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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Infinity (Part 5) Terminator
"Infinity" Part 5
Terminator: Infinity #5 (Dynamite)
Written by Simon Furman
Art Nigel Raynor
Cover A: Pat Lee, Cover B: Stjepan Sejic, Cover C: Nigel Raynor


Can John press on with leading the resistance after the loss of Uncle Bob?


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Notes from the Terminator chronology


This mini-series jumps around in time. From 2033, where Skynet has been all but defeated and sends the T-Infinity prototype temporal Terminator to correct all divergent time paths, to 2009, with John Connor emerging from the Crystal Peak bunker.


Didja Notice?


Page 1 features snapshots of moments in John's life when someone he cared about was dead. Panel 2 is an interpretation of the scene of his father Kyle Reese's death in The Terminator. Panel 3 is a scene from the funeral of Sarah Connor as implied, but not seen, in Rise of the Machines. Panel 4 represents the death of Uncle Bob at the end of "Infinity" Part 4.


On page 9, panel 1, Tara's butt-crack is visible above the waistline of her pants as she hangs out of the truck window to shoot at some HKs.


On page 11, the resistance convoy is attacked by Skynet forces outside what appears to be the Victory Motel. This seems to be a fictitious establishment.


On page 17, the Skynet assault vehicle John has acquired is a Centurion, as seen in the production art of Judgment Day.


On page 20, John refers to a resistance member as Cameron. This is likely intended as a reference to the creator of the Terminator franchise, James Cameron. In 2008, the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiered which featured a female protector Terminator also referred to as Cameron.


At the end of the issue, Skynet records that the T-Infinity has successfully terminated two of the four sources of corruption in the timestream. The first was, presumably, Uncle Bob, terminated in "Infinity" Part 4. The second is represented in panel 3 of the final page of this issue, depicting the T-Infinity slicing the T-X in half outside the Emery Animal Hospital (a prominent site in Rise of the Machines).


The final page of the issue hints that the T-Infinity will next be sent to target Tara Connor (nee Holden) in 2015. This does, indeed, occur in "Revolution" Part 1.


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