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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
V: Concordia V
Written by David Rambo
Directed by Jesse Warn
Original air date: February 8, 2011

Anna introduces a new gift to humanity at a New York gala and Fifth Column makes plans to assassinate her there.

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Didja Notice?

Erica states that Tyler is 18 years old.

At 4:05 in the episode, a USA Today newspaper machine is, yet again, visible, as in several previous episodes this season.


As Erica walks into the FBI office at 5:50 in the episode, her partner, Agent Bolling, closes a file folder in his hands that has a surveillance photo of Erica and Father Jack meeting surreptitiously on the street.

Tyler's dad, Joe, tells him about how, when he was 18, he took two months to travel the country on his Harley Shovelhead, and gives the boy the motorcycle and a map of his route. The Shovelhead engine was manufactured by Harley-Davidson for their motorcycles from 1966-1984. The map Joe gives Tyler appears to highlight a route from St. Louis, Missouri, west across the state, then north up into Nebraska.

The video image of Tyler and his parents being viewed by Anna, Marcus, and Thomas at 12:23 in the episode, appears to be from the video patch that would be on Lisa's peace ambassador jacket.


The street sign seen at 14:44 in the episode reads "Pulaski Bridge". This is an actual drawbridge connecting Long Island City to Greenpoint across Newton Creek in New York City.


The V writing on Tyler's new shuttlepilot's jacket appears to be upside-down, because the first character is not a known one in the V language. However, later in the episode, at the gala, the patch on the uniform appears to have been corrected to be right-side-up such that it now reads EG1. Big thanks to JB who pointed this out to me and sent me a more complete guide to the Visitors' alphabet and numbers than I had previously! JB is guessing the EG1 possibly stands for Engine-1; however, it seems later in Birth Pangs that EG1 stands for "ETHERC GUIDE 1".


In directing Hobbes where he should target his gun to kill Anna, Ryan seems to indicate that the Visitors' hearts are on the right-hand side of the sternum, unlike humans' on the left. This differs from V80 in which Julie finds (at least according to the novelization of the mini-series) that Visitor organs are more-or-less in the same places as they are in humans.


At 22:39 in the episode, we get a glimpse, via Erica's photo album, of young Erica, Joe, and baby Tyler in the early days of their family.

 The events of Anna's announcement gala in New York are reminiscent of the Visitors' gala in the 1980's mini-series, V: The Final Battle (see "Unmasked").


During the gala, at about 33:00 in the episode, it almost looks as if Marcus is positioning Tyler and Erica such that they largely block any body shot from a firearm that may come at him. Since he knows there is a threat, this is fast thinking on his part!

Anna appears to be standing in a stylized "V" at 34:13 in the episode.
stylized V

Discussing the hit on Marcus at the Visitors' Concordia gala, Agent Bolling tells Director Kendrick it wasn't "Lee Harvey Oswald at the School Book Depository". The is a reference to the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. A Justice Department investigation alleges that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in murdering the President by firing a shot from the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, TX though many U.S. citizens believe a conspiracy of many individuals to murder him is the truth. 

Although Marcus is shot by Hobbes, he's not yet dead, and may survive. Is it possible that Hobbes deliberately fired a shot to wound, not kill? Recall that Hobbes was seen meeting with Marcus to exchange information about a woman in "Red Sky" and it has not yet been revealed exactly what that exchange was all about.

Memorable Dialog

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