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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Transformers vs. the Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy (Part 3) "Enemy of My Enemy" Part 3
Transformers vs. the Terminator #3

Story by David Mariotte, Tom Waltz, and John Barber
Written by David Mariotte and John Barber
Art by Alex Milne
Colors by David Garcia Cruz
Letters and design by Jake M. Wood
Cover B by Casey W. Coller
August 2020


Decepticons vs., the Terminator!


Read the summary of this issue at the Transformers Wiki


Didja Know?


Transformers vs. the Terminator was a 4-issue mini-series published by IDW in cooperation with Dark Horse Comics (holder of the Terminator comic book license at the time).


Although the comic-book series itself is titled Transformers vs. the Terminator, the story contained in these four issues is titled "Enemy of My Enemy" (not be confused with the earlier Terminator comic book mini-series Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy from 2014).


The image seen on the inside front cover of each issue depicts what may be a Terminator's eye view of the planets Cybertron and Earth.


This issue has an increased number of references to the 1986 animated film Transformers: The Movie and the two animated series episodes "More Than Meets the Eye" Parts 1 and 2.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue



Sarah Connor





Optimus Prime






Refraktor (dies in this issue)









Didja Notice?


The model numbers associated with the Autobots in the T-800's HUD display appear to be used for the first time ever here. The Transformers Wiki points out that the model names are all nods to various incarnations of the characters in other media:


The T-800 identifies Bumblebee as "MODEL 11^C56", the Japanese ID numbers of Bumblebee's original G1 toy (one from 1985, another from 1986); he also recognizes Arcee as "MODEL 02^021", the Hasbro ID number for her 2014 Thrilling 30 figure, and classifies her threat level at "maximum" in what's probably a reference to her 2005 IDW counterpart's reputation as a scary-strong warrior. Finally, he recognizes Refraktor as "MODEL SG^26" after terminating him—Refraktor's War for Cybertron toy goes by the number "SG-28", but since there are at least three of him running around in the comic, maybe each Refraktor gets its own number in Skynet's reference book?


On page 5, Arcee transforms into what appears to be an approximately-1983 model Ford Mustang and Velocity transforms into what appears to be an approximately-1977 model Pontiac Firebird.


The Cyberdyne Systems facility struck by the Decepticons is said to be in Sunnyvale, CA. In the novelization of The Terminator, Cyberdyne has an address in that city.


Searching for the Decepticons on page 8, Arcee finds a standard Cybertronic optic casing along the Oregon coast, model RTF-2. This appears to be a new designation in the Transformers universe.


Sarah and Bumblebee stop in Stockton, CA on their way to her home in L.A.


    When Bumblebee invites Sarah to join his friends and the Terminator in saving the world, she remarks she doesn't want her life defined by escaping death at the hands of evil robots. Of course, we know that is her life in the standard "Judgment Day" timeline.

    Right after Sarah says this, she turns on the radio inside Bumblebee and the song lyrics that come out are "coulda sworn it was judgment day." These are lyrics from the song "1999" by Prince.


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