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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: 2029 (Part 3) "2029" Part 3
Terminator: 2029 #3
Dark Horse
Script: Zack Whedon
Art: Andy MacDonald
Cover: Massimo Carnevale
May 2010


Old Man Reese begs Ben for help in altering the past.


Characters appearing in this issue



Ben Oliver

Kyle Reese

Old Man Reese

John Connor

Sarah Connor (mentioned only)


Didja Notice?


This issue reveals that, in this timeline at least, Kyle Reese actually survived the pipe bomb explosion he set off inside the T-800's body at the factory near the end of The Terminator (despite being seen zipped into a body bag by authorities at the end of the film!). He later awoke in the custody of either the U.S. government or Cyberdyne, with strangers asking for information about the machines and time displacement technology. Then, after Judgment Day, the men asking him questions were replaced by machines asking for information about the resistance. Kyle then lives as a captive of Skynet to become an old man in 2029 before being freed by Ben, as was seen in "2029" Part 2.


The Pomona base must be inside an old bank building because the room Ben and Paige are sleeping in looks to be a safe lined with safe-deposit boxes.


In this timeline, the Resistance captured Skynet's time displacement facility in Los Angeles, but didn't know how to operate the technology for some time, until getting the hard drives that Kyle and Yankee Company brought back from the base they attacked in "2029" Part 2. In most of the other timelines, the Resistance was able to use the time displacement equipment almost immediately to send Kyle back to 1984.


The time displacement chamber looks different here than in representations in other stories...of course, almost every story has a different representation of it!

Time displacement platform


When Kyle is sent back to 1984 here, he does not bother to remove his clothes first as he does in most other versions of the event. Although the scene cuts before we see it after Kyle's displacement, Ben's displacement at the end of the issue shows that a person's clothes are left behind in a pile during the displacement process since they are not part of or within the organic body.


On page 21, notice that John Connor walks obliviously past Old Man Reese, not realizing who he is.


As Ben arrives in 1984 on the last page of the issue, a Hilton hotel and The Big One are seen in the background. Hilton hotels are an international chain. The Big One appears to be a fictitious business of some kind.


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