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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Today is the Day (Part 2) "Today is the Day" Part 2
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
TV episode
Written by Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz
Directed by Guy Norman Bee
Original air date: March 20, 2009


John and Jesse face the material and psychological consequences of Riley's death.


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Didja Know?


Some sources refer to this episode as "The Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter".


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


John Connor

Derek Reese

Riley Dawson (mentioned and in flashbacks only, deceased)


Jesse Flores

Chief of the Boat Hayes

Lieutenant Dietze

Queeg (destroyed in this episode)

Petty Officer Goodnow (dies in this episode)


Christopher Garvin


Sarah Connor

John Henry

James Ellison

Catherine Weaver

Matt Murch

Billy Wisher (mentioned only) 


Didja Notice?


    At 2:11 on the Blu-ray, the bulletin board at the swimming pool has various clippings and advertisements on it. The posting about the community swimming pool has text in the body that has nothing to do with the pool or's an essay about how to use words and pictures in advertising!

    Also in this shot is a flyer for apartments for rent, with a phone number of 818-555-0126. 818 is an actual area code for the city of Los Angeles. The 555 prefix is one commonly used in fiction written in the U.S. and Canada, as a block of numbers that have been reserved by the phone companies for that purpose.


In Jesse's memory of the future, Dietze complains aboard the submarine of having to haul ass through the worst of Indian County to bring some damn box to Connor. What does he mean by "Indian Country"? They're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Is he referring to carrying the box across Skynet-occupied land to reach Connor (presumably in the U.S.)?


Dietze is seen wearing a t-shirt that reads "West Siberian Skyline" on it. I am unsure what this represents.

Western Siberian Skyline t-shirt


In Jesse's memory of the future, Queeg tells Jesse they lost a day evading the ASW bots near Fiji. Fiji is an island nation archipelago made up of hundreds of small islands in the southern Pacific Ocean.


At 9:25 on the Blu-ray, the T-1001 that is found inside the box that was brought aboard the sub for John Connor waves its finger in admonition in the same way the T-1000 did in Judgment Day.


As they prepare to move out of the house, Sarah reminisces with John about a small hippy town called Garberville they lived in for a short time before moving to Nebraska. The only Garberville I can find in the U.S. is in Northern California, population under 1,000 and now known as a growing location for legal marijuana.


Starting at 12:00 on the Blu-ray, John Henry is seen painting miniature figures. They are from the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game, a Cloud Giant and a Fomorian. Others figures are seen, but not closely enough to be easily identified.


John Henry tells Catherine Weaver that he found resignation letters in the system from former Zeira Corp employees Richard Hack, Lowell Rogers, and Justin Tuck. Tuck previously appeared in "Samson and Delilah", where he was killed by Weaver. This is the first mention of Richard Hack and Lowell Rogers.


Murch's first name is generally reported as "Matt" in SCC sources, but this episode shows his file in the Zeira Corp system with the name Walter Murch at 18:27 on the Blu-ray. Possibly the name "Walter Murch" was borrowed from that of the Academy Award winning American film editor and sound designer of the same name.


John Henry also finds a resignation letter and documents relating to Ellison, that he resigned and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark.


In Jesse's memory of the future, she asks the T-1001 before scuttling the Jimmy Carter, "Who are you? What do you want?" Possibly, this is a reference to the 1993-1998 science-fiction TV series Babylon 5, in which the two most important questions of the alien Vorlons and Shadows respectively are "Who are you?" and "What do you want?" Notice that the name of AI project at Zeira Corp here is Project Babylon while, in Babylon 5, the project that built the series of Babylon space stations was the Babylon Project.


At 25:09 on the Blu-ray, the T-1001 is seen to escape the scuttling of the Jimmy Carter.


At 26:06 on the Blu-ray, Jesse hands her Ruger P90 pistol over to John. It looks like John's pistol may be a Beretta 92FS, the same type Derek usually carries. It would seem not to be Derek's actual pistol since we'll see Derek meet Jesse in the parking garage with it in hand when she tries to leave.


John tells Jesse that he was 12 years old when Skynet first sent a Terminator back in time to kill him. Most sources say that he was 10 years when that occurred in Judgment Day.


John tells Jesse that Riley made some small mistakes with him that told him she was not who she appeared. He mentions that, in Mexico, she heard him referred to as John Connor instead of John Baum and ignored it; this occurred in "Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today". Also, that she would use an occasional odd word or phrase such as "carrots and apples", which she used in "Automatic For The People".


This episode reveals that Jesse had been pregnant during the events aboard the Jimmy Carter, but the child was lost due to either the blows she received in the fight on board or during the rapid change in pressure aboard the sub when it was scuttled. Presumably, the baby was Derek's.


The car with CA license plate 5YZH535 seen behind Derek in the parking garage at 35:12 on the Blu-ray is a 2007 Nissan Versa.


Derek tells Jesse about Billy Wisher, a future alias of Andy Goode (inventor of the Turk)  in Derek's timeline. Billy appeared in "Dungeons and Dragons", while he appeared in 2007 under his real name Andy Goode in "The Turk" and "Queen's Gambit".


Derek squeezes the trigger on his pistol, pointed at Jesse, but it's not clear if he shot her, or it was unloaded, or he just shot in her direction to scare her into never coming back, or if she dodged the bullet. The click of the trigger is heard, but no gunshot as the scene suddenly cuts away; it's possible the gun was unloaded and he just wanted to scare her and provide that warning that he will shoot her if shows up again.


The song that plays from Derek's truck during the confrontation with Jesse is "New Messiah" by Dead Heart Bloom.


The two pistols seen on the coffee table at 38:25 on the Blu-ray appear to be the Beretta John carried when he met Jesse and the Ruger she handed over to him.


As John fondles the watch that Cameron gave him (in "Ourselves Alone"), Derek remarks on "complications", referring to the watch (as well as the concept of time and the predicaments they find themselves in). In the episode "Complications", Derek learned from Charles Fischer that a complication is a feature of a mechanical timepiece that identifies something beyond the hour and minute, such as seconds, day, date, stopwatch, etc.


At 41:45 on the Blu-ray, Cameron is seen holding another pigeon, like she did in "Ourselves Alone". The shot fades out before we see whether she releases the bird or crushes it in her hands like she in that episode. This seems to harken back to the question of whether Derek killed Jesse or not.


The scene of Jesse finding Riley during the future war first appeared in "Earthlings Welcome Here".


Unanswered Questions


How did Jesse manage to travel back in time with Riley in the first place? It would seem her standing as a Resistance officer would be questionable after her arguably poor decisions in shooting Queeg and scuttling the sub, so it would be unlikely she would be allowed access to the time travel technology in the Resistance's possession.


Who was John Connor's question of "Will you join us?" for? The T-1001 specifically? Some rival A.I. to Skynet? Is it the same A.I. that Catherine Weaver is striving to build in 2008? If so, is it John Henry?


    Did Derek shoot Jesse? As mentioned earlier, the click of the trigger is heard, but no gunshot as the scene suddenly cuts away, so it's possible the gun was unloaded as his one warning to her not to come back. It is interesting to note, however, that he tells her right before this that he killed his best friend (Andy/Billy) here in the past in order to protect Kyle and John and others in the future.

    When John asks Derek if he killed her, he answers only, "John Connor let her go." Considering Derek just finished explaining to John that while the Resistance members in the future don't agree with every decision he makes, they follow, "we follow". This might suggest that Derek is following John's will now and allowed Jesse to leave alive.


Is the T-1001 seen in the future war scenes of this episode the same one that will go on to travel back in time and become Catherine Weaver? 


Memorable Dialog


if she wants you dead, you're dead.mp3

you won those fights.mp3

why are you here?.mp3

are you going to kill him?.mp3

humans will disappoint you.mp3

the answer is no.mp3

who are you?.mp3

I might shoot you in the head.mp3

human beings can't be replaced.mp3

he's like Riley.mp3

will you join us?.mp3 


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