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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Hila "Hila"
Star Trek: Boldly Go
Written by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott
Art by Chris Mooneyham
Colors by J.D. Mettler
Letters by Andworld Design
Cover by George Caltsoudas
March 2017


The Endeavour investigates a white hole in space-time, a first in Federation history.


Characters appearing in this issue


Captain Kirk

Lt. Commander Sulu

Ben (Sulu's husband, mentioned only) 

Sulu's daughter (unnamed, mentioned only)

Captain Robbins (mentioned only)

Lt. Commander Valas

Captain Terrell


Lt. Uhura

Lt. Darwin

Lt. Ellix



Lt. Hila

Dr. McCoy

Medical Chief Groffus

Lt. Murcia

Lt. Zahra



Notes from the Star Trek chronology


This issue takes place approximately on stardate 2263.125. That means, somehow, this places the story before the events of Star Trek Beyond, yet, clearly, it takes place after!


Didja Know?


This issue does not have an individual title. I've chosen the title "Hila" from the name of a character in the story who is more than she appears.


Didja Notice?


This issue features what seems to be the first appearance of Federation Starbase K-4.


Sulu tells Captain Kirk that he has requested a posting on the Rodham, but Kirk responds that he wants him as his own first officer aboard the Endeavour. This appears to be the first mention of a ship called the Rodham in the ST universe.


On page 2, Captain Kirk tells Sulu that the Romulans have agreed to a summit at Babel to discuss joint preparations in the event the Borg return. Babel is a neutral world long used by the Federation for diplomatic conferences with rival interstellar governments, first mentioned in the original series episode "Journey to Babel".


On page 3, Sulu refers to Captain Terrell as "Craig". Terrell was referred to as "Craig" in "New Frontiers", but as "Clark" in "Resistance is Futile" (which was the name of the Captain Terrell who first appeared in the original timeline in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan).


Also on page 3, Captain Terrell seems determined to face the Borg if they return to the Federation, perhaps in a quest for vengeance against them for turning him (temporarily) into a Borg.


On page 5, the Endeavour begins studying a white hole for the first time in Federation history. The existence of white holes is theorized as part of general relativity as a region of space-time from which light and matter can emerge, but nothing can enter (the opposite of a black hole).


Lt. Ellix states that the white hole has high levels of Hawking radiation and heavy Novikov particles emerging from the center. Hawking radiation is a type of radiation predicted to be released by black holes; though I'm no physicist, it seems unlikely (impossible?) that a white hole could emit Hawking radiation. I am unaware of the concept of Novikov particles, though it is presumably named for Russian astrophysicist Igor Novikov, who postulated the existence of white holes as the opposite of black holes.


Scotty has now apparently transferred away from teaching at Starfleet Academy (seen in "New Frontiers") to working in Engineering for Captain Kirk aboard the Endeavour. Keenser is also there.


Lt. Hila has the appearance of an Andorian, as mentioned by Dr. McCoy on page 8, but turns out to be an unknown species of alien. Lt. Murcia, seen as a human since "New Frontiers", also turns out to be one of these undercover aliens, though Hila's sacrifice to save the Endeavour near the end of the issue leaves Murcia trapped in his human form in the material galaxy.


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