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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
V: Siege V
Written by Dean Widenmann
Directed by John Behring
Original air date: February 15, 2011


Erica is removed from active duty by the FBI; Eli plans grim retribution against Ryan for his betrayal; Father Jack is laicized by the Church for his stance against the Visitors.


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Didja Know?


This episode's title was also the title of issue #12 of the comic book based on V80, "Siege".


Didja Notice?


At 00:30 in the episode, we see that the name of Chad's new co-anchor on Prime Focus, Kerry Eltoff, has been added to the opening logo of the news show.


Father Jack's letter of dismissal from the Vatican at 4:21 in the episode reveals that the address of St. Josephine's Church is 107 W. 111th St., New York, NY 10026. Although this is a real address, there is no church there; on Google Maps, it appears to be an apartment building.


When the traitorous Ryan sneaks into Eli's New York base, Eli says, "Judas returns to complete his betrayal." This is a reference to the Biblical Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus to the Roman priests.


At 6:12 in the episode, a picture of a mothership is visible on one of the many easels in Eli's base. Was Eli plotting an attack directly on one of the motherships? Later, we get a slightly closer look at the image and it appears to be a diagram of several different views of the ship, with parts of the ship identified with labels.

At 16:12 in the episode, the WNT website shows the headline of the breaking news story about Erica being held hostage by Eli Cohn. Farther down the web page is another headline, "Helipad converted to Visitor landing site."


At 18:38 in the episode, Erica is looking at pictures on her phone of Tyler and Joe sitting at the kitchen table with the lopsided birthday cake she baked in the previous episode, "Concordia".


At 22:10 in the episode, we see that one of the nearby intersecting cross-streets during the siege of Eli's building is Church Street. This is an actual street in New York City. A few seconds later, there is another street sign in the background "W. Hastings St" and a couple minutes later "Burrard St."; however, there does not appear to be any roads by that name in New York City...but they exist in Vancouver, Canada, where most of the series is shot. The prominent Church St. sign may have been added as a prop on location to suggest New York City.


How was Thomas able to track down Hobbes for their meeting in the alley? Hobbes appears to be surprised by his presence.


During Thomas' meeting with Hobbes, we finally learn that Marcus' deal with Hobbes (revealed in "Red Sky") concerns the ongoing safety of a woman named Sarah who seems to be important to the mercenary. Hobbes mentions this woman as a former lover, claiming she is now dead, to Erica in "Uneasy Lies the Head".


At 30:25 in the episode, as Erica is leading Eli's hostages out of the building, we get yet another appearance by the ubiquitous USA Today newspaper machine!


At 36:17 in the episode, we see that, apparently, Anna's secret entrance to the dungeon where she keeps Diana captive is simply in the middle of a little-used corridor where anyone could happen to walk by and see her using it (as Lisa does)! 


After the events of the episode, Bolling and Kendrick seem convinced that they were wrong about Erica being part of Fifth Column and she is welcomed back into the folds of the FBI. But how does she explain her photographed meetings with Father Jack when she claimed she had no contact with him beyond his FBI interrogation? It's never addressed in the later episodes.


It is ironic that Hobbes considers Ryan a traitor whom he should have killed earlier when he himself becomes just as much a traitor to the Fifth Column for almost the same reasons (the Visitors holding someone they care for).


Memorable Dialog

Anna is going to lose her cool.wav
Santa Claus isn't real.wav
Judas returns.wav
an asset on the ground.wav
you made a deal with Marcus.wav
the Fifth Column has been devastated.wav
unbecoming of a queen.wav
try harder.wav
I am your grandmother.wav
we share the same enemy.wav
Joe is dead.wav
we strike first.wav
I've kept you caged.wav
rain Hell on the Visitors.wav

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