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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Revolution (Part 1) Terminator
"Revolution" Part 1
Terminator: Revolution #1 (Dynamite)
Written by Simon Furman
Art by Lui Antonio
Cover A: Richard Isanove, Cover B: Stjepan Sejic


Six years after their last encounter with the T-Infinity, the Resistance faces the ultimate Terminator once again.


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Notes from the Terminator chronology


This mini-series takes place largely about 6 years after the events of Infinity.


Didja Know?


This mini-series is a follow-up to Infinity and features the T-Infinity Terminator that appeared in that earlier story.


The header of the mini-series reads, "Continuing the T2 saga..." even though it takes place after the events of T3: Rise of the Machines.


Artist Lui Antonio is fond of drawing his female characters with large breasts, in very tight t-shirts and g-string panties that have the thin waistband riding above the waistband of their jeans. Even Sarah Connor is depicted this way, which doesn't really seem would be her style based on her personality-type!


Didja Notice?


As this issue opens in 2015, we learn that, since the events of "Infinity" Part 5, John Connor has married Tara Holden.


On page 1, Tara appears to have the USMC tattoo on her left arm which she sported in Infinity, but it is missing in every other appearance throughout the mini-series.


A number of Humvees are seen as part of the Resistance's vehicle pool.


    On page 3, panel 2, a couple scraps of note paper have what seem to be a list of Tagalog phrases on it: kita kits, na lang, ito ang. Tagalog is an Austronesian language spoken by about a quarter of the population of the Philippines (artist Lui Antonio is from the island nation). The three phrases listed roughly translate as "see you later", "just", and "it is the".

    What appears to be a business card for the Druids Keep with the name Felix Cua, is also seen. Druids Keep was the name of a comic book store (now known as DK Collectibles) in Bonifacio Global City, Metropolitan Manila, Philippines; Felix Cua is the operator of the business. (There may be another two references to Druids Keep in the background of page 12, panel 3 and a Druids Keep store is seen in New Orleans in "Revolution" Part 2!)


Page 4 indicates the post-Judgment Day scenes of this issue takes place on July 14, 2015.


On page 4, the T-Infinity appears to have chronoported to an old military base. The name and location are not stated.


Page 5 indicates the Resistance has a tactical command center in Trenton, New Jersey. Trenton is the capital of that state.


The Resistance's operation to take down Skynet's regional servers simultaneously is called Sidearm.


On page 5, panel 3, a Resistance member is seen to be wearing a t-shirt with the words Killswitch Engage on it. This is the name of an American metalcore band.


On page 6, panel 3, a Resistance member is wearing a red cap that says Spazz. This may be a reference to the American hardcore punk band by that name that existed from 1992-2000.


This issue reveals that John and Tara have adopted Kyle Reese as their John is raising his own father!


John refers to himself, Tara, and Kyle as the "perfect post-nuclear family". In the days before Judgment Day, the term "nuclear family" meant a family unit of two adults and their children.


Leaving Trenton on page 8, Gillian tells Edmond they'll camp in Cherry Ridge that night and be at Liberty by 1100 hours the next day. Cherry Ridge probably refers to the township in Pennsylvania. "Revolution" Part 5 reveals that Liberty is the town in New York by that name, about 45 miles from there.


Throughout his appearances in this issue, Buzz is seen to be wearing a bandanna covering his head with a U.S. flag design on it.


On page 12, panel 3, a box with a stylized SM on it is seen. This is the logo of SM Supermalls, a chain of shopping malls in the Philippines.


On page 13, Buzz receives a Morse code message from Edmond about the T-Infinity attack against him and Gillian, stating it occurred on Route One. Morse code is a method of communicating via a series of on-off signals such as flashes, tones, or clicks, invented by Samuel Morse (1791-1872). U.S. Route 1 is a major highway that runs the length of the U.S. east coast states, from Key West, Florida to Fort Kent, Maine at the Canadian border. It passes through Trenton.


On page 15, panel 4, a Resistance member is wearing a cap with the word ROADRUNNER on it. There are a number of companies/brands using the "roadrunner" appellation. The most likely reference here is to Roadrunner Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music that focuses primarily on heavy metal bands.


On page 18, John uses a Compton-recoil mechanism to fire an electromagnetic burst at the T-Infinity. This is a reference to Compton scattering, an effect found in the physics of electrons striking photons.


When the story jumps back to 1996, Sarah Connor seems to be drawn more like actress Lena Headey (as Sarah Connor in The Sarah Connor Chronicles) than the original Linda Hamilton look of the films.


1996: Page 20 has Sarah and young John living in Harahan, Louisiana in 1996. Harahan is a suburb of New Orleans.


1996: On page 21, John asks his mother why they are still on the run even though they averted Judgment Day. This is presumably a reference to the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but that film explained that Judgment Day occurs on August 29, 1997, so John and Sarah cannot know they've averted it until that date passes!


1996: At the end of the issue, we see just eight Terminators that have been sent back to take out John and his mother. But in "Revolution" Part 3, we see 9 of them facing off against Sarah...and that's after a couple of them have seemingly been taken down already!


1996: Oddly, all of the Terminators that are in 1996 to kill John and Sarah wear the same Killswitch Engage t-shirt worn by the Resistance member in 2015 on page 5! The Resistance member even looks similar to this Terminator model, but with a somewhat shaggier beard. One might think that a Terminator had infiltrated the Resistance group, but it's never brought up again!


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