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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Enemy of my Enemy (Part 1) Terminator
"Enemy of My Enemy" Part 1
Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #1
Dark Horse
Script: Dan Jolley
Pencils: Jamal Igle
Inks: Ray Snyder
Cover: Jamal Igle
February 2014


In 1985, an ex-CIA operative turned mercenary is hired to bring back a young scientist who also happens to be the target of a Terminator sent back in time.


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Notes from the Terminator chronology


This story takes place in 1985.


Didja Know?


Enemy of My Enemy was a 6-issue Terminator mini-series published by Dark Horse. The story is set in the year 1985.


Didja Notice?


The story opens in Atlanta, Georgia.


The freeway interchange seen on page 1 looks to be the Tom Moreland Interchange, commonly known as Spaghetti Junction, northeast Atlanta.


The movies listed on the theatre marquee on page 1 are all films that were released in 1985, helping to set the time of our story. (The inside front cover of each issue of the mini-series also establishes the year in a what-has-come-before paragraph.)


The female statue on the tomb in panel 4 of page 1 shows that Farrow Greene is at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.
Oakland Cemetery Oakland Cemetery
Oakland Cemetery in this issue Oakland Cemetery (from Rant Lifestyle)


Page 4 shows a good-old-boy driving into Gooseneck, New York. As far as I can tell, this is a fictitious town.


The good-old-boy is, ironically, wearing a U.S. flag bandanna on his head and a Confederate flag on his shirt!


On page 5, why are all the signs on good-old-boy's store blank? The store looks like it must be either a gun shop or pawn shop.


A few of the panels seem to depict the Terminator in this series as a definitive Model 101, with the likeness of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, but with long hair. But subsequent issues have a more generic look to the face.


Notice that the portable phone Farrow answers from her "purse" has a cord attached to it and the purse itself has an antenna popping out the top. In 1985, portable phone units were bulky and generally tethered to a base unit.


The call Farrow receives is a job offer to pick up a target for Stockridge Pharmaceuticals. This is a fictitious company.


In the establishing shot of New York on page 10, notice that the twin towers of the World Trade Center are seen. Obviously, they were still standing in 1985.


The silhouetted building in the background of panel 1, page 19 is probably the Empire State Building.


On page 19, panel 3, the advertising poster taped to the wall of a paint store has a picture of a paint can labeled SWP pouring over the planet and the slogan "Cover the Earth". This is an ad for Sherwin-Williams Paint.


On page 20, panel 6, Ben has three diplomas hanging on the wall behind his office desk. They are from College of Saint Benedict (a liberal arts college in St. Joseph, MN), Temple University (a public research university in Philadelphia, PA), and Wilmington College (a liberal arts college in Wilmington, OH). The only thing is, the College of Saint Benedict is for women only and Ben is a man!


The last page of this issue reveals that Farrow is an ex-CIA operative. The CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency, one of the major intelligence agencies of the United States government.


After listening to Farrow's story over the phone, the last panel of the issue shows that Ben has written down the word "Terminator", indicating he already knows what she encountered. In "Enemy of My Enemy" Part 4, we learn that a private mercenary force called Rothlake already has primitive Terminator prototypes.


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