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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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  "Secondary Objectives" Part 1
Terminator: Secondary Objectives #1
Dark Horse
Writer: James Robinson
Based on a plot by Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley
Penciler: Paul Gulacy
Inker: Karl Kesel
Cover by Paul Gulacy
July 1991


Mary, Astin, and I825.M discover that C890.L is still active and now pursuing its secondary objective...Sarah Connor!


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Didja Know?


Terminator: Secondary Objectives was a 4-issue mini-series that is a sequel to the earlier mini-series Terminator: Tempest.


Didja Notice?


An 800 series Terminator is seen on the cover, clothed but without exoderm. It is carrying an Uzi submachine gun. The general Uzi line of weapons was designed by Israeli Captain Uziel Gal in the late 1940s and named after him.


On page 2, panel 2, in the year 2029, we see the dead body of resistance member Stainor, killed back in "Tempest" Part 1. 


Page 4 finds our heroes from the end of "Tempest" Part 4, 19 days later in Pasadena, CA (21 days since the resistance members and Terminators arrived). The narrative describes the Santa Anas stroking the palm leaves along the avenue; this is a reference to the Santa Ana winds which blow across southern California at various times, originating from the Mojave Desert or the Great Basin of the United States.


A copy of Time magazine is seen on page 4, panel 3 and a bag of Kruncho Chips in panel 4; Kruncho appears to be a fictional brand. An Uzi submachine gun is laying on the couch in panel 5.


On page 5, Astin wonders what became of his motorcycle. In "Tempest" Part 3, we saw C890.L take Astin's motorcycle from the resistance safe house and drive it to the Cyberdyne warehouse. Presumably, it was left there, though it may have been confiscated by the police since then.


On pages 5-7, television reporter Sam Braddock reports on a gangland shooting for channel 7's L.A. Action News. There has never been a newscast by that name on L.A.'s channel 7, but the channel's newscast's are called Eyewitness News. "Action news" and "eyewitness news" are two similar local broadcast news formats throughout the United States.


On page 20, C890.L throws a grenade with stenciled labels "M-26" and "COMP 8". This is obviously meant to be an M-26 grenade made for the U.S. military from the 1950s-1970s. The "COMP 8" would seem to be an erroneous reference to "COMP B" or "Composition B", an explosive used in the M-26 and other explosive devices.


On page 24, we see that the motorcycle C890.L has shanghaied from its owner is a Harley-Davidson.


Unanswered Questions


On page 13, C890.L is exposed on Action News as a robot, emerging from the flames of the gangland shootout with police. What does the public think about this video? Would the government or someone try to cover this up as a hoax?


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