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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

at popapostle-dot-com
Terminator: Time to Kill (Part 1) A Terminator: Time to Kill (Part 1) B Terminator
"Time to Kill" Part 1
Painkiller Jane #4 (Dynamite)
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Nigel Raynor
Covers by Alecia Rodriguez


The resistance uncovers a new dual-plan by Skynet to send Terminators into the past.


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Notes from the Terminator chronology


This mini-series takes place in a timeline in which Judgment Day did not occur in 2004 as it did in Rise of the Machines. "Time to Kill" Part 2 reveals the "present day" scenes take place in 2008, no machine apocalypse having yet occurred. For this reason, I decided to place this story in Timeline ROTM-5 alongside Fragmented, which shares a similar scenario.


Didja Know?


Time to Kill is a 4-part cross-over story originally published in Painkiller Jane #4-5 and Terminator #6-7 from Dynamite Entertainment. The character of Painkiller Jane is a former undercover police officer who was forced to submit to a drug cocktail after a bust gone wrong. She awoke with strange healing powers and a determination to avenge herself against drug dealers and prevent the goods they peddle from reaching the streets. Ironically, Kristanna Loken, the actress who played the T-X in Rise of the Machines in 2003, played Painkiller Jane in the 2007 TV series Painkiller Jane on the Sci Fi Channel.


Didja Notice?


The story opens at Kennedy Airport, Queens, NY. This refers to John F. Kennedy International Airport in the borough of Queens, New York City.


The drug runner's helicopter is seen to have the letters KBC on it on page 2. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a reference to something in particular.


On page 3, Engine 22 is seen to have responded to the fires brought on by Jane's firefight with the drug runners at Kennedy Airport. Engine 22 is actually stationed in the Manhattan borough of New York City.


On page 3, panel 5, the TWA Flight Center of Kennedy Airport is seen in the background. The TWA Flight Center is listed by the National Park Service on the National Register of Historic Places.


In this story, we see that Jane's daughter, Vanessa Vasko, in the future war of 2029, has "No Future" scrawled on her helmet.


On page 6, Anderson tells Vanessa they will have to transfer Guzman and Jones to another resistance cell. This is presumably because they saw that Vanessa lost two of her fingers in the battle against Skynet forces and they would notice when the fingers grow back, Vanessa having inherited her mother's healing factor.


Also on page 6, Vanessa tells Anderson "...the future is not set." This suggests she is somehow close to John Connor, who sent the message back into time with his father, Kyle Reese, as seen in The Terminator: "The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves." However, Vanessa's mother (Jane) is seen to have spoken the same "the future is not set" phrase to Maureen in "current" time on page 8, so it's possible Vanessa learned it from her. Did Jane come up with the phrase independently of the John/Kyle time loop? (Jane also says "I'll be back" on page 9!)


In this story, the Skynet citadel is surrounded by a mote of water filled with Terminator sharks!


On page 8, Maureen tells Jane she doesn't like to get mixed up "in the 22 Brides stuff." This is a reference to a group of female mercenary assassins with whom Jane has, at times, had contact in past Painkiller Jane stories.


On page 9, panel 5, a Ruck Refuse trash truck is seen. Ruck Refuse appears to be a fictitious company.


The Terminator timeline is seemingly significantly altered in this issue when the resistance catches Skynet attempting to send a female Terminator after the male one to kill Sarah Connor in 1984 and damages the time displacement equipment so the female winds up in the early 2000s instead. It might be argued that the female Terminator is the same one seen in "One Shot", who was sent to 1984 to back up the male T-800 seen in The Terminator (though the current model looks a bit different). It would seem the T-1000 was not sent back to 1994 either. The time machine(s) seen in this mini-series are a different design than seen in other licensed stories as well.


On page 19, it seems from John's dialog in panel 5 that the previous two panels (3 and 4) were reversed.


On page 19, John says he hopes the errant, female Terminator ended up at the bottom of the ocean when the time chamber was damaged in mid-teleportation. In an alternate timeline, in "Secondary Objectives" Part 2, another female Terminator did end up in the ocean due to damaged time displacement equipment! (The female Terminator from the aforementioned "One Shot" also winds up at the bottom of the sea by the end of the story.)


Jane and Maureen spend a night on the town at Rodeo Bar. There are a number of bars throughout the U.S. by that name, including the New York area where Jane hangs out. In fact the depiction of the bar in this issue looks quite similar to photos of the Rodeo Bar & Grill at 375 3rd Ave., New York City (now closed). Writer Jimmy Palmiotti lives in New York, so may well be familiar with this particular establishment.


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