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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Into the Deep Blue Sea "Into the Deep Blue Sea"
Terminator #14
NOW Comics
Writer: Ron Fortier
Pencils: Thomas Tenney
Inks: Brian Thomas
Painted Colors: Suzanne Dechnik
Letters: Dan Nakrosis
Cover by Konrad Fahrner
November 1989


Several members of Sarah's Slammers are trapped inside a crashed HK at the bottom of the ocean.


Story Summary


Picking up from the end of "Cocoa Beach" Part 2, the aerial HK manned by Commander Leahy, Doyle, Slager, Dorian, K.C., and Gow is shot down by Skynet HKs and plummets into the ocean, sinking to the bottom. Water begins to leak into the vessel, the humans using up their oxygen as well.


Meanwhile, on land, the escaped Deffard rescues a cat from a swarm of ravenous rats. But Deffard seems to have some screws loose.


Back on the submerged HK, the group realizes they will either run out of air and suffocate or drown if they stay inside the vehicle and decide they must attempt to swim to the surface, but the doors are sealed shut by the water pressure. Slager manages to open a maintenance panel through to the front landing struts and the group emerges from the wreck into the ocean depths, where they discover the crash is being investigated by a surviving Soviet research sub called the Sea-Wind. They are taken on board and meet the crew, mostly Cuban, and the ship's captain, a Russian named Rostof, all of whom greet them warmly (after confirming the Slammers are not Terminators).




Didja Know?


This story picks up from the end of "Cocoa Beach" Part 2, which appeared in Terminator #10, where an HK manned by several members of Sarah's Slammers crashed into the ocean.


This issue introduces the Russian captain of the Sea-Wind, Captain Nicolai Rostof. Possibly, he is named after the character of Count Nikolai Rostov in Leo Tolstoy's classic 1869 Russian novel War and Peace.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue



Sarah's Slammers



Commander Leahy

Essie Dorian

K.C. Berwanger

Chi Gow


Captain Nicolai Rostof

Carlos Ramirez

Lt. Maria Ramirez 


Didja Notice?


On page 7, panel 1, a circle-A anarchy symbol is seen drawn on the wall of an old building in the background.


On page 11, Doyle remarks on having been chased through a mine "last week". This occurred in "In the Belly of the Beast".


On page 20, Carlos says, "Correcto, señor." This is Spanish for "Correct, sir."


On page 21, Maria says, Por favor and rapido.  Commander Leahy says señorita and Carlos says gracias. These are Spanish for "please", "quickly", "miss", and "thank you", respectively.


On page 23, various members of the Sea-Wind's crew say , bueno, and mi capitán. These are Spanish for "yes", "good", and "my captain", respectively.


On page 24, Maria says mucho grande. This is Spanish for "very big".


On page 25, Captain Rostof says da. This is Russian for "yes".  


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