestaks only have one or two offspring in their lives, sometimes singular and other times having twins, it is rare to have a third. All this lifting Noog’s spirits and helping him to feel better about everything. It also seems as though he may see his family sooner than he thinks, and the Porters and their friends will be meeting them as well.


Continued in "Little Sleestaks"