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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Transformers vs. the Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy (Part 2) "Enemy of My Enemy" Part 2
Transformers vs. the Terminator #2

Story by David Mariotte, Tom Waltz, and John Barber
Written by David Mariotte and John Barber
Art by Alex Milne
Colors by David Garcia Cruz
Letters and design by Jake M. Wood
Cover B by Casey W. Coller
June 2020


Sarah Connor is introduced to the Cybertronians.


Read the summary of this issue at the Transformers Wiki


Didja Know?


Transformers vs. the Terminator was a 4-issue mini-series published by IDW in cooperation with Dark Horse Comics (holder of the Terminator comic book license at the time).


Although the comic-book series itself is titled Transformers vs. the Terminator, the story contained in these four issues is titled "Enemy of My Enemy" (not be confused with the earlier Terminator comic book mini-series Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy from 2014).


The image seen on the inside front cover of each issue depicts what may be a Terminator's eye view of the planets Cybertron and Earth.


This issue was published two months later than the date for which it was solicited due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue




Optimus Prime




Sarah Connor



Skynet (mentioned only)




Didja Notice?


On page 1, Megatron commends Skywarp on awakening him first after the crash landing of the Ark in order to take deadly advantage of the dormancy of the Autobots. This is also how these events occurred in the original Transformers animated series.


On page 2, the model numbers associated with the Decepticons in the T-800's HUD display appear to be used for the first time ever here. Starscream is labeled as Model DC22^15, Soundwave as Model MC^10, and Megatron as Model P38^UNC. The Transformers Wiki points out that the model names are all nods to various incarnations of the characters in other media:


The Terminator's tactical overlay identifies Starscream as "MODEL 0022^15" (sic) in reference to both his traditional F-15 alternate mode and his film counterpart's F-22 form, Soundwave as "MODEL MC^10", a nod to the Micro Change "Cassette Man" toy and the "MC-10" molded on its door, and, finally, Megatron as "MODEL P38^UNC", an allusion to the Micro Change "MC-13 Gun Robo Walther P-38 U.N.C.L.E.", named for its Walther P38 altmode and accessories inspired by the television show The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

On page 6, Starscream mocks that shooting at the T-800 is like shooting Sharkticons in a barrel. Sharkticons, as the name suggests, are Transformer versions of sharks (also sometimes compared to piranha).


On page 9, Sarah remarks, "Seems like Judgment Day's coming anyway."


In the T-800's flashback story of the war against the Cybertronians, on page 14, the Decepticons appear to be destroying Mt. Rushmore. This may be a nod to a similar scene in the 1980 film Superman II, in which the Kryptonian Phantom Zone criminals deface the monument.


    The T-800 states that humans attempted to fight back against the Cybertronian invasion through a military coalition called Skywatch. Skywatch also appears in the main IDW Transformers continuity.

    In the Transformers vs. the Terminator continuity, it was Skywatch that created Skynet.


On page 15, panel 2, during the T-800's flashback story of the future war, we see Refraktor gunned down by Terminators. His body was seen lying on a bridge in 2029 in "TvT: Enemy of My Enemy" Part 1.


During the T-800's flashback story of the war, on page 15, Megatron is seen sitting in the gigantic sculpted chair of the Lincoln Memorial like a throne, having destroyed the statue of Abraham Lincoln that previously sat there. Megatron also does this in the original animated series episode "Atlantis, Arise!"


Two Decepticons named Bombshell and Refraktor search for energon on Earth at Megatron's command. Bombshell and Refraktor are mainstays of the various Transformers continuities, Bombshell sometimes called Hardshell and Refraktor often called Reflector. Energon is the energy source/foodstuff that powers all Transformers and their technology.


On page 17, Bumblebee refers to Optimus Prime as "Big Bot". This was a nickname used by Cheetor for Optimus Primal in the Beast Wars and Beast Machines animated series.


At the end of the issue, the Decepticons launch an attack against a Cyberdyne Systems facility that appears to be generating energon.


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