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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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"Secondary Objectives" Part 2
Terminator: Secondary Objectives #2
Dark Horse
Writer: James Robinson
Based on a plot by Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley
Penciler: Paul Gulacy
Inker: Karl Kesel
Cover by Paul Gulacy
August 1991


Our crew of heroes and villains head south of the border to track down Sarah Connor in Mexico.


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Didja Notice?


On page 1, Linda Paul is sunning herself on a Santa Monica beach. 


On pages 4-7, we see a number of previously unseen, rather unusual-looking, Hunter-Killer models, some large, some small. These models are not seen in any other Terminator story. And, in fact, none of the standard Hunter-Killers of the Terminator universe are depicted in this scene at all. The unusual designs might be interpreted as simply distorted, surreal versions of the real thing since we are seeing moments from Mary's nightmare. But page 8 describes her nightmare as also a memory of her past in the future war. We probably have to chalk it up to artistic license by penciler Paul Gulacy.


In "Secondary Objectives" Part 1, we saw a bag of Kruncho Chips. On page 9 of this issue, I825.M is eating Krunchee Potato Chips! Kruncho appears to be entirely fictional, but there was a brand of potato chips called Krun-Chee around the 1950s and '60s marketed mostly in the Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, Canada areas. I825.M has to consume food since he is still part human.


On page 10, the fully visible guns mounted on the wall behind the counter of Sammy's Gun Shop appear to be a Thompson submachine gun, an Uzi, and an M-16.


On page 11, the Angel of Independence is seen beyond the deck of Mary's hotel room in Mexico City. The Angel of Independence is a victory column in the roundabout of the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City (although I don't believe there is a hotel of stone-structure in the vicinity as depicted here).


Pages 12-13 depict the sleeping I825.M's inner struggle between his human and Terminator halves. Page 12 suggests that he is attracted to Mary with an image of the two engaging in sexual intercourse.


On page 15, C890.L passes through the small town of El Palos, Mexico. This appears to be a fictional community. El palos is Spanish for "the sticks". A Gulf gas station is seen in the town.


I825.M reveals that his human name was Dudley. It's not revealed whether that is his first or last name.


On page 23, panel 1, Astin has a carton of what appears to be Lucerne milk on his kitchen table; Lucerne is the house brand of dairy products from the Safeway chain of supermarkets in the U.S. (and also carried by Albertson's markets since its merger with Safeway in 2015). There is also a can of what may be Henry Weinhard's beer.


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