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Episode Studies
And the V 2000 Episode Studies, studying the second series!
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As I re-watch V on DVD and re-read the comic books and novels, I'll be posting my studies relating to each, such as translations of Visitor writing used, sound bits of memorable dialog, screen grabs and my own musings. I'll be presenting them in my estimation of the chronological order each story takes place.


For the two mini-series that start off the saga, I have chosen to break the two-hour episodes down into 45-50 minute segments and give each an episode title; I do this for the esthetic of keeping episodes to approximately the same length as the weekly ongoing series and to make the studies a bit easier to write (and read) as segments. In most cases, I came up with the titles either by borrowing a chapter title from the DVD menu or from a line of dialog in the segment. The ongoing series already has episode titles, of course, and I will use those here.

Click on the image to access notes on the episode.

V: Arrival V: Visitors, Victims, and Victory V: Betrayal and Reward V: Plan for Resistance V: Unity
"Arrival" "Visitors, Victims, and Victory" "Betrayal and Reward" "Plan for Resistance" "Unity"
the mini-series
part 1, hour 1
the mini-series
part 1, hour 2
the mini-series
part 2, hour 1
the mini-series
part 2, hour 2
V: The Final Battle
part 1, hour 1
Gigantic saucer-shaped spaceships arrive over every major city on Earth, bringing alien visitors claiming peace and friendship and in need of help for their planet. The Visitors allege a conspiracy by the world’s scientists; Donovan makes some startling discoveries aboard the L.A. mothership.

Loyalties are tested as a resistance to the Visitors takes form.

The L.A. resistance makes a daring attack against a Visitor armory.

After a demoralizing defeat, the resistance begins to wonder how they can score a significant victory that will help turn the tide against the Visitors; Robin frets about her inhuman pregnancy.

V: Unmasked V: The Masterpiece V: Matters of Trust V: Test Subjects V: The Final Battle
"Unmasked" "The Masterpiece" "Matters of Trust" "Test Subjects" "The Final Battle"
V: The Final Battle
part 1, hour 2
V: The Final Battle
part 2, hour 1
V: The Final Battle
part 2, hour 2
V: The Final Battle
part 3, hour 1
V: The Final Battle
part 3, hour 2

The resistance makes a bold move against the Visitors; Willie is captured and studied by the resistance.

Diana subjects Julie to the conversion process.

Suspicions mar Julie’s return; the Visitors enact their plan to drain all water from California within 30 days.

One of Robin’s children lies at death’s door, while the other lashes out; Pamela tightens the noose on Diana; Donavan worries about his son’s disconnection from him.

Sean betrays the resistance while they prepare to unleash the red dust against the Visitors; Martin warns Donovan about the Visitors’ own ultimate weapon.

V: East Coast Crisis V: The Pursuit of Diana V: The Chicago Conversion V: The Alien Swordmaster V: The Swordmaster
East Coast Crisis The Pursuit of Diana The Chicago Conversion The Alien Swordmaster "The Swordmaster"
Novel Novel Novel Novel Prologue of Symphony of Terror novel

During the events of V and V: The Final Battle, the New York resistance group known as White Christmas deals with the Visitor invasion both on their own and in conjunction with the L.A. resistance.

Victory celebrations are put on hold as the L.A. resistance has its hands full with recapturing the escaped Diana.

On V-day in Chicago, a cadre of Visitor soldiers gets its hands on a stash of red dust antitoxin and plans are put in place to maintain control of the city.

Thanks to the ingenious pressure skins of Commander Fieh Chan, the Visitors maintain a foothold in the Far East and a plan is hatched to convert the greatest martial arts masters in the world to serve the aliens' ends.

Professor Schwabauer and Setsuko rescue a survivor at Osaka castle.

V: The Florida Project V: Liberation Day V: Dreadnought V: Breakout V: The Deception
The Florida Project "Liberation Day" "Dreadnought" "Breakout" "The Deception"
Novel Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4

A secret Visitor research station in the Florida Everglades conducts genetic experiments to create Visitor/human hybrids.

One year after Earth was liberated from the Visitors, Diana is brought to trial for crimes against humanity; Elizabeth begins to undergo a metamorphosis.

Elizabeth emerges transformed from the cocoon; an unfortunate truth about the red dust is revealed; Nathan Bates negotiates a deal with Diana.

Donovan and Tyler head into Visitor controlled territory to find Donovan’s son; Diana enlists Nathan Bates’ help in finding Elizabeth.

Diana uses Donovan’s son against him while trying to coerce Elizabeth’s whereabouts from him.

V: Deadly Harvest V: The Sanction V: Visitors' Choice V: Prisoners and Pawns V: Death Tide
"Deadly Harvest" "The Sanction" "Visitors' Choice" Prisoners and Pawns Death Tide
V Storybook Episode 5 Episode 6 Novel Novel
The Visitors begin growing hybrid Earth/alien plants for their toxic properties.

Donovan rescues his son from the Visitor Youth Corps…but the boy doesn’t seem to want rescuing.

In an attempt to curb Resistance strikes within the open city, Nathan Bates imposes a dusk to dawn curfew on all citizens and a death penalty for possession of firearms; the Visitors introduce a new food processor.

The L.A. resistance must return three valuable resistance members to their own regions of the world under the noses of the Visitors while simultaneously picking up a needed weapons shipment and preventing a dastardly new invasion scheme of Lydia's.

Science Frontiers develops a new strain of the red dust; Donovan's ex-wife comes back into his life.
V: City on the Edge V: The Town With No Shame V: Encounter V: Alien Conflict V: The Day That the Rains Didn't Come
"City on the Edge" “The Town With No Shame” "Encounter" "Alien Conflict" "The Day That the Rains Didn't Come"
V #1 (DC Comics) V #2 (DC Comics) V #3 (DC Comics) V #4-6 segment (DC Comics) V Annual 1986

A shootout in the Club Creole sends the Resistance members fleeing in different directions.

Mike, Julie and Hart attempt to unravel the mysterious secret of the small town of Sparkling Springs; Tyler and Chris continue to be pursued by Bates’ alien hit squad.

The Visitors arrive early for their date in Sparkling Springs.

Tyler and Chris seek revenge on Nathan Bates; Kyle is captured and taken to a prison camp where Visitor scientists perform grotesque experiments on human beings.

The Visitors use their superior scientific knowledge to plot a devastating flood against human resistance.
V: The Dissident V: Nightmare V: The Overlord V: A Time to Fight V: The Texas Run
"The Dissident" "Nightmare" "The Overlord" "A Time to Fight" The Texas Run
Episode 7 V Annual 1986 Episode 8 V Annual 1986 Novel

In collaboration with Bates, the Visitors erect a force field around the perimeter of Los Angeles to keep the residents in and freedom-seekers out.

Donovan seems to have lost his mind.

In order to mine much-needed cobalt for her troops’ weapons, Diana enlists the aid of a tough motorcycle gang to enslave a small town in a red dust contaminated area.

Elizabeth is kidnapped by some two-bit crooks who hope to trade her to Diana.

An L.A. resistance member risks his life to help run much-needed medical supplies through the state of Texas.

V: The Three Brave Men V: The New England Resistance V: Divided We Fall V: Symphony of Terror V: The Law in Prospect
"The Three Brave Men" The New England Resistance "Divided We Fall" Symphony of Terror "The Law in Prospect"
V Annual 1986 Novel V Annual 1986 Novel V Annual 1986
The resistance gains some unexpected help in an attack against a Visitor bigwig. Willie arrives in New England to assist a scientist with developing a new toxin against the Visitors, but the aliens are ahead of him. The Visitors bring a new, destructive weapon into the hills outside Los Angeles. Matt Jones and his new family flee California to escape the Visitor tyranny and become caught up in stopping a Visitor plot to invade the free states. The resistance plots to destroy a Visitor food processing facility in a small town.
V: Reflections in Terror V: Switch on to Fear V: For Old Times’ Sake V: End Game V: Night of the Monster
"Reflections in Terror"  "Switch on to Fear" "For Old Times’ Sake" "End Game" "Night of the Monster"
Episode 9 V Annual 1986 V #17 (DC Comics) V #18 (DC Comics) V Storybook

Diana creates a clone of the Starchild; the Resistance smuggles children from occupied territory into the open city; Bates prepares to wipe out the Resistance members at the Club Creole and sets a trap for Julie.

The Visitors insert subliminal transmissions into television broadcasts.

The Resistance comes into possession of a Visitor code tape, smuggled from a mothership; the Visitors stumble onto a counteragent for the red dust.

Elias confronts Leslie; the Resistance must destroy the Visitors’ red dust counteragent. The resistance attempts to sabotage Diana's latest filthy plan.
V: The Oregon Invasion V: The Conversion V: The Hero V: Children of the War V: The Crivit Experiment
The Oregon Invasion "The Conversion " "The Hero" "Children of the War" The Crivit Experiment
Novel Episode 10 Episode 11 V Storybook Novel

A Visitor who was left behind on Earth after the fleet pull-out on V-day has a destiny far beyond any he ever imagined.

Diana is caught by surprise when she finds the Leader has sent a war hero as a replacement for her as commander of the invasion.

While Nathan Bates lies in a coma, Chaing deals with the Visitors to maintain order in the city and end the resistance. Elizabeth agonizes over Kyle's capture by the Visitors. The Visitors engage in an experiment to seed the east coast of the United States with crivits.
V: Shatterday V: Together We Stand V: Morning Glory V: The Betrayal V: The Rescue
"Shatterday" "Together We Stand" "Morning Glory" "The Betrayal" "The Rescue"
V #4-6 segment (DC Comics) V Storybook V Storybook Episode 12 Episode 13

Dr. Meagan’s quest for peace turns into a plot to destroy the L.A. mothership.

The resistance struggles to destroy a Visitor skyfighter which is transporting an extremely rare ingredient in the production of an experimental nerve gas being developed by Diana. The Visitors plan to kill thousands of disloyal humans held prisoner in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

The Resistance kidnaps a Visitor doctor when Willie is seriously injured on a mission; Kyle suspects the televised appearances of his father are faked.

With the death of Nathan Bates, the Visitors brutally take over Los Angeles; Charles announces his intention to marry Diana.
V: Printer’s Devil V: The Champion V: Tennyson V: Path to Conquest V: The Wildcats
"Printer’s Devil" "The Champion " "Tennyson" Path to Conquest "The Wildcats "
V #8 (DC Comics) Episode 14 V #7 (DC Comics) Novel Episode 15

Tyler, Chris and Robin take a detour on the way to Chicago.

Donovan helps a town set up its own Resistance; Diana places Lydia on trial for the murder of Charles.

Plagued by nightmares of the conversion process, Julie takes some time off from the resistance to return to her abandoned New Mexico home town…but is targeted for assassination by Diana.

Diana enacts a two-pronged plot to alter world weather patterns to bring an early, crushing winter and to then contaminate world petroleum supplies and make the needed heating oil unusable.

The Resistance battles a diphtheria epidemic; Diana and Lydia learn that as the only suspects in the murder of Charles, they must accompany his body forever in a burial in space.
V: The Littlest Dragon V: To Conquer the Throne V: War of Illusions V: Hero V: Below the Threshold
"The Littlest Dragon" To Conquer the Throne "War of Illusions" "Hero" Below the Threshold
Episode 16 Novel Episode 17 V Annual 1986 Novel
The Resistance helps a pregnant Fifth Columnist; Phillip confronts Donovan.

Medea is placed in command of stopping the English resistance.

The Leader sends the Battlesphere device to coordinate a massive blitzkrieg attack on the American Southwest.

Diana exposes the resistance leaders to a new virus.

Psychologist Dr. Jack Page treats patients struggling with their fear of the reptilian Visitor invasion. But, suddenly, those same patients are becoming accepting of the Visitors...and Dr. Page wants to know why.

V: The Secret Underground V: The Poison in the Apple V: The Deadly Rites of Spring V: Meanwhile, Out in Space… V: Siege
"The Secret Underground" "The Poison in the Apple" "The Deadly Rites of Spring" "Meanwhile, Out in Space…" "Siege"
Episode 18 V #9 (DC Comics) V #10 (DC Comics) V #11 (DC Comics) V #12 (DC Comics)

Diana wraps a fiendish plot for revenge around the Visitor celebration of Ramalan; Donovan and Julie must recover a list of Resistance leaders hidden by a Fifth Columnist aboard the L.A. mothership.

With the coming of summer, the Visitors have a window to exploit the heat weakness in the red dust and prepare an attack against New York. The Fifth Column enlists the Resistance in a plan to stop the Visitors imminent invasion of New York.

A collaborator betrays the Resistance base; the Leader sends his son to Earth to learn on the battlefront.

Willie is captured and tortured for information; Donovan and Julie run for their lives with Prince Bron in tow.

V: The Prince and the Power V: Conquest At Any Cost V: Blood on the Wind V: Peace on Earth? V: The Return
"The Prince and the Power" "Conquest At Any Cost" "Blood on the Wind" "Peace on Earth?" "The Return"
V #13 (DC Comics) V #14 (DC Comics) V #15 (DC Comics) V#16 (DC Comics) Episode 19

The Resistance strikes a deal for the return of Prince Bron.

Donovan, Julie and Bron pull into a town where all the adults have been abducted; Kyle moves the Resistance HQ to Catalina Island.

In Chicago, Tyler and Chris discover a Visitor camp holding the men and women abducted from Mayville.

Donovan, Julie and Bron are sentenced to death by the children of Mayville; the Leader arrives at Earth.

As the Starchild Elizabeth is called by the Leader to seal an accord between Earth and the Visitors, Diana plots to see that the peace doesn’t succeed.

V: The Second Generation    
The Second Generation        
About 25 years after the Visitors' arrival, the dying Earth and its population make a last bid for freedom from tyranny when the alien Leader is received for the beginning of the end of Earth.