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Episode Studies
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This is PopApostle's chronology and studies of the 1967-68 TV Series, The Prisoner. I will be watching and reading the licensed tie-ins of the series and its AMC mini-series remake from 2009 and will be presenting my studies relating to each, such as commentary on the philosophical issues examined, sound bits of memorable dialog, screen grabs and my own musings. I'll be presenting them based on a slight reworking of the chronology presented on The Prisoner U.S. Home Page. The series was not originally shown in production order and even the production order presents continuity discrepancies in the timeline. The aforementioned website breaks the 17 episodes down into three batches with common themes that suggest their chronological placement. I have named these three batches I'm New Here, I Am Not a Number, and Be Seeing You. The I'm New Here batch takes place early in Number 6's confinement within the Village and features him learning about his new home/prison and attempting to escape while the powers that be attempt to crack him, mostly by persuasion. The I Am Not a Number batch features a Number 6 who is more informed of Village life and he attempts more complex escapes, while the powers-that-be become more forceful in their attempts to crack him. In the final, Be Seeing You, batch, Number 6 has determined it is essentially impossible to escape from the Village for good, so he turns his plots to undermining the Village from within, while the powers that be, failing to break him and not wanting him permanently harmed, basically stop trying to crack him and just observe him, waiting for him to make a slip that will reveal the information they want. I will attempt to place the licensed novel and comic books into the appropriate batch based on the content of the story.


At this point, I have no plans to produce studies of the 1960-62 and 1964-68 TV series Danger Man, featuring Patrick McGoohan as secret agent John Drake, which some fans think is the real identity of Number 6 in The Prisoner. In fact, there are some suggestions in the show itself that suggest this may be true (I'll point them out along the way), as well as pre-production anecdotes from those involved suggesting same. Series co-creator, George Markstein, even states this was to be the case when the series started, but he had a falling out with co-creator McGoohan and left half-way through production, and McGoohan has stated in interviews that the two characters are not the same.


I am continuing to use the term "episode" here as I have elsewhere on PopApostle, as a separable piece in the continuous narrative of a larger story, whether discussing an actual TV episode or a novel, short story, or comic book.

I'm New Here
The Prisoner: Arrival The Prisoner: Dance of the Dead The Prisoner: The Chimes of Big Ben The Prisoner: Free for All The Prisoner: Checkmate
"Arrival" "Dance of the Dead" "The Chimes of Big Ben" "Free for All" "Checkmate"
TV Episode TV Episode TV Episode TV Episode TV Episode
After resigning in anger, a British government agent is abducted and forced to live within the boundaries of a bizarre, unnamed village. On the day of the Village carnival, Number 6 is manipulated into being the defendant in a trial of life of and death. Number 6 makes a friend who may be able to help him escape. Number 6 is asked to run for the position of Number 2 in the Village. Number 6 becomes a pawn in a human game of chess.
I Am Not a Number
The Prisoner: The Schizoid Man The Prisoner: The General The Prisoner: A. B. and C. The Prisoner: Many Happy Returns  
"The Schizoid Man" "The General" "A. B. and C." "Many Happy Returns"  
TV Episode TV Episode TV Episode TV Episode  
A plan to make Number 6 believe he is someone else is put into motion. The enigmatic General instigates a speed learning plan among the residents of the Village. Number 2, under extreme pressure to break Number 6, begins to manipulate Number 6's dreams for information. Number 6 wakes up to a deserted Village and immediately escapes via an arduous raft voyage on the sea back to England.  
Be Seeing You
The Prisoner: Living in Harmony The Prisoner: A Change of Mind The Prisoner: Hammer Into Anvil The Prisoner: Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling The Prisoner: It's Your Funeral
"Living in Harmony" "A Change of Mind" "Hammer into Anvil" "Do Not Forsake Me,
Oh My Darling"
"It's Your Funeral"
TV Episode TV Episode TV Episode TV Episode TV Episode
A stranger in a town of the American old west finds himself pressured to become the sheriff. Number 2 attempts to convert Number 6 into a docile and compliant citizen of the Village. Number 6 attempts to end the reign of the current Number 2. Number 6's mind is transferred into another man's body. When the permanent Number 2 returns, Number 6 tries to prevent his assassination.
The Prisoner: The Girl Who Was Death The Prisoner: The Prisoner's Dilemma The Prisoner: Once Upon a Time The Prisoner: Fall Out The Prisoner: I Am Not a Number!
"The Girl Who Was Death" The Prisoner's Dilemma "Once Upon a Time" "Fall Out" I Am Not a Number!
TV Episode Novel TV Episode TV Episode Novel
Number 6 relates how he saved London from the insane Professor Schnipps. Number 6 meets the woman Number 18 who may be his best chance of escape. But is the Village manipulating him? And should he trust her or destroy her? A former Number 2 returns to take the ultimate risk in a final attempt to break Number 6. Surviving the Degree Absolute, Number 6 is given a choice: his freedom or replacing Number 1. Number 6 finds himself in a new Village with no memory of his life in the previous one.
The Prisoner: Number Two The Prisoner: A Day in the Life The Prisoner: Miss Freedom The Prisoner: A(r)rival The Prisoner: By Hook or by Crook
Number 2 A Day in the Life Miss Freedom "A(r)rival" "By Hook or by Crook"
Novel Novel Novel The Prisoner #1
(DC Comics)
The Prisoner #2
(DC Comics)
After his previous escape and some time in London, Number 6 is returned to the Village. When Number 6 is imprisoned within what is already the prison of the Village, he finds a chance for escape. British agents attempt to rescue Number 6 from his incarceration in the Village. 20 years after the evacuation of the Village, its last Number 2 writes a tell-all memoir of the secret spy prison. Alice Drake is made welcome in the Village.
The Prisoner: Confrontation The Prisoner: Departure      
"Confrontation" "Departure"      
The Prisoner #3
(DC Comics)
The Prisoner #4
(DC Comics)
A confrontation 20 years in the making occurs between Number 6 and Number 2 in the Village. The final fate of the Village!      
Sidebar Studies
Fantastic Four: The Power and the Pride        
"The Power and the Pride"        
Fantastic Four #84-87
(Marvel Comics)
The Fantastic Four find themselves captives of Dr. Doom in a small Latverian village where no one is truly free.