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The Prisoner

Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Prisoner: No One Will Know The Prisoner
"No One Will Know"
Audio Drama
Written by Nicholas Briggs
Directed by Nicholas Briggs
Released November 2019


Is this the end?


Notes from the Prisoner chronology


This episode is the final one of the Prisoner audio dramas published by Big Finish. As far as has been announced, no other volumes are forthcoming.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Control/Number 57

Danvers/Number 13

Prof. Jacob Seltzman


Number 6


sergeant-at-arms (mentioned only)

sergeant-at-arms' cat (mentioned only)

Kate Butterworth

Prime Minister (mentioned only)


Thorpe (mentioned only)

Agent 062 (mentioned only)

Number 2

Herr Müller


Control's wife (unnamed, mentioned only) 


Didja Know?


The Big Finish version of The Prisoner is an audio drama reimagining of the classic 1967 TV series of the same name.


The series can occasionally be heard on the BBC Radio website.


Didja Notice?


Potter was shot and seemingly killed by a gunshot from Seltzman in "The Seltzman Connection", but he mysteriously returns to health a couple days later as described here.


Number 6 tells Control that the "missing" Thorpe showed up in the Village as one of the oppressors. This occurred in "Hammer Into Anvil".


Janet's agent codename is revealed to be 062.


The Number 2 in this episode is someone inhabiting the body of Number 6 and Janet is supposedly inhabiting the body of Potter.


Control remarks that he wouldn't be surprised if Seltzman's mind-swapping technology was funded directly from the Kremlin. The Kremlin is the official home of the Russian President.


Number 2 suggests that Control's mind could be swapped with his opposite number in the KGB. The KGB was the national security agency of the Soviet Union. It ended with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.


The stacks of glowing boxes holding the minds of thousands of individuals is referred to here as the Cabinet of Souls.


At 43:10 in the episode, Control tells "Potter" to shut up and "Potter" reminds him, "I'm not Potter, I'm 620, I'm Janet." But Number 6 had earlier said that Janet's codename was 062, not 620. This tends to suggest that it is not really Janet inhabiting Potter's body.


Danvers is abducted to the Village and becomes Number 13. Control is also abducted to the Village and becomes Number 57.


At the end of this episode, Number 6 seems to have accepted his place in the Village, but when Janet asks him to confirm his feelings about the future he chuckles and says, "That would be telling." This is the last episode produced by Big Finish, so it could be that we'll never know.


Unanswered Questions


Has Number 6 been turned in favor of the Village? If he has accepted the Village and Seltzman's mind-swapping, why? He was still fighting it when the "bomb" was about to go off, then we suddenly find him in the Village some time later, seemingly in acceptance. Is it because he has Janet back, which at one point he says is all he wants?


Is Janet really Janet in the Village? Is it really someone else's mind in her body?

Memorable Dialog

be seeing you.mp3
every cloud has a silver lining.mp3
something's come up.mp3
is this the end of it all?.mp3
desperate for an ending.mp3
Cabinet of Souls.mp3
it will disseminate random personalities throughout the planet.mp3
by hook or by crook.mp3
that would be telling.mp3
here is a warning.mp3

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