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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: The Final Battle (Part 6) Terminator
"The Final Battle" Part 6
Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #6 (Dark Horse)
Script: J. Michael Strazynski
Art: Pete Woods
Cover: Pete Woods with Matthew Wilson
May 2014


Parnell begins to challenge Skynet's authority on its own turf.


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Notes from the Terminator chronology


This story takes place during the future war in 2029 in the Salvation timeline.


Didja Notice?


2029: Here, Simon is the one to reprogram the T-800 that will become John's protector in 1994 in Judgment Day. In Terminator Dreams, it was said to be Daniel Avila who taught the Resistance how to reprogram Terminators the few times they've captured one more-or-less intact; possibly Daniel showed Simon how to do it.


2029: On page 3, Simon says he is listening to Guns N' Roses on earbuds as he reprograms the T-800. John was also known to listen to that band in 1994 in Judgment Day.


2029: On page 5, John shows the T-800 the "thumbs up" sign, saying it means, "I did good." The T-800 will later use the sign as it allows itself to be destroyed in molten metal at the end of Judgment Day.


2029: The dialog between Dr. Kogan and Skynet on page 12 seems to imply that her plan in 2003 from the start was to cultivate convicted murderers for Skynet to use in the future war, not for cancer research; Skynet was already promising her a new cancer-free body if she cooperated in the proposal.


2029: This issue introduces (and then kills) General Taylor. Might he be Simon Taylor, one of the TX's targets in 2004 as one of Connor's top men in the future war in Rise of the Machines? Taylor's age at the time of Rise of the Machines is not stated, nor is he seen, so he could be quite young and therefore still be the general we see here.


2029: On page 16, John and Simon are discussing the possibility that the humans could lose the war against Skynet even though it had seemed to Kyle (in The Terminator) and the protector T-800 (in Judgment Day) who met Sarah and John in the past that humanity had just won back uptime in 2029. John remarks, "In the battle for evolution, I'd bet the Neanderthals thought they had it all worked out...right up to the moment Cro-Magnons kicked their asses." Neanderthals, of course, are an extinct species (or possibly subspecies) of humans who co-existed with Cro-Magnon humans for 10-15,000 years during the Stone Age of humanity and are believed to have been driven extinct by Cro-Magnons through competition or adaptability.


2029: At the end of the issue, Marcus Wright awakens from his grave where he was buried 11 years earlier! He sacrificed his life, giving up his heart for transplantation into John at the end of Salvation.


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