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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator Dreams Terminator Dreams
Written by Aaron Allston
Published in 2003

Page numbers come from the first printing, paperback edition, December 2004


In 2029, John Connor makes a decision to use a comrade's ability to mentally travel back in time to aid in the survival of humanity against the machines.


Notes from the Terminator chronology


The future portions of this novel take place in 2029, but it is an alternate 2029 from the one spoken of in The Terminator and Judgment Day. In this 2029, John Connor and Kate Brewster are married and they have lived through the 2004 events of Rise of the Machines. The resistance has not brought down Skynet in July of this year as stated in the novelization of Judgment Day (as Rise of the Machines reveals the war still ongoing as of 2032). But they have discovered the Continuum Transporter, a time machine at the remains of Cyber Research Systems at Edwards Air Force Base, which used the particle accelerator built there as part of its mechanism. John uses the Continuum Transporter to send Kyle Reese back to 1984 to fulfill his destiny (in The Terminator) and the T-800 to 1994 to protect young John (in Judgment Day).


Story Summary


One of John Connor's chief programmers for the resistance, Daniel Avila, has no memory of his life before Judgment Day, but he begins to have flashes of memory in his dreams. John, Kate, and their advisors begin to realize that Daniel is entering into communication with his own younger self in the past during his dreaming spells. Tests suggest he may have been exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the supercollider at CRS over a prolonged period, and it may have led to his current condition of a time link between his young and old selves. At the urging of the resistance, Daniel agrees to make contact with his younger self (Danny) and finds that he was one of the chief programmers on the Terminator program for Cyber Research Systems. Young Danny agrees to bury time capsules of supplies and information for the resistance to use in the future and he also begins building back doors into Skynet computers and stamping as much of himself as possible into the code that may lead future Terminators into being able to access emotions, as John's two protector Terminators may have done, maybe eventually leading to a happy ending for humanity.


Mere days before Judgment Day in 2004, Skynet begins to suspect Danny Avila and manipulates General Brewster and CRS into ordering Danny taken into custody. But Danny and his girlfriend Linda escape the lasso, leading Skynet to send the T-1 nicknamed Scowl out on an autonomous search for the fugitives in the environs near Edwards Air Force Base. After a lengthy chase with numerous thrusts and parries, Danny and Linda finally manage to set a trap and destroy Scowl. They make plans to hide out with supplies in the mountains to avoid the incineration of Judgment Day. They separate temporarily to complete their tasks and while they are separated, Danny suddenly passes out in extreme pain, as if having suffered a blow to the head. All of the mental time travel that occurred between Danny and Daniel has led to the amnesia that makes Danny forget his past before waking up alone on Judgment Day. And, in 2029, the elder Daniel succumbs as well and dies, having sacrificed himself for a better future for humanity.


Didja Notice?


The book opens in the modern day at Cyber Research Systems (CRS) inside Edwards Air Force Base. In the director's commentary of Rise of the Machines, Jonathan Mostow remarked that CRS was located there.


Page 11 states that the second-generation Terminator was nicknamed Scowl, due to the faceplate assembly being slightly misaligned when attached, giving the face a scowl-like quality.


In Chapter 1, John and his resistance crew are raiding an old technology company in San Rafael, California called Eosphor Technologies. San Rafael is a city in the San Francisco Bay area. Eosphor Technologies is a fictional business.


Page 15 has John reflecting on injuries of his 50+ years in 2029. But John should only be 44 years old at this point, having been born in 1985!


Page 16 reveals that John and Kate's home base in 2029 is a hardened underground bunker called Home Plate under Beverly Hills.


Page 16 has John musing on his children, important members of the resistance, as indicated by the T-850 in Rise of the Machines. But we are only introduced to one of them, Kyla Connor, a member of one of her father's resistance squads called the Hell-Hounds. It seems likely she was named for her grandfather, Kyle Reese. Terminator Hunt reveals that John and Kate have three children total, but again only Kyla is seen or named.


Page 17 mentions two resistance members, Warthog and Crazy Pete. They are killed by an HK missile later in the novel. Page 171 reveals that John knew Pete from before Judgment Day, when he had been one of his mom's biker friends.


On page 20, Kyla and Mark are stationed at a point near U.S. 101. This is a real world highway that runs from Los Angeles, CA to Olympia, WA.


The Connor family owns two dogs, named Ginger and Ripper. I'm assuming it's a coincidence, but Sarah Connor's L.A. roommate in The Terminator was named Ginger.


Page 22 describes John as the informal equivalent of the U.S. president. And on page 34, he and Kate are said to be the supreme leaders of the human resistance on the continent. In Times of Trouble, he was called the closest thing that had ever existed to a world president (also in 2029). These are two separate timelines, however.


John is said to have his own form of Secret Service in the form of Company A of the Resistance 1st Security Regiment, dedicated solely to his protection.


Page 23 reveals that the resistance has nicknamed a certain blond-haired model of T-800 "Blondie".


Page 24 informs us that Kyla, trained as a sniper, has killed three Terminators with single head shots, a T-800 and two T-600s. The T-600 series endoskeleton is first seen in the "Dungeons & Dragons" episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. T-600s also appear in hte Salvation timeline.


One of the catch-phrases used by resistance units is "Death to the toasters," referring to Terminators. The term "toaster" is also used derisively in reference to Cylon Centurions in 2003-2009 version of Battlestar Galactica. Perhaps the resistance picked up the term from old episodes of that TV series!


On page 25, Kyla carries a Barrett M99 sniper rifle, firing .50-caliber rounds. This is an actual rifle, made by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing.


Kyla had been trained as a sniper by the now-deceased Tony Calhoun, a former LAPD SWAT member. SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) is a special forces team of the police department.


On page 27, Ten props himself up on the burned-out hulk of a Dodge SUV.


John has his own personal vehicle during the war in 2029, a recovered Humvee. The word stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, manufactured by AM General mostly for the U.S. military. The vehicle has replaced the former high-mobility vehicle, the Jeep, in the U.S. military.


On page 32, Earl carries an RPG. RPG is short for Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher.


After Daniel and Earl take down a Terminator by tripping it, John jokes, "What's next? You going to call it on the phone, ask, 'Have you got Prince Albert in a can?'" and Daniel responds, "You're lucky we didn't go with our first plan. Poking it in the eyes. Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk." "Prince Albert" is a reference to a popular prank call, which itself references Prince Albert tobacco (sold in cans), "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?" and when the clerk answers yes, the caller responds, "Well, you'd better let him out!" Daniel's response to John is a reference to The Three Stooges, a comedy act from 1930-1975, best known for their short comedy films. One of their recurring gags was poking one another (or someone else) in the eyes with two fingers. The Stooge called Curley was known for laughing with the sound "nyuk-nyuk".


The Avila property lies east of Bakersfield, California in Kern County, along Highway 58, which heads eastward towards Edwards AFB. State Route 58 is a real highway in the region.


On page 40, Daniel sees that Linda is reading a book about superstrings, remarking, "That's high-order math." In mathematics, a superstring is a string (usually in computer programming) that holds all of the strings of a given set as a substring.


Page 42 reveals that Linda had attended USC (University of Southern California). On page 174, she's wearing a USC Trojans sweatshirt, the name used for the school's sports teams.


Daniel is known to tease his mother, Teresa Avila, about her prominent Aztec nose. The Aztecs were an ethnic group of Mexico in the 14th-16th Centuries, known for the Aztec Empire of the time.


In the modern times portions of the novel, Daniel drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Page 44 reveals that Danny had been accepted to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) at the age of 16.


Just as stated on page 45, Edwards AFB is (now, was since the retirement of the shuttle program) one of the landing sites of the space shuttle, the home of NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center (now known as the Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center) and the Air Force Research Laboratory. The Cyber Research System facility there is, of course, fictional. NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


On page 48, Daniel watches video of Scowl's manual dexterity tests. Among the objects Scowl is expected to pick up and handle is a 9mm M9 Beretta (with which it kills Jerry and Mary later in the novel), a U.S. armed forces standard issue. This is a real gun in use by U.S. armed forces since 1985.


On page 50, Sherman tells Jerry and Danny he'll send up some Nerf pistols so the two can duel it out. Nerf pistols (officially Nerf Blasters) are a toy product made by Hasbro, which fire soft, spongy darts.


One of the resistance's bases is Vega Compound in a series of old steam tunnels underneath California State University, Sacramento.


John and his command staff speculate on the possibility of ESP on page 55. ESP is Extrasensory Perception, the ability to use psychic power for clairaudience, clairvoyance, and telepathy.


This novel introduces Colonel Sid Walker of the resistance, an African-American man. A different Walker (real name Jon Norden), a Caucasian, is a resistance fighter in the mini-series The Dark Years.


Page 58 mentions a resistance compound near the Presidio. This is a former fort and grounds in San Francisco first established in 1776 by the Spanish, then used by the Mexicans, followed by the United States. Since 1994 it has been a U.S. National Park.


Page 59 reveals that Daniel Avila is the one who taught the resistance how to reprogram Terminators the few times they've captured one more-or-less intact. Page 82 reveals that he's the one who programmed the T-800 who protects young John in Judgment Day. At the beginning of The Redemption, a tech named Daniel is brought in to reprogram the captured T-850 that killed John; is this also Daniel Avila? Seems like a reasonable assumption for many of our Rise of the Machines-related timelines.


Page 60 reveals that John once had a dream when he was a teenager that the future HKs were called Hunter-Killers even though no one had ever told him that name, suggesting that, at least once, young John may have had a psychic link with old John, just as Daniel is revealed to have with his younger self in this novel.


Another resistance base, called Hornet Compound, exists in the Sierra Nevada mountains as part of an old mining system, Reid Precious Metals Mining Company Mine #3. The Sierra Nevada is a real mountain range in California and part of Nevada; the Crystal Peak bunker was also in the Sierra Nevadas in Rise of the Machines. Reid Precious Metals Mining Company appears to be a fictional company, though a number of gold mining operations have taken place in the range, including during the famous California Gold Rush of 1848–1855. The resistance even reopens some of the old shafts for mining, using the gold for electrical components, just as it is also used for today. The gold is said not to be useful as money in the mostly barter economy of the post-apocalypse.


Page 63 names another resistance unit, the Scalpers.


Page 67 describes Danny as having a black curl that usually drooped down onto his forehead like Superman. Superman, of course, is a flying superhero character appearing in titles published by DC Comics.


Page 68 mentions Vulcan machine guns. Vulcan Group, Inc. was a manufacturer of firearms and firearm accessories for special operations and law enforcement forces from 1991 through about 2007.


Page 76 reveals that the resistance's last communication satellite was destroyed by Skynet the previous month (July 2029).


On page 77, John's crew discovers U.S. Geological Survey publications and printouts among the items in Danny's time capsule. The USGS is a U.S. government science agency that studies the natural resources and hazards of the United States.


Page 77 reveals that Danny had worked on not only the T-1 Terminator series for CRS, but also the T-1-5 and T-1-7. Presumably the 1-5 and 1-7 are modifications of the standard T-1 design, but are not actually represented in the novel.


Due to his communication with his future self, Danny begins to code back doors and faulty programming into Skynet software in the hopes the resistance will be able to gain access in the future to disable Skynet. He also sets up blind spots in the records to make Skynet think that certain old U.S. bases were closed down and stripped, certain caves and mine systems don't exist, etc. so that the resistance can use them with less fear that Skynet will know where to look. And he begins to write secondary instructions he can attach to the Skynet virus when it is activated the day before Judgment Day.


John is said to have used the Continuum Transporter at Edwards AFB to send Kyle Reese back to 1984 to fulfill his destiny (in The Terminator). And also the T-800 to 1994 to protect young John (in Judgment Day) when the resistance learned that Skynet had sent a T-1000 back to kill him. This is quite a bit different than the "original" timeline(s) in which the resistance defeated Skynet in Colorado, learned of the T-800 sent back to kill Sarah Connor and the T-1000 sent to kill John and they sent Kyle and a reprogrammed T-800 back to 1984 and 1994 nearly back-to-back, the same day. This also suggests the T-800 sent by the resistance to 1994 in this timeline was a different one than the one we saw in the Judgment Day movie.


it is also revealed that John sent a T-850 back to the morning of Judgment Day in 2004 to protect himself and Kate from the T-X (see Rise of the Machines) using the Continuum Transporter in 2029 just a month ago. This even though he remembers the T-850 in his own past telling him it had been sent back from 2032 instead, right after it had killed him, been captured and reprogrammed, and sent back by the now-widowed Kate to protect them from the brand-new T-X! This also makes the T-850 he sent back a different one than the one we saw in the Rise of the Machines movie.


On page 83, John and his currently existing group of lieutenants talk about how this group must be made up of at least some different people, compared to the "original" timeline, since he knows that Jose Barrera and Bill and Liz Anderson were killed by the T-XA back in 2004, targeted as a few of his future lieutenants, yielding the current timeline in which he never even met them. The deaths of Jose, Bill, and Liz occurred in Rise of the Machines.


On pages 83-84, Mike speculates on whether there is just one timeline that keeps getting rewritten whenever Skynet or the resistance sends someone back in time or whether there are multiple alternate timelines that keep getting spun off and existing side-by-side. From the events of the New John Connor Chronicles novels, we know that multiple timelines do exist at the same time. She goes on to speculate on whether Skynet, in some timelines, has sent Terminator after Terminator back in time that John has to keep destroying; this is fairly close to the truth, at least in some timelines we've charted in the PopApostle Terminator chronology!


Mike and Tamara speculate that Danny's exposure to the peripheral electromagnetic emissions of the particle accelerator (and to a lesser extent, John and Kate) may be what is allowing him to communicate mentally with his past self. She has noticed that Daniel throws off a greater than normal amount of electromagnetic radiation when he is in the dream state that allows him to bridge the time-distance with his younger self.


When young Danny begins speaking through old Daniel on page 95, he jokingly introduces himself as if he's a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, "I'm Danny, and it's been twenty-four days since I've had a drink." Alcoholics Anonymous is an international non-profit mutual aid organization that helps alcoholics regain sobriety and stay clean. Their meetings are stereotypically known to have it's members introduce themselves in a similar manner at their meetings.


On page 100, Danny jokingly asks Linda if he looks better than Mel Gibson or Ewan McGregor. Gibson and McGregor are both well-known actors.


Also on page 100, Linda tells Danny about a dream she had of meeting Master Sergeant William Candy. On the DVD release of Rise of the Machines, a promo video for Cyber Research Systems shows that the eventual likeness of the Model 101 Terminators would be based on the USAF's Chief Master Sergeant William Candy. Danny has seen footage of the man as a physical model for possible human-looking Terminators to be built in the future; for some reason, he identifies Candy as part of the USMC (United States Marine Corps) instead of the USAF Combat Control Team as implied by the wearing of that group's red beret in the promo video.


Hearing the word "terminator" in her dream, Linda thinks it refers to the lunar terminator or something similar. The lunar terminator is the line of demarcation between night and day on the Moon.


On page 101, Danny mentions Sigmund Freud in regards to Linda's dream of Sergeant Candy. Dr. Sigmund Freud was a world-renowned Austrian psychoanalyst in the early decades of the 20th century.


Linda is reading a book about the role of supergigantic black holes in the formation of galaxies. Current astronomy posits that most galaxies were indeed formed by supermassive black holes at their centers; one is believed to almost certainly exist at the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way.


On page 103, Danny reflects on an old Bulgarian classmate named Paflos who was apparently involved with some virulent Windows viruses that originated in that country.


In Chapter 7, a test of the T-1 takes place in the Mojave Desert. The Mojave Desert is a large portion of the southwestern United States, mostly in the state of California, but also encompassing portions of Arizona and Nevada.


On page 104, the CRS personnel involved in the test of the T-1 are riding along I-15 in the Mojave Desert. Interstate 15 is an actual freeway running north-south through southern California and also into the states of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.


Page 107 describes officials from the Pentagon observing the desert test run of Scowl. The Pentagon is the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense.


On page 108, Scowl is bolted into the shell of a Volkswagen Beetle to hide its test run from prying satellite eyes.


On page 110, Danny tells Jackson to double-tap a location on the remote control screen to tell the T-1 where he wants it to start and Jackson grins, remarking, " 'Double-tap' has different meanings in other parts of the service." He is referring to the shooting technique called double-tap in which the shooter fires two shots from a gun in rapid succession, with a very quick re-aim for the second shot, yielding generally improved accuracy in the second shot.


Page 111 mentions Skynet taking over the military portions of the U.S. and NATO. NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a military alliance of most of the western world's democratic nations.


Three Russian T-54 tanks from the 1960s-70s are sent against the T-1 Terminator in the desert test. This was an actual class of Russian tank from those decades.


On page 123, John remarks that the only thing adults of his generation were generally afraid of before Judgment Day was the Internal Revenue Service (the tax collecting agency of the U.S. government).


On page 126, a man who turns out to be a Terminator carries a Colt M16A4 assault rifle. This is the fourth generation of M16 rifle, currently in use by the U.S. Marines.


Also on page 126, Mike gives Daniel several passwords to try in accessing Danny's CRS system: KLASSUV2K, G8ESOFHELL, and 38D4ME. These are probably short hand for "Class of 2000", "Gates of Hell", and "38D for me" (38D standing for bra size).


Page 131 reveals that some resistance fighters will carve a T in their rifle stock for every Terminator they've taken down.


In the timeline of this novel, it seems that the T-X series Terminators were invented by Skynet in 2029 instead of 2032 as in Rise of the Machines.


Page 133 explains that Terminators using infrared visual sensors can detect wear patterns in the natural environment, such as footpaths and game trails, and similar techniques were used by archeologists in the late 20th Century to find ancient roads. This is true.


Page 136 describes ideas rattling around in John's mind like pachinko balls. Pachinko is a game invented in Japan involving numerous small balls that drop through a maze of obstacles and holes in a gaming machine, usually for purposes of gambling.


On page 138, Daniel discovers a Slinky in Danny's room in the past.


On page 142, Wanda Dixon carries an AK-47. The AK-47 is a Russian automatic rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947.


On page 143, Wanda observes a Terminator wielding a bullpup type rifle. "Bullpup" is a term used to describe rifles with the action (cartridge maneuvering mechanism) located behind the trigger as part of the stock, to conserve space and keep the gun at a shorter length.


Kate wields an M16A1 with a 40mm M203 grenade launcher on page 144. M203s are the grenade launcher model used on an M-16 rifle and uses 40mm cartridges, just as described on the page.


On page 145, John asks his daughter if she's there at the battle scene to play Custer's Last Stand. Custer's Last Stand, also known as the Battle of the Little Bighorn, was a battle of the Great Sioux War of 1876, in which Brevet Major General George Custer and his regiment of the U.S. Cavalry were soundly defeated by the allied forces of the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho Indian tribes.


Kyla speaks of eighty-sixing robots on page 146. The term "86" is American slang for destroying or removing something (or someone) unwanted.


On page 162, a Claymore mine takes out a Terminator in the mine. Claymore mines are rigged to fire metal balls in a blast in a certain direction.


A resistance compound called Tortilla Compound exists beneath the former Savio Village in Squaw Valley, CA, near Lake Tahoe. As far as I can tell, Savio Village is fictional, though it may be a disguised reference to Squaw Village Resort, a ski resort which does exist in Squaw Valley near the lake. The Savio Caverns mentioned to be near the village also appear to be fictional, though there are other caverns in the region.


Page 171 names another resistance unit, Nuts and Bolts, and two members of the Scalpers, Nix and Jenna the Greek.


After the Skynet raid on Hornet Compound, Earl sits at a campfire with others and jokes all they need is marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers so they can make s'mores. S'mores are a popular campfire treat in the U.S., made by roasting a marshmallow over the fire and placing it between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. The name is a contraction of "some more", as in "once you have one, you want s'more." Ten's response to Earl implies there is no such thing as marshmallows anymore, which makes sense as the human survivors of Judgment Day have bigger things to worry about than producing dessert items!


On page 180, Ten mentions Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Santa, of course, is the folkloric figure who brings gifts to children around the world on Christmas Eve. The Easter Bunny similarly brings to children gifts of colored eggs and candy on the eve before Easter Sunday.


On page 181, Mark tells a Terminator-ized version of the classic urban legend of a criminally insane mental patient with a hook prosthesis for a hand who has escaped from an institution and scares a pair of young lovers parked in their car.


On page 182, Ten mentions the T-X and T-850 tearing up half of Los Angeles and Edwards Air Force Base the same day Judgment Day occurred. This is a reference to events in Rise of the Machines.


On page 193, another resistance compound called Bronze Compound is mentioned.


On page 195, Daniel refers to the work he's doing along with his younger self in the past as Operation Schrödinger, which, if he doesn't go back and complete, is left neither done nor undone. He is referring to the Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment which demonstrates, in a large scale manner, the indefinite state of two subatomic particles that can be in one of two states, but which are in neither state until it is measured (observed).


Page 196 reveals that, in the modern time scenes, the powers that be are calling the Skynet virus the Nemo virus. Possibly, the author chose this name because the word nemo is Latin for "no one" or "no man", an allusion to Skynet being non-human.


On page 197, in a modern time scene, Danny jokingly asks who is going to launch "the Big One" against the U.S., "Montana? Lichtenstein? Left Wallawallaland?" Montana is a state in the U.S., Liechtenstein is an independent microstate in Europe, and Left Wallawallaland is a joke, possibly a nod to the city and county of Walla Walla, Washington, themselves named after the Walla Walla Indian tribe of the region.


On page 201, John tells Daniel they're building him a room in the caverns, shielded with lead sheets from the old applied physics lab at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in order to hide the electromagnetic emanations he emits during his mental time travel from Skynet sensors.


On page 209, an APB has been issued for Danny. An A.P.B. (All-Points Bulletin) is a broadcast to all law enforcement agencies in the area to be on the lookout for a suspect, person of interest, or missing person.


On page 215, Linda mentions Alex having kept two handguns, a Colt and a Glock.


On pages 218-219, Skynet writes an email under the guise of General Brewster. In it, the van to be assigned to Scowl is designated DR-2032 and the robot is to drive it to Tehachapi Mountain Park. Possibly, the 2032 is a reference to the year 2032 in which John Connor was assassinated and from which the two Terminators were sent back in Rise of the Machines. Tehachapi Mountain Park is wilderness park with hiking trails and camping near the town of Tehachapi, CA.


Page 220 mentions Elle magazine.


On page 221, Jerry makes plans to have Scowl pull in at a liquor store in Mojave. Mojave is a town near EAFB.


On page 225, Scowl wields a Heckler and Koch MP5-N rifle. This is a real world military rifle. The N designates it is a variation of the MP5 developed for the U.S. Navy.


On page 229, Linda reports over her CB radio that she is on 184 approaching 119. These are both actual highways in the Kern County region that cross each other.


Also on page 229, Linda responds to Sergeant Farland's call to return home as if it is a code 2. Code 2 is a law enforcement response code for a non-life-threatening emergency.


Page 257 describes the population of Tehachapi as a bit over 30,000. In actuality, it is only half that now, and less at the time this novel was written in 2003. The town's region is abundant with wind farms, as suggested in the narrative.


Danny and Linda steal a Chevrolet truck, and then another, to escape from the authorities.


On page 261, Daniel receives a list of trivial things his comrades would like him to do in the past, including finding out if Wicked World Part III came out before Judgment Day. As far as I can tell, this is a reference to a fictional entertainment franchise of some sort.


On page 265, Danny and Linda use a Macintosh computer at a cyber cafe.


On page 266, Danny complains that the Nemo virus has caused him to lose his FTP and telnet connections again. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and telnet are network protocols used in transferring information or commands over a computer network.


On page 267, Danny is wearing an Angels billed cap. This is a reference to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Major League Baseball team.


On page 270, Danny flips the safety on his Colt from green to red and whirls around the corner in a Weaver stance. Some guns have such color coding to indicate if the safety is on or off, green for "safe", red for "ready to fire". Weaver stance is a shooting technique for handguns developed by Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Jack Weaver in the 1950s.


On page 271, Scowl's chain gun is described as sounding like a blender trying to puree a Chrysler. Chrysler is an automobile brand.


On page 273, Danny is looking through his and Linda's boxes for a weapon to use against Scowl, but only finds harmless items such as MREs. MRE stands for Meal, Ready to Eat, issued to U.S. military service members since 1981.


Danny and Linda set up an ambush for Scowl at Scott's Shooting Range. This appears to be a fictional public range.


On pages 283-287, former San Diego Chargers football player Ryan White narrowly survives an encounter with Scowl on the road. White appears to be a fictional player for the NFL team.


On page 285, White wonders if the van following him is carrying men in black from Area 51. Area 51 is a top secret U.S. military base in the Nevada desert, suspected by some of housing the remains of extraterrestrials and technology of their crashed ships.


On pages 291-292, John and Kate reminisce on the chaotic day they first met (which is the day now being relived by Daniel in his mental time-exchange with his younger self). The events discussed by John and Kate occurred in Rise of the Machines.


On page 293, Danny listens to his CB radio on the motorist's standard channel 19 and then channel 9. Channel 19 is the channel typically used by motorists to monitor for road conditions, etc. Channel 9 is reserved for emergency use or roadside assistance only.


I like how the author illustrates the more primitive modern-day robotic brain of Scowl, a T-1, from the typical Terminators of the future during the battle at the shooting range, with Danny writing out clues for Scowl to find (such as ABANDONED TRUCK on the office map and DANNY AVILA WAS HERE on a sign in the skeet range) and the robot following them blithely, not realizing it was a trap.


Page 303 introduces Air Force Security Police second lieutenant Charles Holden of Iowa City. Iowa City is an actual city in the state of Iowa.


After a battle with Scowl, on page 325 Air Force security officer Cooper reports to his sergeant that their transports are FUBAR. FUBAR is a military slang acronym for "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition".


On page 327, Danny and Linda use C4 explosive against Scowl. This is a type of plastic explosive, Composition C-4.


On page 333, Danny uses the term "Q.E.D." This stands for the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, "what was to be demonstrated".


Pages 337-338 suggest that Danny, during his final mental trip to the past has done what he can to introduce code into the basic Terminator operating system that will evolve into something that may allow future Terminators to feel something akin to emotion, as John has stated he believes the two protector Terminators who were sent back in time to protect him developed.


Page 339 states that Danny has arrived in April on a Thursday, two months earlier than any of his previous visits to the past. Since his previous visits led up to Judgment Day (July 25, 2004), this tells us the "modern time" scenes of the book before now were taking place in June and July of 2004.


On page 344, Mike performs CPR on Daniel. CPR stands for "cardiopulmonary resuscitation", a technique for keeping a person alive who has just suffered a heart attack or is not breathing.


Danny gets a ride from a man in an Oldsmobile on page 346.


On page 349, Mike carries a heavy cloth bag with USPS printed on the side of it. USPS stands for United States Postal Service.


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