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Little Sleestaks

Sara CH

(This is a story of the 1990's version of Land of the Lost)

The sun rises on the Land of the Lost, a female Sleestak wearing a dark blue stola, Princess Sita, comes to a tree where her young twin offspring are, Degbar the male wearing a dark brown outfit and Gaba the female wearing a similar outfit to her brother as well as a headband with a flower tucked into it. Sita brings fruit to them.

Degbar: Ma, will we ever find Da?
Sita: I’m certain we will, Degbar.

Gaba: I hope he’s OK.

Sita: I do too, Gaba. But we can’t give up.

She does her best to reassure them even though she cannot guarantee anything. As they continue to eat, they hear strange sounds coming from nearby.

Gaba: What’s that noise?
Sita: I don’t know. You two, hide.

Degbar: But what about you?
Sita: Don’t worry about me, just stay somewhere safe and don’t come out until I return.

The twins hide in a tree hollow as Sita goes off through the bushes and into a clearing where the sound was coming from. Only to find nothing. With a head shake, she goes back around the bushes, only to be caught in a net hanging from a tree.

Sita: Whoa! What is this?

She sees two male Sleestaks come over, recognizing them as Nim and Keeg.

Nim: Well, well, what a pleasant surprise.

Keeg: We set the trap for humans and we catch something much better, a female Sleestak.

Nim: And not just any, the Princess Sita.

Sita: Nim, Keeg! I didn’t think I’d see you two again!

Keeg: You haven’t changed a bit yourself, Princess.

Nim: C’mon Keeg, let’s get her back to be our prisoner.

As they laugh, Sita becomes frightened and shocked to the sound of that, also the fact that they are taking her away from her children.



Fades to black, then the theme song.


Our vacation began, mapping out a plan

but the map never showed

the danger down the road

We felt our camper shaking

as the earth was quaking

There's nowhere to hide

It's the ride of our lives


Now we've crossed the line,

Fallen through time

Livin' in the Land Of The Lost

What a world we've found, deep underground

Livin' in the Land Of The Lost


This world is strange and new

see the triple moons,

but don't you turn your back or

you'll become a snack

Cuz some Tyrannosaurus

could be hungry for us

We'll need to make some friends

The wonder never ends


Now we've crossed the line

Fallen through time

Livin' in the Land Of The Lost

We open a door and find dinosaurs

Livin' in The Land Of The Lost

Livin' in The Land Of The Lost...

Land Of The Lost!



At the Porters’ treehouse, they are having breakfast with Noog, he had removed the sling and splint from his arm, still has most of the bandages.

Annie: How’s your arm, Noog?
Noog: It’s definitely improving, still gets a bit sore every now and again. But on a scale of one to ten, I would say it is about six. Same for my ankle.

Tom: Well, after breakfast, we’ll search again for Noog’s family. We’ll probably be meeting up with Christa.

Noog: If it would be all right, I should like to join in the search.

Tom: I think it’d be a fine idea for you to join.

Noog: Excellent.

As soon as breakfast is done and after Noog takes pain-relief medicine, the Porters and Noog load a few things into the truck, including lunch.

Noog: Is that everything?
Kevin: I think so, thanks for the help, Noog.

Noog: Oh, my pleasure, my wounds may not be one-hundred percent healed, but I am glad to finally be able to help with something.

Tom: All right, everyone ready?
Annie: I know I am.

Kevin: Same here, Dad-ster.

Tasha: (Chattering)

After loading Tasha into the back, everyone gets into the truck and drive off into the jungle. Meanwhile, Stink is in the jungle when he meets up with Christa.

Stink: Akuba-ne, Christa.

Christa: Akuba-ne, Stink. You find Noog’s family?

Stink: Anu. Did you?
Christa: No, but not give up. We will search together.

Stink: Yeah-yeah, together.

They go off deeper into the jungle. At that time, the Sleestak twins are still in the tree hollow. Degbar peeks out.

Gaba: Is Ma coming back yet?

Degbar: Nope.

Gaba: It’s been hours, Degbar. Where could she be?
Degbar: I don’t know, Gaba. But I’m getting worried about her. I feel we ought to look for her.

Gaba: You sure that’s a good idea?
Degbar: Probably not, but we have to do something.

The young ones come out of the tree hollow and wander the jungle for a while. Gaba sees an iguana climb up a tree and follows it.

Gaba: Hey, come back, little fella, I want to be your friend.

Degbar: Careful, Gaba.

She climbs up the tree, Degbar stays on the ground as he suffers a fear of heights.

Degbar: See if you can see Ma from up there!

She reaches a branch, missing the iguana but looks around for her mother, not seeing her, but seeing a small pond instead.

Gaba: Hmm, no Ma.

Degbar than spots a frog jumping around. He follows it with Gaba joining when she climbs down the tree. The twins come to the pond where many frogs are in the ankle deep water. They try catching them as well as jump on large bubbles that are forming.

Degbar: Over here!

Gaba: Hey, this is fun.

Both: (Laughing)

They play around for a little while, however their fun is interrupted by an unfriendly shadow looming over and the sound of thudding footsteps. They stop when they notice.

Degbar: Shh. What’s that noise?

Gaba: (Gasps) Thunder lizard!

They see coming towards them, Scarface!

Gaba: Help!

Degbar: Mother!

Both: (Screaming)

They run off and hide in a giant briar patch with Scarface skulking around it.

Scarface: (Snarling and snorting)

Twins: (Breathing heavily)

They try their best to evade the T-Rex and make their way out, but Scarface sniffs them out and blocks off the route they go through. Poking his nose into the hole that is there.

Gaba: (Screams)

In a panic, she runs off in another direction.

Degbar: Gaba! Don’t!

He goes after her, with Scarface trudging through the briar patch. Gaba gets stuck under a branch when trying to crawl under it.

Gaba: I’m stuck! Degbar help!

Degbar: Hang on, Gaba!

He tries lifting up and pulling back the branch trying to free his sister with Scarface closing in.

Gaba: (Grunting)

Degbar: Hurry!

Scarface: (Snarling)

She finally gets unstuck and Degbar releases the branch, it hits Scarface right in the face and he rises up in pain.

Gaba: (Screaming)

Scarface: (Growling)

He sees the kids running out of the briar patch and into the open meadow. He jumps over to where they are. But before he can chomp down on them, a large tail whacks him. It turns out to be the Camarasaurus called Big Guy by the Porters. The twins watch with awe.

Degbar: Whoa!
Scarface comes back to Big Guy who then swings his neck at him. The kids hide under a formation of rocks and foliage while Big Guy gives Scarface one more tail lash which is enough to drive him away. Right then and there, Stink and Christa come by riding Princess the Triceratops, and they see Scarface walking off.

Stink: (Sniffs) Stink sense something. Sleestaks near.

Christa: Sleestaks?
Stink: Not Shung or malu Sleestaks, different ones. Unfamiliar.

Stink dismounts Princess then goes looking around. Christa follows as Princess stays put. Degbar and Gaba are huddled under the formation, clutching each other.

Both: (Shuddering and whimpering)

Stink and Christa come to the formation, they look inside and see the twins.

Twins: (Continue whimpering)

Christa: Don’t be afraid.

Degbar looks over and sees the gentle, friendly faces of Christa and Stink. He motions to Gaba as she sees too.

Stink: (Chatters)

He motions his hand for them to come. The twins slowly and cautiously come out of the formation as soon as they realize it is safe. At that time, the Porters and Noog stop for lunch after searching around.

Kevin: So far, nothing.

Tom: We’re not having much luck either.

Noog: We cannot give up now.

Annie: That’s one of the last things we’d do.

Tasha: (Chatters, nods)

Within a few minutes after they set up lunch, Christa and Stink arrive riding Princess.

Christa: Akuba-Ne, Porters.

Tom: Hey there, Christa. Stink.

They dismount Princess and come to their friends, Christa facing Noog.

Christa: Noog, I believe these are yours.

Coming out from behind her are the two young Sleestak twins no bigger than Tasha, they recognize their father and he them.

Noog: Gaba! Degbar!

Degbar: Da!

Gaba: Oh, Da!

Noog and his children embrace, relieved and thrilled to see each other safe and in one piece. The Porters and their friends are happy to see this.

Noog: Oh, children, thank goodness you’re all right. I’ve been so worried about you.

Degbar: We weren’t sure you were all right either.

Noog: But where is your mother?
Gaba: We don’t know, she just disappeared this morning and we’ve been searching for her.

Noog: We’ll find her, Gaba. Don’t worry.

He then turns to the Porters and their friends.

Noog: Porters, meet my offspring, Degbar and Gaba. Degbar, Gaba, meet Tom Porter, Kevin Porter, Annie Porter, Tasha, Christa and Stink.

Gaba: Hello.

Degbar: Hi.

Tom: We’re all really pleased to meet you two. We were just about to have lunch.

Degbar: That’s great, I haven’t eaten since breakfast.

Gaba: That was only a few hours ago.

All: (Chuckling)

They all sit down and have their picnic with the twins joining. As soon as lunch is finished, the Porters pack up the truck.

Tom: Well, time to go. Coming Noog?

Noog: I believe I will go with my young ones.

Gaba: We’re riding the thunder lizard with Christa and Stink.

Tom: Sure thing, we’ll meet you back at the treehouse.

The Porters get into the truck and drive off while Noog and the twins ride on Princess with Christa and Stink, following them. Meanwhile, Sita is being held hostage by the Sleestak criminal trio in their lair, their leader Shung and his lackeys, Nim and Keeg, all three of whom she is acquainted with. She sits on a stone stool with her hands tied behind her back with Nim and Keeg beside her and Shung in his throne.

Shung: Now Sita, what brings you above ground?

Sita: All I can tell you is I was sent here on a mission.

Shung: Also, you will tell me how to get back into the underground city so that I may return to the criminal underworld.

Sita: I already told you, Shung, the criminal underworld was taken down long ago. It is now in shambles and all of the criminals were put in jail.

Shung: Are you trying my patience? You know how I hate liars.

Sita: I am a princess, I do not lie to anyone.

Shung: Keeg! (snaps fingers)

Keeg unties her and she gets up.

Sita: Does this mean I’m free?
Shung: Not quite, you are still my prisoner.

Sita: Wait until Noog hears about this!
Keeg: Oh, he won’t be hearing about nothing since we took care of him.

Nim: Yeah, sent him down a cliff.

Both: (Snickering)

Sita: (Gasps) No…

She lays her face on top of her arms on the stone table.

Shung: Nim, Keeg, leave us be. Search for the humans and possibly the young Sleestaks.

With a nod, his lackeys leave while Shung goes to the distraught Sita, placing his hand on her back comfortingly.

Sita: (Sobbing)

Shung: Oh no, don’t cry, princess. I’m sure he would’ve wanted you to be taken care of. There are many others suitable for one such as you.

She looks up with tears in her eyes.

Sita: (Sniffs) Like who?
Shung: Like me for example.

Sita: (Lowers brow) I’d sooner kiss a toad.

Shung: Oh, it’ll be just like old times. Remember when we were young and we used to walk down the river?

Sita: Indeed.

He gets out of a cabinet two goblets and fills them by squeezing the juice from some sort of fruit.

Shung: The flowers were all in bloom and the water was a clear turquoise.

He puts one glass in front of her while he sits opposite from her with the other.

Shung: You used to make flower necklaces.

Sita: I did.

Shung: And now, princess, we can have that again.

Sita: Oh, look at the lizard.

Shung: Where?

He looks around, even getting up to search. While he is distracted, she shakes the pollen off some sort of flower into his fruit juice. Shung returns.

Shung: I did not see anything.

Sita: My mistake, must have been a shadow.

Shung: Well, to us.

He raises his glass up while she unenthusiastically raises hers. Shung drinks the whole portion of his while she has a tiny sip.

Shung: Now where was I?
Sita: Us being together will be just like old times?

Shung: Oh, yes.

(Stomach gurgling)

Shung: (Groans) I am suddenly not feeling well.

Sita pretending to be sympathetic: Oh, poor baby.

Shung: (Burps) Excuse me.

He goes off to another room in the temple as Sita gets up from her chair.

Shung off-screen: (Retching)

She uses this to her advantage to leave going through the tunnel.

Sita smugly: Yajura, gets ‘em every time.

Shung returns a minute or so later clutching his stomach.

Shung: (Groans… gasps)

He looks around to see Sita has left.

Shung: (Roars… moans)

He sits back in his throne, too nauseous to go after her. Sita knew this was not the only time Shung tried to seduce her, for he always wanted her to be his wife. She thought she loved him but later realized that he only wanted her out of lust and for power.

At that time, the Porters and their friends return to the treehouse.

Degbar: Is this it, Da?
Noog: That is it, Degbar.

Christa and Stink dismount Princess followed by Noog and his offspring, the Porters also exit the truck. Tom, Christa and Noog come together.

Tom: We’ll look for Sita later today.

Noog: Yes, we shall do that.

Christa: Christa agrees.

Noog goes to his young ones, showing them around. Degbar is at first reluctant to go up to the treehouse as it is up high and he has a fear of heights, but he goes up with his sister and father. Noog uses this opportunity to take pain-relief medicine. After about ten or fifteen minutes, everyone is together.

Tom: All right, Christa, Noog and I are going to look for Sita. Annie, Kevin, you’re in charge.

Kevin: Sure Dad.

Noog: We shall be back before nightfall. And Degbar, Gaba, stay out of trouble.

Degbar: We will, Da.

Christa: Akuba-Ne, young Porters.

Annie: Akuba-Ne, Christa.

Kevin: And good luck.

The two humans and adult Sleestak leave while the younger humans, young Sleestaks, Stink and Tasha stay behind. They all go up to the treehouse. The twins see that the fruit supply is low.

Gaba: Hey, there’s not much fruit.

Annie: Really? We’d better get some more.

Degbar: Oh, here, Annie Porter, we can gather fruit.

Kevin: You sure?

Gaba: Of course, it’d be our pleasure.

Annie: Wow, thanks guys.

Stink: Stink watch twins.

Kevin: See you guys in a little while.

Waving back, the twins and Stink go off while Annie, Kevin and Tasha relax. Soon enough, Gaba and Stink are up in a tree and pick fruit while Degbar stays on the ground and catches any that they toss to him.

Gaba: Here comes another, Degbar!
She tosses one down to him and he catches it in the basket he is carrying.

Degbar: Got it!

Gaba: Think that’s enough, Stink?
Stink: Stink have enough fruit.

Gaba: Me too. Let’s head back.

They start climbing back down, but Degbar suddenly sees a large figure in the forest several feet away. He becomes consumed with curiosity as he puts the fruit basket down and goes off right when Gaba and Stink get to the ground.

Gaba: Degbar, where are you going?
Degbar: I see something or someone in the woods, I want to check it out.

Gaba: Just be careful.

Stink: Yeah, careful.

Degbar makes his way to where he saw the figure. Coming from behind the figure whom he notices is another Sleestak. What he does not realize, since he has never met the criminal trio, is the Sleestak is Nim. The youngster tugs on the adult’s tail.

Nim: Huh?

He turns around to find Degbar who can tell the adult is not friendly.

Degbar: (Nervous chuckle, waves) Hi.

Nim: (Growls)

Degbar tries running off but Nim grabs him and picks him up.

Degbar: Hey! Let me go! Let me go!

Nim: Look what I got, Keeg!

Keeg looks down from the tree he is in to pick fruit and set a trap, seeing Nim with Degbar in his arms.

Degbar: Keeg, get down from there! You’ll hurt yourself!
Nim: Shut up, you little runt!

Keeg climbs down and goes to Nim.

Keeg: It’s a young Sleestak, Nim.

Nim: Shung will be pleased we found one.

Keeg: (Sniffs) I smell another nearby.

Degbar: Let me go! Put me down!

Nim: Shut up, twerp!

Nim follows Keeg. At that time, Gaba and Stink are together still waiting for Degbar to return.

Gaba: Degbar’s been gone a long time. I hope he’s all right.

Stink: Yeah. Saigo Degbar?

Gaba: We’d better look for him.

Stink: Ayo.

They are about to go towards the woods but are soon cut off by Nim and Keeg!

Gaba: (Gasps)

Stink: (Yelps) Malu Sleestaks! Have Degbar!

Nim: There’s the other one with the Paku!

Keeg: Allow me.

Gaba: Stink, you help Degbar!

With a nod, Stink faces up to Nim while Keeg goes after Gaba who runs off. Stink charges at Nim but the Sleestak criminal just moves to the side making Stink miss. Right when he turns back, Nim hits him with his club, sending him into a tree.

Stink: (Yelps, whimpering)

He is too dazed to get back up and in less than a moment, he loses consciousness. Degbar worriedly sees his friend hurt.

Degbar: Stink!

Meanwhile, Keeg chases Gaba through the woods, she jumps over, goes around and crawls under logs, trees, boulders and other large objects with Keeg tripping and crashing into them.

Keeg: (Yelling and grunting)

Gaba: Ha-ha! Try and get me, ya scaly nerd! (blows raspberry)

Keeg: (Growls)

She goes off while he gets back up. Right after she jumps over a log, she gets caught in a giant web.

Gaba: (Grunting) Eww! Gross! Gross! Gross!

The more she struggles, the more tangled up in the web she becomes. She falls to the ground completely tied up in webbing, she also sees several tarantulas coming towards her!

Gaba: (Screaming)

She completely freaks out for she has severe arachnophobia. Keeg hears her and runs over to the young Sleestak, he squishes the spiders with his club then gets the webbing off of Gaba.

Gaba: Whew! Thanks.

Keeg: Now you’re mine, twerp!

Gaba: No!

He takes her in his arms then walks off, meeting up with Nim.

Keeg: I got the girl.

Nim: And I got the boy. Let’s go show Shung.

Both: (Laughing)

Twins: (Protesting and yelling)

The two criminals walk off with the twins. Stink eventually regains consciousness.

Stink: (Groans) Sleestaks always give malu ache in head. (gasps)

He gets back up, remembering the Sleestak criminals and looks around for the kids.

Stink: (Chatters) Degbar! Gaga! Uh-oh, malu Sleestaks. Must tell Porters.

He runs back to the treehouse as quick as he can. Meanwhile, Nim and Keeg return to the lair with the twins. Shung sees them as he sits in his throne, slightly recovered from the Yajura.

Shung: (Groans)

Nim: Look what we caught, Shung. Little Sleestaks.

Gaba manages to bite Keeg’s hand.


He accidentally releases her and puts his hurt hand under his arm. Gaba almost gets away but Nim grabs her and holds both twins, one under each arm.

Nim to Keeg: Stupid lizard.

Keeg: She started it, she bit me!

Degbar: Hey, leave my sister alone!

Gaba: Just you wait, you’re gonna be sorry!

Nim throws both kids into a cage then closes it. Shung gets up from his throne and goes to them.

Shung: (Laughs evilly)

The twins look up to the criminal leader. Gaba stays back intimidated while Degbar stands up to Shung.

Degbar: Now look here, Shung, you let us go immediately or you’ll be sorry!

Shung: (Growls)

He puts his arms through the bars and picks Degbar up, the young Sleestak becoming nervous being high up and not being especially trusting toward Shung.

Shung: You listen closely, squirt. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is little lizards like you that do not shut up! If you two even think of getting on my nerves, then neither of you will live to see another day!

He drops Degbar, Gaba goes to her brother as the criminal trio leave the lair.

Gaba: Degbar, are you all right?
Degbar: I’m fine. Those big bullies don’t scare me. It’s being up high that makes me uneasy.

Gaba: But what are we going to do?

Degbar: I wish I knew, but I don’t.

Gaba: What if we never escape and never see our parents and friends again?
Degbar: We will, Gaba, we can’t lose hope. Just be positive.

Gaba: You be positive, I’ll be realistic.

Even though Degbar tries to be strong for Gaba, he as well is very discouraged by the uncertainty of ever seeing their parents and friends again. Meanwhile, at the treehouse, Annie and Kevin are just minding their own business. Annie does sketches and Kevin lies around listening to his Walkman. They are both interrupted by Stink coming in through the door.

Stink: (Chattering) Porters! Porters!

Annie: Stink, what’s the matter?
Kevin: (Turns off Walkman) Where are the kids?
Stink: Malu Sleestaks, take young ones!

Kevin: What?!

Annie: We gotta help ‘em!

The Porters, Stink and Tasha rush out of the treehouse and into the jungle. Within a few minutes, they run into Sita whom is startled by their appearance.

Sita: (Gasps)

Annie: Don’t be afraid.

Kevin: Could you be, are you possibly… Sita?

Sita: Who… who are you? How do you know of me?
Annie: We’re friends of your children.

Sita: My babies, where are they?
Kevin: We think we know, but we have to hurry.

With Kevin leading, the heroes make their way towards the Sleestak criminals’ lair, they hide in the bushes some feet from the entrance.

Annie: It’s the Sleestaks’ lair.

Kevin: How do we rescue the twins? I have a feeling Shung and his lackeys will be back soon.
Sita: I am all-too familiar with the three exiled criminals. I think I have an idea.

She gathers the others together and tells them her plan, Stink looking up for a brief moment and letting out a snicker. Soon enough, Shung and his associates return to the lair and Sita comes out of the bushes to the clearing.

Sita sing-song: Oh boys!

They turn to see her.

Shung: Take her away!

Nim and Keeg go to her then drag her inside the lair. The others follow behind. When coming inside, Sita sees her twins in the cage and they see their mother.

Sita: Degbar? Gaba?
Gaba: Mother? Mother!

Sita breaks out of Nim and Keeg’s grasp then goes to the twins.

Sita: My babies, my darlings!
She goes to the kids in the cage but before they can reach her, Shung pulls her away and has her in his grasp.

Sita: Let them go, Shung!

Shung: I’ll make you a deal, Sita. If you do whatever I say then your offspring will not be harmed. But refuse, then Nim and Keeg will get very rough with them.

The two lackeys are beside the kids’ cage with their clubs.

Degbar: Don’t do it, Ma!

Gaba: Please don’t, Ma! Save yourself!

With great reluctance and not wanting to see her young ones hurt…

Sita: All right, Shung, I’ll do it.

Shung: I knew you’d see it my way, Princess.

Within a minute or two, while Nim and Keeg guard the twins in the cage, Sita is forced to give Shung a foot massage. But just then, Tasha comes to the doorway! All of the Sleestaks, good and evil, see her.

Tasha: (Jabbering)

Shung: What? An intruder!

Twins thrilled: Tasha!

Nim: The humans’ thunder lizard!

Tasha: (Taunting, blows raspberry)

Shung: Get that lizard!

Nim and Keeg go after Tasha. She runs into the corridor and right after she passes, Annie, Kevin and Stink pull a vine that stretches across making Nim and Keeg trip.

Both: Whoa!

Before they can get back up, the heroes use the vine to tie them together, then swipe the keys.

Annie: Nice work, gang. You too, Tasha.

Tasha: (Chattering)

Kevin: No time to pat ourselves on the back, we gotta get Sita and the twins out.

Stink: Ayo. Save twins and Sita.

They all rush to the end of the corridor and find Sita with Shung and the twins in the cage. Shung sees them and rises from his throne as Sita gets back up.

Shung surprised: What? Humans!?

Sita punches him in the stomach and goes to the others.

Shung: Oof! (gasping, clutching stomach)

Kevin frees the twins from the cage. Sita embraces her offspring.

Sita: Degbar, Gaba.

Gaba: Ma, are you all right?

Sita: I am now.

Before they can leave, Shung slightly recovers as he cuts off the heroes from their way out, holding up a club.

Shung: Porters, you will all DIE!

He throws his club down as the heroes dodge in time, scrambling.

All: Whoa!

Shung: (Growls)

He closes in on Annie, but Stink bites the criminal’s leg, giving Annie the advantage to flee.

Shung: (Groans)

He turns to find Degbar right beside him then raises his club over his head.

Shung: (Growls)

Degbar: Aah!

He ducks then slides in between Shung’s legs as the club ends up hitting his personal area.

Shung: (Groans)

Kevin pushes him with Gaba standing behind on her hands and knees making Shung trip and fall over backwards.

Gaba: Have a nice trip.

Kevin: Now let’s get the heck out of here.

The heroes all leave as Shung is too much in pain to go after them, covering his private parts. Soon enough after the heroes have left, Nim and Keeg free themselves from the vine then go back to Shung who still lies in pain.

Keeg: What happened to you, Shung?
Shung groaning: Those… humans. The… little… twerps!

His lackeys help him back onto his throne as Shung just sits there.

Shung: I swear, I will have Sita to myself, no matter what. And I will kill the humans and their friends, even her offspring! Just you wait, Princess, I’ll get you and your little lizards too!

Meanwhile, the heroes all return to the treehouse just in time before sundown. They see in the distance Tom, Christa and Noog returning.

Kevin: Here they come, you stay out of sight until we say so.

Sita: Right.

She hides in the bushes as the two fathers and Christa come to them.

Tom: Hey all.

Annie: Daddy.

Christa: Akuba-ne.

Tom: How’d everything go?

Kevin: Oh, just fine. No problem at all.

Stink: Yeah, everything hunky-dorky.

Noog: I hope Degbar and Gaba weren’t any trouble.

Kevin: Trouble? These two? Nah, they were the perfect houseguests.

Christa: We were not able to find Sita.

Noog: However, we will search again first thing in the morning.

Gaba: That actually won’t be necessary, Da.

Noog: What?

Annie: Yeah, ‘cause there’s someone to see you.

Tasha: (Jabbering)

Tasha goes to the bushes and pulls some branches back, out walks Sita as she sees Noog.

Sita: Noog?
Noog: Sita.

Sita: Oh Noog!

Thrilled, she goes over to her husband and they embrace happily. The twins also hug their parents.

Noog: Sita, my love. I never lost hope that I would find you again.

Sita: You can’t imagine how delighted I am, for you see, Keeg said that he and Nim killed you.

Noog: (Faces Sita) Oh, they didn’t, even though they assumed they did.

The Porters and their friends are happy and touched to see Noog and his family happily reunited. Annie notices Kevin wiping his eye.

Annie: Kevin, are you crying?
Kevin: Of course not, I just got some dirt in my eye.

Tom: (Pats Kevin’s shoulder) We’re all glad for Noog and his family, Kev.

Even though Kevin tries to hide it, Tom knows that his son is crying tears of joy for their Sleestak friend. Within a half hour or so, the Porters, their friends and Noog and his family are all together for dinner, Noog telling about what happened days before.

Noog: When I came out of the forest to a clearing, that was when I ran into Nim and Keeg, much to my dismay, for I know those two are bad news.

Kevin: Yeah, those guys are a major pain.

Noog: I informed them, “Look fellas, I’m really not in the mood to be harassed right now, so could you come back some other time?” But they said they wanted payback for being banished. I tried to reason that their exile was not my idea but they refused to listen. So, they kicked, punched, scratched and hit with clubs, sending me down a steep hill.

Sita: Oh dear!

Degbar: Then what happened?
Noog: They thought they killed me, I heard them talking about it before I lost consciousness. When I came to, that was when I met the Porters and their friends. They treated my wounds. Now Sita, allow me to introduce Tom Porter, Annie Porter, Kevin Porter, Christa, Tasha and Stink. Everyone, this is my mate, Princess Sita.

Sita: I am pleased to meet all of you.

Tom: We’re more than happy to meet you as well.

Annie: Wow, you’re a princess?
Tasha: (Chatters)

Sita: I am indeed. (scratches Tasha under chin)

Tasha: (Purring)

Sita: And I greatly thank you all for saving my mate.

Kevin: It was our pleasure.

Stink: Ayo. Stink pleasure too.

During dinner, Noog tells his family all about his time with the Porters while Sita and the twins tell about their adventures.


To be continued…