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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: 1984 (Part 1) "1984" Part 1
Terminator: 1984 #1
Dark Horse
Script: Zack Whedon
Art: Andy MacDonald
Cover: Massimo Carnevale
September 2010


Ben arrives in 1984 and witnesses Sarah and Kyle's final battle with the Terminator at the factory...and the story continues from there!


Notes from the Terminator chronology


This mini-series takes place during and after the events of The Terminator in 1984. It follows the character of Ben Oliver after he travels back to 1984 from 2029 as seen in "2029" Part 3.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


Kyle Reese

Dr. Peter Silberman

Mr. Cort

Ben Oliver

Sarah Connor



Didja Know?


Terminator: 1984 was a 3-issue mini-series published by Dark Horse Comics. It is the sequel to the Terminator: 2029 mini-series.


Didja Notice?


The video footage on page 1 is from Reese's interrogation at the LAPD station in The Terminator.


On page 3, panel 4 is some kind of an establishment called Tips, in Los Angeles. This appears to be a fictitious business.


On page 4, Ben breaks into a mall where several storefronts are seen: Orckis, Amega, Quik-Lens, Calistan Carpets, and Modern Living. As far as I can tell, these are all fictitious businesses.


Notice that Ben steals a pair of eyeglasses from Quik-Lens. He had to leave behind his own eyeglasses in 2029 because the time displacement device will not transport non-living material.


On page 5, panel 1, Ben walks past a wall plastered with advertisements for Tech Noir. Tech Noir was the night club where Sarah Connor first encounters both Reese and the Terminator in The Terminator.


On page 5, panel 1, a punk kid is seen sitting on a Big Wheel, a plastic tricycle.


On page 5, panel 1, Ben appears to have Caucasian skin coloring instead of brown.


On page 5, panel 4, a theater called Beachland appears to be showing the old movie Saturn 3, the 1980 British science-fiction film. Beachland appears to be a fictitious theater in L.A.


For some reason, Sarah Connor is depicted with reddish-brown hair instead of dirty blond on pages 6-16. After that, her hair seems to colored more accurately.


Pages 6-7 depict a scene from The Terminator.


On page 9, an underling reports to Mr. Cort that they've intercepted a 911 call from a couple of truckers reporting that their tanker was stolen by a man with a metal face in the 200 block of South Grand. The Terminator took the tanker truck after being run over by it in The Terminator. 911 is the emergency phone number throughout most of North America. South Grand Avenue is an actual street in L.A., but is an upscale business area, not the warehouse/factory neighborhood seen in the film.


Pages 10-12 feature a scene from The Terminator.


On page 12, panel 4, Los Angeles Medical ambulances race to the scene of the factory battle. Los Angeles Medical appears to be a fictitious company.


On page 15, Cort is told that Reese is still barely alive and he orders Reese bagged, presumably so it will appear as if he is dead. We saw Reese zipped into a body bag near the end of The Terminator.


While Sarah is loaded into an ambulance as seen in The Terminator, Reese's "body" is loaded into an unmarked black van and taken to a government facility in the mountains. Notice that the nearby town is the same ruined one the Resistance was using as a base of operations in 2029 in "2029" Part 2.


On page 18, panel 4, a 76 station is seen in the mountain town.


Ben finds Sarah hiding out and training with weapons in Borrado, Mexico. Borrado is a real world small town in central Mexico.


On page 20, panel 1, one of the tin cans Sarah is shooting at for target practice appears to be a Campbell's Soup can. 


The man who tells Sarah they found Ben in town asking about her is called Ramon by Sarah, but he looks quite a bit like Enrique Salceda, introduced later in another timeline, in Judgment Day! (Ramon is apparently killed in "1984" Part 3.)
Ramon Enrique Salceda
Ramon Enrique Salceda


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