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Pakuni - English Dictionary

by Nels Olsen

Author's note: I'm pretty much guessing here. While some of the rules are defined in a TV Guide article (September 11, 1976, pp. 26-27), the rest I've induced from studying the episodes. If anyone has more official information from Krofft or their linguistics consultant, UCLA professor Victoria Fromkin, please send email to

Items in green have been added/amended by the Webmaster (Clayton Barr).

Pakuni Grammar

me (meni) I, me (we, us)
ye (yeni) you
wa (wani) he, she (they, them)
shi (shini) it, this, that, (these, those, them)
Abstract Nouns
efi thing, something
nefi nothing
pa now
akika there (location)
Question words
mechi please
sa (sa efi) what (what thing, "what is that?")
sa opari why (what reason)
sa ego where (what place)
Answer words
yo yes
no no
abimi man
aboba allosaurus
aganka iguana
agamba dinosaur (Nels: tyrannosaurus)
Akingo Grumpy
Alisa Big Alice
amu parent
amura friend
banda cave ?
chiri quiet (silence)
ebu image, portrait
echichi egg
efurami ceremony
ehepi mirror, reflection
emu pig
eram moon
esishu test
ewoya flower
gosa fierce (Nels: leader ?) aboma=leader
huma human
hiroshi marking
mekiya maker
obi bead
ocima cactus
oganza magic
oje thunder (noise)
ometa time
omu smell, odor
onam food
opari reason
opima stone (Soup Stone)
osu water
ota fire
paku Paku
ba come
bako bring
bu can do
che chase
ching pull
cora save
de do
fa take, accept
fu happen
ku go
ma give
nu steal
pi follow
ra help
sesu hear
shinu ask
ting push
tobi greet, salute
wam run
wu see
aboma leader (Nels: fierce ?). gosa=fierce
bi- big (prefix)
karita great
kasa happy
tusa tall (Nels: bad, evil)
wesa fragrant ? good ?
wocasa strange
fusachi quickly
masachi cowardly (effeminately)
duchi down