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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

at popapostle-dot-com
"Tempest" Part 4
Terminator #4
Dark Horse
Writer: John Arcudi
Penciler: Chris Warner
Inker: Paul Guinan
Cover: Chris Warner
November 1990


One Terminator betrays the others.


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Didja Notice?


On page 2, panel 1, Dr. Hollister is holding the T-800 arm from the evidence locker, but it is incorrectly colored brown with his clothing instead of chrome.


On page 3, I825.M declares that Hollister is not necessary for the invention of Skynet so long as the Terminator debris remains available for study by any suitably educated person, who would then go on to perfect artificial intelligence. This helps explain the alternate timeline of Terminator 2: Judgment Day in which Miles Dyson is said to have invented the microchip that eventually leads to Skynet.


On page 9, Hollister secretly grabs up the future gun dropped by I825.M. Note also that, even though I825.M destroyed the contents of the evidence locker, Hollister was still the holding the arm, which he suddenly is not when the smoke clears. Did he hide it?


On page 11, I825.M reveals he was a human intern at Mount Sinai Hospital in 2009 before Skynet started its war with humanity. This suggests that Judgment Day occurred in 2009 in the timeline of this story; this does not conform to any other known Terminator timeline. There are Mount Sinai Hospitals in both New York and, independently, Toronto, Canada; I825.M is presumably referring to the original, most well-known one, in New York.


On page 12, I825.M states that he was seriously wounded in the war and became Skynet's first prisoner of war. Skynet saved his life, but rebuilt him as a true cyborg, part human, part Terminator (Salvation introduces another such human cyborg in Marcus Wright, created by Cyberdyne before the war, in 2003 of that particular timeline.) I825.M states that the outer meninges of his right cerebrum was replaced with microcircuitry, but most of his human brain was left intact; the meninges is a system of membranes around the central nervous system.


Page 12 reveals that it takes over a year to cultivate human clone tissue over a Terminator chassis.


Page 12 shows that, being mostly flesh, I825.M is able to pass the "dog inspection" that most Terminators are not.


On page 16, our heroes drive past a Bob & Diana's store. This appears to be a fictional establishment.


Panel 3 of page 16 has graffiti on the wall that reads "Sonic Youth" and "Prosser". Sonic Youth was an alternative rock band from 1981-2011. "Prosser" is likely a reference to fellow Dark Horse staffer, Jerry Prosser, a writer and editor.


At the end of the story, Hollister receives a special delivery of a Terminator head for his research. It is implied in "Secondary Objectives" Part 1 that that this head is that of HC875.S, sent by the surviving C890.L. This means Hollister now has the head and a future gun (and possibly a Terminator arm, though the arm is never mentioned or seen in any future story). 


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