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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: In the Belly of the Beast "In the Belly of the Beast"
Terminator #8
NOW Comics
Written by Jack Herman
Penciled by Thomas Tenney
Inked by Jim Brozman
Cover by Norm Breyfogle
May 1989


Terminators discover Sarah's Slammers' new base.


Story Summary


After the destruction of Home Base, the Sarah's Slammers resistance cell moves into Third Base, the tunnels of an old titanium mine. Meanwhile, Terminator DIX-190 has made his way up from the Everglades and has learned the location of Third Base from his captive, Deffard. He sneaks into the base through an underwater tunnel in nearby Lake Okeechobee and sabotages the power throughout the base's system. As the resistance members try to escape, DIX-190 is able to take control of some old mining drones to attack the fleeing humans. The humans manage to escape the drones, only to face DIX-190 and another Terminator, JBH-311. The humans destroy JBH-311 by dropping him into the mine's active rock crushing machinery. Meanwhile, Konrad sends DIX-190 plunging into a pit of water.


The humans and Konrad escape, but DIX-190 emerges from the pit, still intent on killing all members of Sarah's Slammers.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


Sarah's Slammers







Essie Doyle


Tim Reese

Commander Leahy




JBH-311 (destroyed in this issue)




Didja Notice?


As this issue opens, Sarah's Slammers have established a new home called Third Base inside the old mining tunnels of Basinger Titanium Company, a subsidiary of Yominokum Mining Corporation near Lake Okeechobee, Florida. The mining companies appear to be fictitious, but Lake Okeechobee is an actual lake in Florida, the largest freshwater lake in the state.


On page 2, a member of Sarah's Slammers explains to Konrad that Second Base was destroyed along with the rest of Miami when they set off the nuke (in "If I Had a Rocket Launcher").


DIX-190 seemingly travels all the way from the Everglades (in "Goin' Back to Miami") to Lake Okeechobee in the airboat, which I'm not sure is possible over the terrain between the two locations! There would have to be a water passage all the way between the two.


While on watch outside Third Base, Dwyer is singing, "Nine thousand bottles of beer on the wall, nine thousand bottles of beer..." This, of course, is an even more exaggerated version of the lines from popular drinking song "99 Bottles of Beer" in the U.S. and Canada, based on the British song "Ten Green Bottles".


On page 4, Leahy informs Dwyer that an HK has been detected about 50 klicks to the southeast. A klick is military slang for "kilometer".


One of the Terminators piloting the HK on page 9 states they are now en route to LZ. "LZ" is military shorthand for "landing zone".


On page 9, panel 4, DIX-190 is mistakenly referred to as DIX-90.


On pages 14-15, Skynet seems to be able to morph some "mining drones" in the old mine tunnels into bizarre versions of Terminators. The drones themselves seem to be much more sophisticated than any that exist in the real world.

Mining drone Terminator


On page 15, Leahy fires at one of the attacking mining drones, saying, "Don't even think about it, Robby." This is a reference to Robby the Robot, the iconic robotic character who first appeared in the 1956 film Forbidden Planet.


On page 21, Leahy refers to DIX-190 as a 1000 Series Terminator! This was written before Judgment Day was released, so it's obviously not a liquid metal Terminator, just intended to be something more sophisticated/powerful than the T-800 seen in The Terminator (the only example of Terminator that existed in the film franchise at the time). As readers, we might think of the NOW Comics series as existing in a timeline in which the liquid metal T-1000 prototype was never invented by Skynet.


When Konrad sends DIX-190 plunging into a deep pit on page 23, DIX-190 screams "AAAAAAA!" has he falls!


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