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Sara CH

(This is a story of the 1990's version of Land of the Lost)

It’s night in the Land of the Lost, the Porter family consisting of father Tom, 16-year-old son Kevin and 11-year-old daughter Annie, also their pet baby Parasaurolophus Tasha. They sleep peacefully in their treehouse.

All: (Snoring)

When all of a sudden, there’s a loud rumbling sound, followed by shaking in the ground. The Porters are all woken up by this, Kevin even falling out of his bunk.

Kevin: Oof!

Annie: Daddy, what’s going on?
Tom: Must be another earthquake.

Tasha: (Squawking)

Tasha runs over to Annie as she wraps her arms around the baby dino.

Annie: Don’t be scared, Tasha.

Kevin: Haven’t felt an earthquake like this before.

The Porters all huddle together as the ground continues to shake.

Tom: Whatever happens, kids, don’t go near the walls or furniture.

Kevin: No need to tell me twice, Dad.

Annie: Same here.

Tasha: (Chatters)

Meanwhile, in the mountains, a cave in starts as four silhouettes try to make their way out, avoiding the rocks falling from above and trying not to trip over any under their feet. One of the smaller ones trips and falls flat on their face.

Smaller one: (Grunts, groans)

One of the larger ones goes back for the smaller one then carries them in their arms. The four get out of the cave in one piece, as the earthquake apparently subsides. The larger figure putting the smaller one down, then turning to the other large one.

All: (Breathing heavily)

Before one of them can say anything, the earthquake starts up again as they back up to the side of the mountain, however the cliff under their feet starts to give way. Three of the figures are caught in the avalanche, the figure on the cliff grabs for the others but they easily slip out of its grip and go down the side of the mountain as the figure on the cliff watched helplessly.

Falling figures: (Screaming)

Figure on cliff: (Breathing heavily, roars)


Fades to black, then the theme song.


Our vacation began, mapping out a plan

but the map never showed

the danger down the road

We felt our camper shaking

as the earth was quaking

There's nowhere to hide

It's the ride of our lives


Now we've crossed the line,

Fallen through time

Livin' in the Land Of The Lost

What a world we've found, deep underground

Livin' in the Land Of The Lost


This world is strange and new

see the triple moons,

but don't you turn your back or

you'll become a snack

Cuz some Tyrannosaurus

could be hungry for us

We'll need to make some friends

The wonder never ends


Now we've crossed the line

Fallen through time

Livin' in the Land Of The Lost

We open a door and find dinosaurs

Livin' in The Land Of The Lost

Livin' in The Land Of The Lost...

Land Of The Lost!


The next day is a typical day at the Porters’ treehouse, everyone is checking out for any damage from the earthquake, Tom is checking the posts as well as the truck (Jeep Cherokee), Annie looks over her garden and Kevin checks the roof.

Tom: Well, everything looks all right.

Kevin: Roof seems to be in good shape!

Annie: So is the garden.

Kevin goes into the house and is about to have some fruit, but there isn’t any.

Kevin: What the…?

He looks over to see Tasha and their friend Stink the chimpanzee-like Paku eating the fruit, every last one.

Both: (Chattering)

Kevin: Tasha! Stink!

Both: Err?
Kevin: You guys ate the last of the fruit!

Stink: (Chatters) Tasty fruit.

Kevin: (Groans)

He goes down as Tom and Annie notice him with a backpack.

Tom: Hey Kev, where ya goin’?

Kevin: To get more fruit, Tasha and Stink ate the last of it.

Annie: Relax, Kevin, I’ll go out and get the fruit.

Kevin: Really, I can go.

Annie: No, you went last time, I’ll go.

Tom: I don’t know, sweet-face, there might be Sleestaks and Scarface and there might be more earthquakes later.

Annie: Dad, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.

Tom: Well, all right, just be careful.

Annie: I will. Wanna come, Tasha?

Tasha: Uh-huh.

The two go off into the jungle, each having a bag. In no time, they are at a section gathering bananas, apples, peaches and grapes.

Annie: I’m glad we got out, Tasha. We’ve been cooped up in the treehouse for at least a few days.

Tasha: (Chattering)

Annie: Y’know, Kevin says you and Stink ate the last of the fruit, but he’s the one who ate most of it yesterday. He can be such a pig sometimes.

Tasha: (Snickering)

Annie: (Giggles) You’re a great listener, Tasha.

She puts another apple in her bag.

Annie: Think that’s enough for now?
Tasha: Hmm… (looks inside bag, nod) uh-huh.

Annie: I think so, too. Let’s head home.

Just as they are leaving, they see a Sleestak in the forest!

Annie: (Gasps) It’s Shung! Tasha, hide!

She gets into the bushes as Tasha waddles towards them, but Annie pulls her in. They notice the Sleestak wearing a black toga over his long-sleeve shirt and pants, who they believe is the leader of the exiled Sleestak criminal trio Shung, turn his head.

Annie whispers: I think he saw us.

Tasha: (Whimpers)

But the Sleestak just shrugs and goes off after getting a few apples, munching on one. Annie and Tasha come out of hiding.

Annie: That’s weird, I was certain he saw us, but he just walked off.

Tasha: (Chattering)

Annie: C’mon, Tasha. Let’s get back.

Tasha: Uh-huh.

The girls head back towards the treehouse with the fruit. In a few minutes, they come there where Tom and Kevin are sitting around, Tom plays solitaire as Kevin reads a comic book.

Annie: Dad! Dad!

Tom: Annie, did you get the fruit?
Annie: I did, wait ‘til you hear what happened.

Kevin: Tell us over lunch.

Nodding in agreement, the Porters and Tasha go up to the treehouse as the girls empty the bags of fruit. They have lunch and it’s just then Stink comes in.

Stink: Akuba Ne, Porters.

Kevin: Hey Stink.

Tom: So, Annie, tell us what happened when you and Tasha gathered fruit.

Annie: Well, we were about to head back, when we saw Shung.

Tom: You saw Shung?! What’d you do?

Annie: We hid in the bushes, and I’m certain he saw us.

Tom: Did he catch you? How’d you escape?
Annie: That’s what I’m leading up to, he didn’t chase us or try to grab us, he just completely ignored us.

Tom: Really?
Annie: Yeah. It was so weird.

Stink: (Chatters) So weird.

Kevin: (Chuckles) Shung, ignoring you and Tasha? Get real.

Stink: (Chatters) Get real.

Annie: It’s true, Kevin, he didn’t pay any attention to either of us!

Kevin sarcastically: Yeah, right.

Annie: It’s true! Tell him, Tasha.

Tasha: Uh-huh. (chattering)

Tom: That really doesn’t sound like Shung to me. Besides, he nor his lackeys don’t come this far from their place.

Annie: Also, his clothes were different. He didn’t have the warlord type of armor, just a plain, black, normal-looking toga.

Tom: Well, I’m not certain it could be Shung that you saw. But what really matters is that you and Tasha are fine.

Annie: Daddy…

Tom: Don’t worry about it anymore, sweet-face.

Tasha: (Chattering)

At that time, the Sleestak whom Annie believed to be Shung, is wandering down the path, throwing the apple core over his shoulder. Within a few hours, he grows tired and sits on a rock.

Sleestak: (Sighs)

Knowing he can’t rest for long, he takes out his leather water bag and has a sip. He looks around but sees no sign of life. After about fifteen minutes or so, he gets up and keeps going. As night falls, the Porters are in bed as Tasha goes to Annie.

Tasha: (Chattering)

Annie: Hey Tasha, still thinking about Shung, huh girl?
Tasha: Uh-huh.

Anna: I was kind of thinking, ever since his crystal broke, perhaps he’s slowly reforming. ‘Cause remember when it turned me into a nasty person?
Tasha: Uh-huh.

Anna: And when I didn’t have it anymore, it turned me back to normal. Maybe something like that is happening to Shung.

Tasha: (Chattering)

Anna: Yeah, I probably shouldn’t hold my breath. Thanks again for listening, Tasha.

Tasha: (Purring)

Tasha goes back to her bed as Annie rolls over in bed and tries to sleep. At that time, the Sleestak grows more tired by the minute as he stops and leans on a tree.

Sleestak: (Panting)

He then hears a roar in the distance, instinctively knowing it’s not a good sound, he goes to find shelter. In a moment, he finds a cave and ducks into it before a Tyrannosaurus Rex, called Scarface due to the scar over his missing eye, sees him.

Scarface: (Snarling)

Inside the cave, the Sleestak lies back, wiping his forehead with his claws.

Sleestak: Whew!

He tries to get comfortable, but it isn’t easy. It takes a little while, but he eventually falls asleep. The next day, the Porters are tending to their ways, Tom works on the truck while Annie picks stuff out of her garden with Tasha helping. Kevin comes by and gets out his bike.

Kevin: I’m going for a bike ride.

Tom: Sure Kev, just don’t go too far. And be back before dark.

Kevin: I will.

Annie: And watch out for Shung.

Kevin sarcastically: Right, the Shung who is no longer interested in us.

Annie: I did too see him, dork!
Kevin: Grow up, nerd!
Tom: That’s enough, you two. Kevin, Annie’s right, do watch out for Sleestaks. And Annie, no more discussions about Shung.

Both: Right Dad.

Kevin: See you in a little bit.

Tom: Have a good time.

Kevin: I think I will. (chuckles)

He goes off on his bike and rides down the paths. In a little bit, he stops as he sees Stink climb down a tree.

Stink: Akuba-ne, Kevin Porter.

Kevin: Akuba-ne, Stink.

Stink: (Chatters) What that you on?
Kevin: It’s my bicycle, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen me on it at one point.

Stink: (Chatters) Stink see bee-sickle.

Kevin: Want to ride?
Stink: Uh-huh, yo.

Kevin gets off the bike and holds onto the bars while Stink gets on the saddle, however his feet don’t seem to reach the pedals.

Stink: (Chortles) Stink ready to roll.
Kevin: You sure, Stink-meister?

Stink: Stink-meister sure.

The human teen releases the bars as Stink goes about a few feet away, but since he can’t reach the pedals, the bike topples to the side and Stink jumps off before he can go with it.

Stink: (Yelps)

Kevin: You all right, Stink?
Stink: (Chatters) Stink all right. Not good with bee-sickle.

Kevin: (Chuckles) It takes practice to learn how to ride a bike, plus this is a wee bit too big for you.

Stink: (Chatters) Too big bike.

Just then, they’re interrupted by the familiar roars of a certain someone.

Kevin: Shh. You hear that?
Stink: (Yells) Scarface!

And sure enough, Scar face shows up!

Kevin: Let’s get outta here! Get on, Stink!

Stink clings to Kevin’s back as the human gets his bike up and rides off with Scarface in pursuit.

Stink: Poosafoosa, Kevin Porter!

Kevin: I’m going as fast as I can!
Stink: He gaining on us!

The T-Rex continues to chase after the boys, when suddenly, Kevin runs over a rock and the boys are propelled forward and crash to the ground.

Both: (Yelling)

The two come to a rock formation as Scarface closes in on them.

Kevin: We’re trapped! It’s been great knowing you, Stink!
Stink: Great knowing you!

Scarface: (Roars)

Kevin and Stink wrap their arms around each other as Scarface looms over them.

Stink: (Yelps) What we do?
Kevin: Need you ask? HELP!

Both: (Yelling for help)

Not too far away, the wandering Sleestak is gathering fruit when he hears the boys’ calls as well as Scarface’s roars. He rushes over and sees the T-Rex closing in on the boys, he picks up a large rock and throws it onto Scarface’s foot.

Scarface: (Snarls)

He turns his head to see the Sleestak putting his fingers in his mouth.

Sleestak: (Whistles)

Scarface: (Growls)

The T-Rex turns his attention to the Sleestak as he throws a bagful of something into Scarface’s mouth.

Scarface: (Snarling, coughing)

Kevin and Stink watch in amazement as Scarface walks off spitting and drooling out some sort of plant. The boys see the Sleestak, believing to be Shung in a different outfit, heave a sigh then go off in a separate direction.

Kevin: Man, that was incredible.

Stink: (Chatters) Yeah, incredible.

Kevin: C’mon Stink-meister, let’s go home.

The boys return to the bike and get it back up, Stink on Kevin’s back as they ride back to the treehouse. Within a few minutes, the boys return where Annie and Tom are packing stuff into the truck.

Kevin: Dad! Hey Dad!
Tom: Kevin, Stink, what happened?

Kevin: You’re not going to believe this. Annie, I’m sorry I didn’t believe you about seeing Shung yesterday.

Annie: You saw him too?
Kevin: Well, I ran into Stink on my ride then Scarface showed up.

Tom: Scarface?! Are you and Stink all right?
Kevin: We’re fine, Dad, in fact, we barely escaped him. He had us cornered and we thought we were goners.

Tom: How’d you escape?

Kevin: Here’s what you’re not going to believe. Shung came and saved us.

Tom: Shung?
Kevin: Yeah, he got Scarface’s attention and threw a bagful of some sort of plant into his mouth. Scarface walked off like “Eww! Gross! Bleh!” (chuckles)

Stink: (Chortles) Scarface no like that.

Tom: But you boys are all right, right?
Kevin: Yeah, we’re fine, Dad.

Stink: Fine, Dad.

Kevin: Then Shung just up and left.

Tom: (Sighs) Thank goodness you’re both safe and all right. But I’m still not sure it is Shung, it just isn’t like him to ignore Annie and save Kevin from Scarface then walk off. He hates all living things, especially us.

Kevin: I am grateful he saved me and Stink, but just confused as to why he would.

Tom: Well, let’s say we not worry about our problems and go off to enjoy our picnic.

Kevin: I’m up for that. How ‘bout you, Stink?
Stink: Uh-huh, Stink like picnics.

They load the last of the stuff in the truck then go off. Within a few minutes, they arrive at a nice, quaint place in the forest as Tom parks the truck and they all get out.

Annie: Ooh, this looks really nice.

Kevin: Sure does.

Tom: All right, guys, let’s set everything up.

They bring out a bag of food and other stuff then spread out the blanket. But right when they are about to put down food and tableware, their friend, Christa the jungle girl, jumps from a tree and sees them.

Annie: Hi Christa.

Christa: Akuba-Ne, Porters.

Kevin goes right to her, as Tom and Annie are aware, she captured his heart.

Kevin: Hey there, Christa. Anything new happening?
Christa: Something very new, Kevin Porter. Excuse me.

She walks past him, moving him aside as she goes to Tom and Annie. Kevin joins them.

Tom: What is it, Christa?
Christa: I saw Sleestak in area.

Tom: Sleestak? Was it Shung?

Christa: It look like Shung, but not act like him. Nor dress like him.

Annie: Do tell.

Tasha: (Chatters)

Christa: I saw him wandering in the forest, when I came to him, I asked why he is here. He seemed to have not recognize me, then left after saying he had to go.

Annie: Was he wearing a black toga?

Christa confused: To-gah?

Annie: Yeah, like…

She goes to the truck and takes out a sheet, then wearing it like a toga, coming back to the others.

Annie: Something like this.

Christa: He was.

Annie: Tasha and I saw Shung the day before yesterday, he just completely ignored us.

Kevin: And just today, he saved me and Stink from Scarface.

Stink: (Chatters) Saved us.

Tom: Y’know, it’s really strange for Shung to do all this. First he showed no interest in Annie and Tasha, then saves Kevin and Stink from Scarface and now he doesn’t recognize Christa.

Annie: I somewhat wondered, you all remember when the crystal made me nasty and when getting rid of it, I become normal?

All: Yeah.

Annie: Well, maybe, just maybe, it did the same to Shung.

Tom: Eh, I kind of doubt it.

Just when they continue to put stuff out on the picnic blanket, they hear something in the distance.

Voice: (Yelling)

Annie: What was that?

Tom: It came from over there.

They go off to where the noise is, they come to an area. In one bush in a pile of branches and a large figure under the branches and debris.

Annie: What’s that in the bushes?
Tom: I’ll check it out, the rest of you, stay there.

Kevin: Be careful, Dad.

Stink: Careful, Dad.

Tom cautiously goes over to the bushes and moves a lot of the branches to reveal the toga-wearing Sleestak, all of them believing it to be Shung.

Tom: (Gasps)

Annie: Is it who I think it is?

Stink: Uh-huh. Shung.

Kevin: He’s wearing the black toga I saw him wear.

Christa: Porter, is he…?

Tom turns the Sleestak over on his back, opens his eye then puts his ear to his chest.

(Heart beating)

Tom: He’s alive, barely. Just unconscious and badly hurt.

Kevin: Good, then he wouldn’t be able to capture us.

Christa: Shung is not, how you say, good guy.

Stink: Uh-uh. Malu, malu Shung.

Annie: We can’t just leave him.

Kevin: Sure we can, if we leave now and pretend we never found him.

He turns away to leave but stops when his father speaks then turns his head back.

Tom: Kevin, remember when you were tempted to seal Shung up in a cave?

Kevin: Yeah.

Tom: Well, this isn’t too different, I also hate Shung for all the trouble he’s caused us, I even rooted for Scarface to finish him off, thought good riddance. But if we don’t help him now then we’d be no better than him.

Kevin: You’re right, Dad.

Annie: Besides, Shung saved you from Scarface earlier today, you owe him that much.

Christa: They are right, Kevin Porter.

Kevin: (Sighs) All right, I’ll do it for you, Christa.

Tom: Annie and Christa, go get the spare blanket we brought. Kevin, see if you can help me carry him.

Kevin: Right.

The human girls head back to camp and return within a few minutes and bring the blanket to the guys.

Tom: All right, Kev, let’s get him on.

With Tom putting the Sleestak’s top half on the blanket and Kevin putting the lower half on too.

Tom and Kevin: (Grunting)

Kevin: Aw jeez, this guy weighs a ton.

The guys carry the Sleestak on the blanket like a stretcher and they all get back to their camp. Setting the Sleestak at a tree so he’s sitting upright, Tom gets the first aid kit from the truck and comes back to the Sleestak.

Tom: That arm looks pretty bad.

Stink: Broken?

Tom: I think so, Stink. Looks like a sprained ankle too, not to mention the cuts look nasty.

He takes a stick from the ground then a role of bandages from the first aid kit making a splint, wrapping the Sleestak’s left arm and right ankle, also putting his arm in a sling. He then cleans the cuts with disinfectant and peroxide before bandaging them.

Tom: Whew!

Annie: Will he be all right, Daddy?
Tom: We’ll know when he wakes up, sweet-face.

The Porters and their friends have their picnic while keeping an eye on the Sleestak. Within close to an hour, he starts coming to.

Sleestak: (Groaning)

His vision is blurry but it focuses and clears in a moment, the Porters and their friends notice him. He also notices them as well as his wounds.

Stink: (Chatters) Shung awake.

Sleestak: (Seethes) What happened? Where am I?

Tom: Your arm’s broken and ankle’s sprained, you also have several cuts.

Annie: And what’s with you lately, Shung? Normally you’d jump at the first chance to capture us, but yesterday you didn’t even bother with me.

Tasha: (Chatters)
Kevin: Not to mention, you actually saved me from Scarface earlier today, you’ve never done anything like that for anyone. Not that I recall.

Stink: Saved from Scarface.

Christa: Why you not recognize me, Shung? You are not being yourself.

Sleestak: (Groans) I am not Shung.

All: (Various questions)

Tom: He must’ve hit his head.

Sleestak: (Sighs) No, no. My name is Noog, I do know of Shung, however.

He tries getting up, but is having a hard time so Tom comes over to him.

Noog: (Grunts)

Tom: Easy, just relax, you’re hurt pretty bad.

Noog: So I’ve noticed. Ohh, my head.

Tom: Here, have some water. (hands canteen to Noog)

Noog: Thank you.

He takes the canteen, unscrewing the cap then takes a sip.

Noog: (Sighs)

He hands it back to Tom.

Tom: Well, I’m Tom Porter, they’re my son Kevin, my daughter Annie and our friends, Christa, Tasha and Stink. Noog, I thank you greatly for saving Kevin’s life.

Kevin: Yeah, I do too.

Stink: Stink too.

Noog: My pleasure.

Kevin: What’d you feed old Scarface anyway?

Noog: It’s called Yajura, meat-eating thunder-lizards hate the taste.

Christa: I know of this plant, it can heal open cut wounds. However it is poisonous to most if ingested, causing nausea and vomiting.

Noog: Indeed. Most plant-eating thunder-lizards can eat it for their livers are specially designed to filter out the poison.

Tom: I just couldn’t stand the thought of losing even one of my kids, for my wife died two years ago.

Noog: Ohh. You have my every sympathy, Tom Porter. I once had an older brother, but I lost him.

Christa: Christa lose her family when very young.

Noog: I was separated from my family during the quake the other day, I have been searching for them ever since.

As they continue to talk, the Porters and their friends realize that Noog really is different from the Sleestaks they’ve encountered, not only a husband and father of twins, but is basically Shung’s polar opposite: peaceful, kind, well-mannered, good-humored, caring and fun to be around. Within an hour, the picnic is done.

Tom: Well, time to head back.

Noog: I should get back to my search anyway.

He staggers up and tries to walk off, but almost falls, stopping himself by leaning on a tree.

Noog: (Groaning)

Tom and Christa go to him.

Christa: Noog, wait. You cannot leave.

Noog: (Sighs) I must continue searching for my family.

Tom: I completely understand, however, you’re in absolutely no condition to wander the jungle with these injuries. Especially since it’ll be dark soon.

Annie: Why don’t you come back with us?
Noog: All right, I will.

The Porters clean up the picnic then load up the truck, also help Noog into it.

Christa: I must return home as well. Akuba-Ne, Porters.

Kevin: Later Christa.

Christa: Take care of Noog.

Annie: We will.

Stink: Yeah. Later.

Christa and Stink leave as the Porters get into their truck. Inside, Noog has a seat and looks around.

Noog: Your… machine intrigues me. Could this be your transportation?

Tom: It sure is, Noog. Buckle up, everyone.

Noog: Beg pardon?

After Annie puts on her seatbelt, she reaches over (careful not to lean on Noog’s bad arm) and fastens Noog’s seatbelt for him.

Annie: They’re seatbelts, they keep us safe while driving.

Noog: Ohh, I see. I admit to being strict about safety with my young ones.

Tom: I know what you mean.

They drive off towards the tree house.

Noog: How is it your machine works, Tom Porter?

Tom: Well, it has a motor in front that runs on a special liquid. I control it with the wheel here and the pedals at the foot.

Noog: Indeed. The Sleestaks have chariots and carriages that run on power crystals, they are controlled with handlebars and foot pedals.

They return by nightfall, helping Noog up the stairs and inside.

Tom: Welcome to our humble abode.

Noog: Such a lovely place, Porters.

Annie: Thank you.

Tom: Just make yourself at home.

Noog sits in a chair as Tasha brings another chair and pillow for him to prop his foot up.

Annie: Tasha, that’s sweet.

Noog: I cannot thank you enough for your help, Porters. (scratching Tasha under chin)

Tasha: (Purring)

Kevin: Well, you saved me from Scarface, I owe you my life.

Tom: But also, you taught us that not all Sleestaks are like Shung and his lackeys.

Noog: Indeed, we Sleestaks are a peaceful, docile race. That reminds me, I know you thought I was Shung when you found me. But if I was, would you have still helped me?
Tom: Well, Shung has given us nothing but problems. However, it would be wrong to leave someone, good or bad, in such bad shape. If we had, we’d be no better than Shung himself.

Noog: You are right, Tom Porter. Tomorrow, I shall continue the search for my family.

Tom: Well, you should stay until you recover. You can use my bunk for the night.

Noog: Are you sure? I’d hate to impose.

Tom: No, of course not. I don’t mind sleeping under the stars. Tomorrow, we’ll all help you.

Noog: Oh, you don’t have to, you’ve done enough for me.

Annie: We’re not helping because you owe us or we owe you.

Kevin: Yeah, it’s because that’s what friends do.

Noog: Friends. Yes, I like the sound of that.

Kevin: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m ready to call it a night.

Noog: I should get rest as well.

So, Tom sleeps out on the front porch while Noog has his bed and the kids get in their own. Noog goes to sleep, glad that he found some new friends as well as a new hope in finding his family.


Continued in "One Sleestak's Family"